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Tips You Should Know in Bodybuilding

Coming up with a perfect bodybuilding program specifically tailored to you and the diet to match it can be pretty complicated if you think about it. There’s planning how frequently you want to go to the gym, the exercises you want to include, the food, and not to mention that you also have some other important stuff to do. It can be pretty intimidating for a newbie to think about, and it’s likely the thing that scares off most people from building their bodies. 

With the amount of information you have to know and the perseverance you have to have, it’s no wonder some people get scared. But you know what they say, starting is half the battle, and if you actually start taking steps in building your body, things will go naturally according to plan (I hope). 

Also, the sooner you go to the gym, the sooner your bodybuilding journey starts. As a beginner, there are some tips you can go by to keep you guided in your bodybuilding journey.

These tips are very useful if followed to the letter. So here are some bodybuilding tips you should know when building your body. 

Focus on Your Weight Progression 

The first and most important thing that you should focus on and the aim is to gradually increase your weight. The heavier your weights, the bigger your muscles will be. However, always be sure to not be too fast and let your body adapt to each weight first. 

In short, your number one priority as a bodybuilder is to increase your weight. There’s no need for you to tinker with other bodybuilding techniques and strategies. And anyway, they’re only useful when you face a “roadblock.” 

Things like drop sets, supersets, etc., are surely useful, but when you focus on them too much, you’ll lose progress in building your muscles. All of those fancy things will be more useful to you down the road anyway, so you should focus on increasing your weight over time. 

Stick to One Program 

If you have multiple programs in mind, find the most comfortable for you and stick to that. The more programs you do, the more ineffective all of them will be. Ensure that you stick to just one and make sure that it’s one that you feel is the most effective for you. 

If you’re struggling with picking one, you can always ask your trainer or a veteran bodybuilder on their opinions about certain bodybuilding programs. In short, when you set foot in the gym, you have to be set which program you will use. 

Eat Every Three Hours 

Eating at the right time is crucial if you want to build your abdomen but is having a struggle with it because of its size. One good way to get rid of your fats on the stomach is to eat every three hours, which comprises the usual breakfast, lunch, dinner, meals after a workout and before bed, and two snack times in between. 

Following this would make you less hungry in between meals, and it will also help you reduce your stomach size. You can also incorporate coffee as a pre fuel workout. But if you’re not into coffee, a diet with or without caffeine, is fine.

Not only that, but it will also slowly trim away your stomach fats and reduce your cravings over time. Not eating for long periods of time can cause you to overeat during your next meal and will also give you more cravings that can ruin your diet. Of course, cravings will always be there, so it’s only a matter of will. 

Focus More on Compound Exercises 

Since you can only spend your time in the gym for a limited time due to recovery constraints, you need to focus more on compound exercises that work for two muscle groups. If you focus more on exercises that only work for one muscle group, your time won’t be cost-effective. To do this, you should spend 80% of your time in the gym working for two muscle groups at a time. One good example of this kind of exercise is the shoulder press. 

The shoulder press works on both your shoulders and triceps. Another good example is the squat, which works both the hamstrings and the quads. The other 20%, you can do pretty much anything with it. You can do barbell curls, which work the biceps, or pushdowns for the triceps. 

Eat Protein with Each Meal as Much as Possible 

Protein is the one responsible for building muscle and retaining it. That said, having protein for each meal is a good way of incorporating it more into your body. You need to eat at least 1 gram of protein for 454 grams of body weight. Some examples of food you need to eat are red meat like pork, lamb, beef, and chicken. You could also eat a lot of fish. 


If you want to take bodybuilding seriously, you need to follow your instructor’s words and fellow bodybuilders. Most of the stuff mentioned here is your basic bodybuilding tips, but they are certainly useful for people starting out. After all that said, never over train and go slowly according to your pace.

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