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The Great Outdoors: Fun Things To Do Outside For The Adventurer Inside You

The Great Outdoors

If you are one of those people who don’t like sitting indoors and are constantly drawn to the allure of the great outdoors, the world is your oyster. With the number of options available at your disposal, the only thing stopping you from indulging in your favourite outdoor activity is yourself. From something as serene and calm as a walk in a park to a wingsuit glide through a narrow canyon (like Point Break), you can choose the extent to which you want to push yourself. From a slight boost in serotonin to a manic adrenaline rush, the great outdoors have everything in store for you. All you need to do is step outside. In this post, we will talk about some of the best options the outdoors have in store for you. They will range from simple to complicated and you can choose accordingly. Let’s get started.

Which are some fun outdoor activities that you can enjoy?


It is the simplest and most accessible outdoor activity for anyone. You don’t need any special equipment or extensive preparations for walking in parks, sports facilities and social areas in the city. All you need to do is step out of your office or your office and get there.


If you want to open the doors of a completely different world, you can head underwater. If you are one of those who are eager to discover this mysterious and uniquely beautiful water world, we definitely recommend you to dive during your holiday. The blue waters of seas across the world, which host world-famous diving spots, open the doors to a world that will fascinate you. Before diving, you need to get your certificate from an underwater sports club or diving training center. If you do not have a certificate, you can participate in tour dives called ‘Discovery’ with an instructor up to a depth of 5 meters.


You throw yourself into the void by jumping from a hill located two thousand meters above sea level. Then you rise with the lifting power of the air and you reach a height of 3-4 thousand meters. A uniquely beautiful landscape at your feet. The feeling of being free like birds next to the landscape. This is the feeling of invaluable freedom. If you do not have conditions such as high blood pressure, heart and diabetes and you like adrenaline, there is no reason not to paraglide. If you wish, you can complete your necessary training and glide in the sky alone or in the company of an instructor (tandem).


Just get on the saddle of your bicycle and pedal your way to wonderful new places. You can ride long distances on road bikes or explore bumpy trails on mountain bikes.


Relieving stress with nature, working in a small garden, farming or poultry farming, which is usually done by those with a little better financial situation, is a great outdoor activity.


It is an activity that has been rising in popularity all over the globe, especially in recent years. Stay in nature for more than one day by going deep into nature with family, friends and pitching a tent. You can congregate around a bonfire, make some smores, sing some songs and dance the night away.


This is as simple as taking a backpack, filling it up with your essentials, setting off and hitchhiking. A backpacking trip can sometimes last for months.


Mountaineering is a nature sport that includes climbing as well as long-distance walks from the forest border to the summit. Camping to take a break between long distances is also included in the definition of mountaineering and ensures that this sport is long-term. In mountaineering, which varies according to the characteristics of the region to be visited in summer, autumn or spring, the most challenging is winter mountaineering.

Winter mountaineering is tougher than mountaineering in other seasons. Knowing how to climb on snow and slippery surfaces, being able to stand on slides, camping in harsh weather conditions, and taking precautions against heat loss are the things that need to be taken into account in winter mountaineering. These are the broad categories in which mountaineering is split:

Alpine Style

The Alpine style of mountaineering is preferred by adventurous spirits and is the most technically challenging. In this style, where lightness and speed are at the forefront of mountain climbing, the target is directly at the summit.


It is a one-day nature walk without camping by going out in the morning and descending in the evening.


It is an advanced version of hiking where people trek to a campsite, stay overnight and move forward. Unlike hikes, treks can last for multiple days.


It is a style of mountaineering that involves research excursions, peak climbs, and long-term camping. 


Rafting is one of the sports where the adrenaline level is at its peak. Rafting, which is a safe and fun activity when done with experienced guides and has different difficulty levels, can be done in many rivers across the globe. If you want to do rafting, you must follow the vital rules. The most important of these are to wear a life jacket and helmet, to go to the rapids with at least two or three people, to have information about your boat and not to enter the rapids that will exceed the capacity of your boat. Listen carefully to the brief information given by the instructors before descending into the water.


The sport of skating with roller shoes on suitable concrete/asphalt floors in the city. Some other versions of this great fun activity include skateboarding and inline skating. You can also skate on ice if you live in a cold place.


This is a kind of water sport that has risen in popularity in recent years. Jetfoiler is a combination of motorized surfboard and hydrofoil, and it is a different design water sports vehicle that can move just above the water surface when sufficient speed is reached.


A form of transportation similar to a scooter or a two-wheeled skateboard. It can generally be used in cities and asphalt ground.


There isn’t much to describe about skydiving, the name is self explanatory. You jump off an airplane and dive through the sky. Usually, skydiving is done in tandem with an instructor. However, you can complete the prerequisite training and do solo skydiving as well.


The Snowmobile is a vehicle designed for travel and recreation on snow in winter and activities carried out on snow with these vehicles.


Canyoning, which is one of the nature sports with the highest risk, or canyoning, is a sport that requires experience and high performance. As exciting as it is to explore the wonders of nature, it is equally important to take the necessary precautions. Research the region, seasonal conditions and terrain you decide to do the canyoning. Make sure to go to the track with a team that has passed this canyon before you or with an experienced guide. The most important factor that increases the risk in canyoning is precipitation. A brief rainfall can turn into flooding inside the canyon. Therefore, if the weather is rainy, never enter the canyon, go to the track at least 2 days after the rain ends. In the canyon, where you may encounter the surprises of nature, everything may not be as it seems. Therefore, we recommend that you be very careful and take the necessary precautions. The best time for canyoning is summer.


A sport done with special equipment in the snowy mountains as long as the weather conditions permit. You can choose the high speed dangers and thrill of downhill skiing or grind through the endurance needs of cross country skiing. 

Jeep Safari

One of the most fun and adventurous ways to discover nature is to do a jeep safari. Jeep safari, which can be done in all seasons and in all weather conditions, especially appeals to nature lovers who love to drive through the harsh conditions of nature and adventure. Keep your electronic devices such as phones and cameras in a sheltered place because you will get profusely wet during your journey.


Untouched coves and beaches, natural wonders that cannot be reached by land, ancient city ruins, turquoise clear waters and more. If you want to crown your nature exploration with these things, sea kayaking tours are the activity for you. You can explore the coves, lakes and streams with sea kayaking, one of the most popular sports of recent years. As in many nature sports, you need to go through a basic training for sea kayaking and increase your experience by participating in daily or weekly tours organized by the agencies serving in this field. We recommend that you do your research beforehand about the route you have determined. You should have the necessary information about currents, wind strength, wave breaking, ship traffic. Afterwards, many exploration routes await you.

Wingsuit flying

It is the sport of free flying with specialized clothing. It is also called batman or winged dress flight. This is a highly specialized activity and should not be tried by novices.

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