Top Reasons to Purchase Bitcoin This Year

Are you wondering whether Bitcoin is worth purchasing this year? Find out why you should consider investing in this digital currency.

 With time, Bitcoin has proven it could be the future of money. Initially, Satoshi Nakamoto created it for people to reclaim their financial freedom and power from governments and financial institutions.

Over a decade later, this cryptocurrency has proven its success as an investment and a modern form of money. Many people have bought from platforms like as their digital wallets for such reasons. However, some individuals and institutions are skeptical about buying Bitcoin. Here are good reasons to purchase Bitcoin this year.

 Bitcoin Appreciates Value

This virtual currency is a superior store of value despite the price fluctuations it has experienced in the past years. People claim it’s volatile to count on due to its wild price swings that have led to dramatic spikes and drops, especially between 2017 and 2018. 

 Regardless, its overall arc has continued to project upwards. If you purchase Bitcoin now, it will be worth more down the road because it appreciates more than most digital assets. Moreover, the higher the price of Bitcoin increases, the less volatile it’s likely to become as it nears the supply limit. Essentially, the amount of money required to shift its worth on a percentage basis increases accordingly.

Nobody Can Confiscate Your Bitcoins

Banks and governments can confiscate citizens’ fiat currency or freeze their bank accounts without warning. However, no central bank, government, or authority controls this cryptocurrency. Hence, nobody can confiscate your Bitcoins once you purchase and store them in a crypto wallet. Ideally, any entity requires a private key to access and transfer your Bitcoin wallet funds to another entity’s crypto wallet.

 Highly Independent

The creation of Bitcoin came as a response to the stock market crash and the rising distrust among the masses for the traditional money system. This digital currency doesn’t depict much impact when the stock market drops. That is because it’s a highly independent crypto asset. 

It’s almost impossible for an investor to ignore the returns that Bitcoin has provided early adopters since its creation. Some investors have earned better returns from Bitcoin than from the stock market. Consequently, more investors, including conservatives, want to invest in Bitcoin. The enticement to chase these returns has driven capital flow into Bitcoin in a big way. 


Currently, fiat currency is old news, and its existence is something many might eventually take for granted. Essentially, governments control traditional money through the central banks. However, Bitcoin is an innovation that captivates people who love technology. Modern society hungers for knowledge, making Bitcoin an ideal creation for the current generation.

This virtual currency assures you that the government doesn’t necessarily have to control your funds, and people can’t store money in banks only. Also, blockchain technology enhances transparency, making Bitcoin a possible solution to corruption and other financial vices.


A peer-to-peer network runs Bitcoin with no single entity at the helm. It’s highly decentralized, making government bans and restrictions unlikely to target this crypto asset successfully. Even where governments ban Bitcoin, Thus, restricting Bitcoin might not significantly impact this virtual currency.

 Increasing Adoption 

It’s no secret that more merchants and individuals accept Bitcoin payments. More entities are also investing in this virtual currency after realizing its potential. Therefore, buying Bitcoin today could bring you more returns in the future. El Salvador made history after making this virtual currency a legal tender. And experts predict that more developing nations could follow suit. 

Bitcoin isn’t going anywhere. Therefore, these reasons should convince you to invest in this digital currency this year. 

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