Top 10 Robo Advisors in India

Robo Advisors in India

Anyone planning to invest money today in India can use the help of robo advisors in India. That being said, they are far more suitable for novice or new investors who have limited knowledge and experience about the financial market. Any experts should either rely on a tested traditional advisor approach, or simply do it yourself. 

Robo advisors in India  have been popular for the last 1–2 years and for 3–4 years in developed markets. As the name suggests, robo advisors are advisors that offer services automatically based on a specific set of rules and algorithms. They are extremely sophisticated, easy to use online tools and also product transaction enablers. They are programmed to take specific inputs and generate output. Indian robo-advisors  have successfully raised huge funds from venture capitalists.

During the use of robo advisor, you need to answer specific questions such as current situations, goal, risk profile, date of birth, a time period of investment etc. Based on data provided as inputs these advisors suggest investment portfolios. The advice given by robo advisors are divided into multiple parts such as tax planning advice, insurance advice, health insurance planning, investment advice etc. Their suggestions often differ from traditional financial advisors. As traditional advisors usually deep dive into providing complete financial planning advice, the cost associated with a traditional advisor is higher compared to robo advisor as it eliminates human error. But beware, robo advisors are not programmed for an extraordinary situation or financial crisis.

These are the 10 best Robo Advisors in India: 


Finpeg is first up on our list of robo advisors in India. It is an investment robo-advisory platform that deals exclusively with advisory and selling of mutual fund strategies and schemes. This advisor offers cutting-edge investment strategies with a proven track record of offering superior returns and phenomenal downside protection.

Finpeg is your one-stop solution for all mutual fund investment needs, be it a recurring monthly investment (NOT SIP!), a one-time investment (NOT LUMP-SUM!) or a regular monthly income from your mutual fund investments (NOT BALANCED FUNDS!). 

Finpeg guarantees you that they are Robo Advisors not just some “Online Mutual Fund transaction Platform”. Instead of pushing you to buy Mutual Funds Online, Finpeg is a robo-advisory service in the truest sense. For starters, they do not sell plain vanilla SIP to everyone. They have customized investment strategies that are built to suit your every investment requirement. 

Importantly, they build investment algorithms that are geared towards delivering stellar returns at phenomenally low risk. A lot of intelligence that can be applied to your investment approach and then get a machine to automate that approach. And that is precisely what they do at Finpeg.


Second on our list of robo advisors in India is 5nance. They are an integrated, one stop shop for all your financial needs. Consider it as your holistic financial partner. All your money management needs such as budgeting , expenses tracking and savings optimization. Do a comprehensive financial planning and get investment recommendations. Track your portfolio and optimise the returns. Invest at no extra cost. You don’t have to pay anything for thier services. There are no hidden charges too.

One of the best features of 5nance is that it gives you recommendations on where to invest. They provide prudent research on various asset classes that helps you take an informed decision for the correct investments. You have the option to compare products across asset classes to make smart investment choices.


Fisdom is an automated investment service provider. They manage a personalized online investment account for you that is accessible anytime and anywhere from your desktop, tablet or mobile, fisdom helps make your money work for you. They provide personalised investment recommendations without asking you long, intrusive questions. As they understand you better over time, their recommendations can get further tailored to your situation. They also provide a seamless interface on the app and the web to transact and consummate these recommendations.


FundsIndia is India’s friendliest online-only investment platform. Built on robust technology, FundsIndia gives users access to mutual funds from leading fund houses in India, stocks from the BSE, corporate fixed deposits and various other investment products, all in one convenient online location. In short, FundsIndia is your one stop shop to build wealth.

By creating a FREE-for-life investment account, customers can get access to a wide array of investment products like mutual funds from all Asset Management Companies (AMCs), stocks from the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), Fixed Deposits from companies, and more. The platform is successful for its unique value-added services such as Flexible Systematic Investment Plans (aka SIPs), Value-averaging Investment Plans (aka VIPs), award-winning expert investment advice, Money Mitr, and more that help investors get more out of their investments.


MoneyFrog is a popular Chinese term for Prosperity & Wealth. This mythical creature is said to appear during the full moon, offering houses or businesses a lot of good news. Almost always, the nature of this good news is understood to be wealth-related. The company has thus drawn inspiration from these Feng Shui beliefs, enabling MoneyFrog to attack and protect their wealth and guard themselves against bad luck.

They have more than 15 years of experience in the financial markets, the know-how and proficiency in most of the financial products and asset classes. Having worked with some of the leading financial firms, building their assets and protecting their securities, has given them the skill that is their bedrock today.


Invest in mutual funds easily!Algorithmically selected mutual funds to grow your money, and meet your life goals. 

Save tax: Top ELSS funds to save tax the smart way

Start an SIP:Best equity and debt mutual funds

Build wealth:Top equity mutual funds for long-term goals

Save smart: Beat FD returns with the best debt mutual funds

Be Emergency-ready: Top liquid funds for life’s surprise expenses

Achieve life goals: Customised plans for retirement, child education & more


Goalwise is a Mutual Fund investing service which helps you plan and invest for your financial goals, be it saving for your retirement, buying a house or just building your wealth. Although a lot of advisory platforms provide only commission-laden mutual funds, Goalwise lets you invest in zero-commission direct plans for free – no transaction charges, account fees or any other hidden charges. 

They consider your age, your savings, a suitable risk profile, target amount and time horizon for the goal to generate a personalised goal plan for you. The plan consists of how much you need to invest every month, the Mutual Funds you should invest in and what the asset allocation (debt and equity) should be.

Their robo advisory engine (GoalSenseTM) continuously monitors your investments to ensure you are on track to achieve your goal making them one of the best robo advisors in India to consider. 


This is an integrated platform for Stocks, Mutual Fund, Insurance & Advisory. For robo advisors, with just 3 steps you get a customized smart investment plan


Arthayantra is the world’s only Full Service Robo Advisor providing comprehensive, affordable and customized financial planning in India. Equipped with a tax saving strategy, the right insurance advice, a platform to invest in mutual funds and tracking your goal of buying a house, ARTHOS has it all. ARTHOS is the robo advisor for money management.  

Arthayantra also has a dedicated team of Certified Financial Advisors and servicing agents who will assist you at every step of your financial journey, making it one of the best robo advisors in India. 

Angle Broking – ARQ

Rounding off the list of the best robo advisors in India is ARQ. It is a revolutionary automated investment engine that takes emotional bias out and let’s you harness the maximum performance of asset classes in your portfolio. 

ARQ uses nobel-prize winning Modern Portfolio Theory, that gives you the best asset allocation advice across major asset classes like equity, gold & debt mutual funds after understanding your risk preferences.

ARQ uses advanced technology to process billions of combinations to create models that have superior predictive power, helping you invest in the stocks & mutual funds that have the highest future performance potential.

So, these are the best robo advisors in India, choose from this list according to your personal financial goals. And remember, what works for someone else might not for you, so do some thorough research before investing your money. 

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