Scott Thomas: 9 Shocking Facts You Didn’t Know

Scott Thomas

Love Island UK 2016 featured a number of reality star legends such as Scott Thomas. He starred in the second series of ITV2’s Love Island in 2016 and shot to fame. The hunk from Manchester completed 45 days on the show, entered the final and earned third place with his then-girlfriend Kady. Two years ago, Scott Thomas also took part in the 2019 series of E4’s Celebrity Coach Trip. He recently made a TV screen comeback, along with his soap star brother Adam and Ryan, as they tried to find out more about their Indian heritage on the ITV show ‘Mancs in Mumbai’.

Scott Thomas: 9 Things About The Love Island Star

1. Quick Facts:

  • Age: 33 in 2021
  • Born: August 11, 1988
  • Occupation: Club promoter, Reality TV star, Entrepreneur 
  • Hometown: Manchester, England
  • Love Island Stats: Entered the villa on Day 1 and came third place with Kady McDermott on Day 45. 

2. Scott Thomas Family: 

The hunk from Manchester was born on August 11, 1988 in Manchester, England.

He is also the brother of two other famous soap opera stars namely, Ryan Thomas (Coronation Street who is his older brother) and Adam Thomas (Waterloo Road and Emmerdale), with Adam being his fraternal twin.

Scott’s dad is the former musician Dougie James. The children say their father was on the road and absent growing up. The brothers recently filmed a series with ITV to get to know his dad and their Indian heritage better. 

3. Scott Thomas once spoke of his struggles with alcohol abuse:

In a candid new video posted to Instagram, Scott Thomas made a video of himself talking about his behind-the-scenes struggle with alcohol addiction. 

Scott revealed his dependence on drinking would often get him so drunk that he’d get kicked out of his own events, and the PR agent would have little memory of nights out.

“People would see me on a night out and go, ‘You was off your head last night,” he said. …..“I was like, ‘Wow, I don’t even remember that. It wasn’t me, and it really got me down for years when people thought I was something I wasn’t.”

The Love Island lad who recently celebrated being sober for six months, confessed that an incident in December 2019 almost cost him his business.

“Last year at Christmas, I had a blow out that nearly cost me a client, it nearly cost me my business, my relationships with my team, my business partner…..“These blow outs, my body was telling me, ‘This isn’t for you anymore. You are capable of so much better and every time you want to go out and drink, I’m going to punish you’, he said. 

After seeking the help of a therapist, Scott said he took a solo trip to Abu Dhabi, where he promised himself that he would try 12 months sober! 

“I just started crying basically, because I knew that was a life-changing moment for me,” he said. He also said: “It’s been the best thing that’s ever happened to me,”….It’s not easy. It’s been a test. I feel unstoppable now. Every single day I wake up and I know I’m moving towards my goal.”

One of his goals was to inspire others to confront their issues: 

“I hope this video can help someone this morning to make a big decision they’ve been battling with because if you do your whole life can change,” he wrote in his caption. 

4. Who is Scott Thomas dating? 

Scott had a high profile relationship with Kady McDermott during his appearance on Love Island. The British couple became official during their time on the show, and continued to be in love and even moved in together. 

They broke up after a year and soon Scott sparked speculation about his interest in 

Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattison after they were spotted getting very cosy on Celebrity Coach Trip. It was nothing more than just friendship as Vicky is currently in a relationship with Ercan Ramadan. According to this social media, Scott is keen to get back in the dating game. 

5. When was Scott Thomas on Love Island? 

Scott Thomas appeared in the second series of ITV2’s Love Island in 2016. 

The star Manchester lasted a whopping 45 days, getting all the way to the final and earning third place with his then-girlfriend Kady McDermott.

Cara De La Hoyde and Nathan Massey came in first place, while Alex Bowen and Olivia Buckland also made the finale. 

And though he didn’t win Love Island, Scott has gone on to have a very successful career in showbiz. 

He starred in another reality TV show after taking a break from TV (in lieu of his devastating split from Kady McDermott). He made a comeback on his new ITV series called Mancs in Mumbai.

6. Scott Thomas Net Worth:

Manchester ‘entrepreneur’, Scott Thomas who gained fame from his reality show Love Island is believed to be worth thousands.  Let’s take a look at how he amassed his wealth: 

Before shooting to fame on the dating show Love Island in 2016, Scott was a club promoter for seven years.

Scott Thomas is now the owner of his own Public Relations Agency, The Social PR, which he launched five years ago just before appearing on Love Island. The Manchester lad has since seen his business go from strength to strength, with his current clients including PrettyLittleThing, a hotel group called the Edwardian Hotels as well as a string of restaurants and bars. In addition to all this, it seems as though Scott has invented his own rival dating show called Parties in Paradise.

After Love Island, Thomas was quickly hired by fashion e-tailer boohoo.com (in whose sample room he worked before getting into PR and club promotion) to pose or model for their latest casual wear collection. 

Along with this work, tv show mates McDermott and Thomas have posed for the cover of OK! and also appeared on ITV’s daytime TV programme hosted by Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby among others, This Morning.

Scott Thomas’s social media will also bring him lots of money as he has 925,000 followers on Instagram alone! Scott Thomas’s net worth is still under review and believed to be in the thousands.

7. Scott Thomas Relationship History: 

1. Hollyoaks Starlets:

The tallest Thomas brother (Scott) has admitted to flings with a couple of Hollyoaks starlets but, ever the gentleman, he has refused to name any names! 

2. Kady McDermott

Love Island series 2 was one of the most drama-filled seasons the UK show has ever seen after it first aired in 2016. 

  • Most of you will remember the romance between Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas who made their relationship official on the show
  • The pair moved in together after the show ended but their romance wasn’t meant to be.
  • After a year of dating, Kady and Scott decided to go their separate ways.
  • They split in 2017 but the couple originally took a break from one another, before attempting to patch things up. 
  • They eventually called it quits for good. 
  • Kady is now dating TOWIE star Myles Barnett – so what about Scott Thomas? Well, he has been linked to a few names, he hasn’t been tied down just yet. 

Most Controversial Kady McDermott and Scott Thomas Moments:

The Love Island couple split more than once during their relationship but they ended things finally in December 2017 after an explosive row took place at the home they shared together in Manchester.  A tabloid stated: “Scott and Kady have split again. “Their relationship was really fiery and they couldn’t stop arguing – they just weren’t getting on at all”. 

Scott Liked To Party Too Much:

Kady admitted that it all started when Scott brought friends back to their house who ‘swore at her’ and ‘refused to leave’. 

She told a tabloid: “That night was the end of our relationship. Scott likes to go out and is a party boy – he is very sociable, everyone knows him in Manchester but I’m not like that. 

“Everyone loves him and he has a big group of friends but he can’t just have one drink whereas I’m not a big drinker; I get drunk after a glass of wine. 

“I had a masterclass the next day and had to be up at 6am and he decided to bring some guys back to ours who don’t have good names for themselves – they’re naughty boys who I didn’t know. 

“They were making a racket and being really rude to me in my own house and when I asked them to leave they wouldn’t. They were swearing at me too.”  

She added: “It was my house and I didn’t want people like that there and people get angry when they’re drunk too.”

Kady Deleted Him On Social Media:

It started when Kady seemingly deleted all traces of Scott from her social media, prompting fans to question whether they’d split. There were even rumours on Twitter that Kady had already moved on. “Apparently she met someone else but they are on good terms x”, one of Kady’s followers wrote. 

But Kady put an end to these rumours by saying: ‘I’ve defo not met anyone else and defo dont plan to either 😂🙈 #OnlyOnePencil’. 

Scott then shed some light on what happened by saying:

“Basically, we are just having a bit of time out. She’s just moved back down south and I’m just taking things slow, doing what we should have done at the beginning really” sic, he told New! Magazine. 

He insisted that they’re still dating and in ‘a better place’ than they had been, but were taking things at a slower pace following their intense relationship on Love Island and then moving in together. “Everyone’s cool, you’ve got to remember we did a show and everything was so intense and so rushed and everything,” the Manchester lad continued. “We are basically just trying to do the right thing and just slow things down a little bit, that is all.”

Cryptic Messages:

A year after the pair started dating, it was all over with Kady sharing a cryptic message – “New chapter” – which he put on Twitter, as they unfollowed each other.

They Had Pressure From Love Island:

In 2017, Kady confessed there was a lot of pressure on her and Scott’s relationship, due to the fact they met on Love Island, as well as the fact their former co-stars Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen were engaged.

Scott Got Arrested:

In June, 2017, the Manchester party boy was arrested on suspicion of assault after a boozy bust-up which led to one of Kady and Scott’s many splits – but it was even apparent to fans that their relationship was beyond toxic.

3. Vicky Pattison

Next, the reality TV star also took part in the 2019 series of E4’s Celebrity Coach Trip. Scott was presumed to be paired up with Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison, and they had to avoid receiving two yellow cards while on the trip as that would result in a red card, consequently booting them off the show. It was rumoured that the pair started dating, but they showed they were just friends as Vicky Pattison was actually in a relationship with her current boyfriend, Ercan Ramadan.

8. Scott Thomas Social Media: 

  • He has made 4,126 posts on Instagram
  • He has 925k followers on Instagram 
  • He is following 3,643 accounts. 

He is listed as an entrepreneur and co-founder of “food4thoughts” which has 43k followers. He is also the director of TheSocialPr_ .

9. Other FAQs: 

Who is Scott Thomas and how old is he?

Scott Thomas is a 33-year-old (as of 2021 in August) reality TV star from Manchester. He starred in the second series of ITV2’s Love Island in 2016 and shot to fame with his then- girlfriend Kady McDermott as they made it to the finale. 

Are Scott and Katie from Love Island still together?

No, after a year of dating, Kady and Scott broke up in 2017, after making their relationship official on the show. On the show, Kady and Scott grew close, though the odd argument did ensue, including an explosive row which earned Kady a ‘detention’ on Love Island. 

Following the show, Kady and Scott began holidaying in the Maldives and raising their pet dog, Cody. Unfortunately, the pairing wasn’t meant to be and they broke up in August 2017. An appearance on Good Morning Britain occurred as Kady built up a following in health and fitness.

In 2018 she was in love with The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE) star, Myles Barnett and she joined the show. She has taken well to her role on TOWIE, with audiences loving her style and the way she has effortlessly slotted in.

What does Scott Thomas do for a living?

Born on August 11, 1988 in Manchester, England, Scott Thomas is a reality star, club promoter and director of The Social, a PR agency.

Where is Kady McDermott from?

Originally from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, Kady McDermott shifted from her hometown for Majorca in 2016 to join a cast of future stars looking for love on ITV 2 ‘s Love Island. During the show, she began a relationship with Scott Thomas and the duo enjoyed a whirlwind romance. 

In addition to her roles on screen and her entrepreneurial efforts, the Love Island beauty has found success as a major social media influencer, thanks to her Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Where does Scott Thomas live?

As of Dec 2020, the now 32 year old former Love Island contestant lives on his own in Manchester, nearby to his brother Coronation Street actor Ryan Thomas, and twin I’m A Celeb star, Adam Thomas.

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