Top Places to Visit in Europe

Europe is full of fascinating destinations which will provide a lifetime of memories. Moreover, the climate and cultures are diverse, but at the same time, the continent is easy to travel around.

The top-class train network as well as low-cost flights make Europe an ideal location for a weekend getaway or even a two-week holiday.

To give you an idea of where to go, we’ve made some recommendations. Sounds good? Here are the places to visit in Europe.


One of the most luxurious places in Europe, Monaco is a place for the super-rich. Nonetheless, if you have not got the money, you can stay in neighboring Nice and visit during the day.

Monaco is famous for its Formula 1 race and its casino, located right in the middle of Monaco. The Monte Carlo Casino was opened in 1865 and offers players all the classic games from baccarat to roulette.

If you’re lucky enough to visit in March, Monaco hosts the world-famous Grand Prix. The racing is frantic and over the years has provided fans with terrific entertainment.

Valletta, Malta

Europe’s smallest capital city, Valletta, is an architectural dream. It’s stacked in history and has some breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour.

If you enjoy the style, then you’ll love Valletta. You’re able to shop for all the luxury brands and stay in a selection of stylish boutique hotels. In the evening time, you can enjoy a stroll in the city center, taking in a drink from one of the many eclectic bars.

Valletta also has two parks, which are great for an evening walk and to take pictures with your partner. The weather is decent all year round, so Valletta is perfect any time of the year!

London, UK

The capital city of England is one of the major cities in the world and offers an unmatched experience. There is so much to do in London, and getting around is easy because of the underground.

If you enjoy sport, then London is perfect, offering top-class facilities in football, rugby, cricket, and boxing. Yet, it will matter when you visit, June is ideal if you wish to watch Wimbledon, whereas if you’re a rugby fan, it’s best to visit in Autumn time.

The nightlife in London is nothing short of phenomenal, having some of the finest nightclubs in Europe such as Fabric. If you fancy a flutter in the evening, London is home to some of the most famous casinos in Europe such as the Empire and Crockfords. Yet, at some casinos, a dress code is required.

On the other hand, if you wish to play the games without having to wear a dinner jacket, nowadays you’re able to play online, from wherever you want. When you play online, you have much more games available, especially when it comes to slots. In addition, on comparison sites, you can play demo versions of the game and even claim a free spins UK bonus when you are ready to play.

Then again, if you prefer a more cultured evening, the West End is a terrific night out, with many different plays available to watch.

Milan, Italy

Milan is the financial hub of Italy and is famous for its fashion houses, museums, and football. It’s fair to say that Milan is the perfect weekend getaway, especially for art lovers.

Milan is also famous for its food and is home to some of the best restaurants in all of Italy. Of course, it’s mainly Italian cuisine, but if you go, you must visit Ratana and Trattoria Tripa. Both restaurants serve traditional Lombard cuisine and offer first-class wines.

If you’re a football lover, Milan is home to two major clubs: AC Milan, and Inter Milan. The arch-rivals share the stadium, San Siro and you are able to go on a guided tour.

Munich, Germany

Munich is a beautiful city, famous for its beer, football team, and centuries-old architecture. The best time to go is in the Autumn for Oktoberfest, the world-famous beer drinking festival.

Right in the center of the city lies Marienplatz square, where events take place throughout the year. The most famous is the glockenspiel show, which plays different instruments and tells classic Bavarian stories from the 16th century.

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