Unique Travel Attractions in Italy

Italy is a paradise for tourists. This country has excellent beaches, ancient cities, good infrastructure, and excellent nature. You can enjoy a pile of unforgettable attractions, forests and even mountains. Local hotels are comfortable enough even for a budget traveler. That is why you should look at these unique travel attractions in Italy to plan your trip.

Rocca Calascio, Abruzzo

If you like meditative relaxation, then you should visit Rocca Calascio. This place in the mountains looks like a backdrop for a medieval movie. Imagine ancient castle ruins, rocks, and amazing views for miles to either side. It is a place of power where you can be alone with your thoughts and enjoy the serenity.

Pentedattilo, Calabria

How about seeing a ghost town? Pentedattilo was a Greek village built 1400 years ago. Today it is a deserted place. Nobody lives here anymore. Imagine the sensations that you will experience walking along the pavement of a deserted city. You can even visit the local church and go into every house to see how people lived hundreds of centuries ago. But you will have to plan your excursion and rent a car.

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Arcomagno beach, San Nicola Arcella

Let’s say you are tired of beaches with thousands of tourists. How can an introvert relax in Italy? Well, you can visit Arcomagno beach. Rocks surround this place, and you have to go down the stone steps. But the main plus is that this beach is solitary, which means you can spend a couple of hours in silence. It is best to visit this place at dawn and watch the sun’s rays break through the cracks in the rocks.

Theatre of Taormina, Sicily

When you visit this ancient theater, you can experience the former greatness of the Roman Empire. Even though most of the theater was destroyed, many columns, steps, and arches remained intact. Many local musicians come here to record songs because the acoustic parameters are perfect for reaching a spacious sound.

Castle of Monguelfo, South Tyrol

How about visiting a place that is over 1000 years old? The castle of Monguelfo has remained largely unchanged since its construction. You will be amazed as you tour the halls and chambers. But the most mesmerizing view is from the main tower. Imagine that you are at the height of a nine-story building and observe hectares of endless forest spaces. This view can delight even experienced travelers. In addition, the excursion is quite cheap, so that any tourist can visit this castle.

Santuario di San Romedio, Trentino

This place is a real paradise for fans of Italian architecture. Get ready to see small white houses with beautiful facades and hundreds of flowers on balconies, narrow streets, and endless steps. Here you can surely be able to abstract from the bustle and endless traffic jams. Many local cafes and restaurants are very nice, so you can enjoy your coffee and chat with friends. The local nature is amazing, and you will surely notice how clean the air is around.

Capestrano, Abruzzo

And here is another place where there are no thousands of tourists. Only about 1000 people live in Capestrano, and the town itself is quite small. However, the local architecture resembles illustrations from 17th-century novels. Plus, you can visit the Abbey of St. Peter and climb the bell tower to gaze at the beautiful fields and mountains that stretch around. This excursion route is worth flying to Italy.

Lake Resia

The first reason to visit Lake Resia is an opportunity to go boating and enjoy the beautiful views of the mountains and forests. In addition, this lake is located near the Swiss border. But the most unusual moment is the building’s spire sticking out in the middle of the lake. You will be surprised, but once upon a time, there was a city on the site of the lake. So, in a way, you can visit Italy to see an alternate version of Atlantis. The water is very clear, so you can still see stone paths, buildings, and carts.

Final Words

Italy is an amazing country to visit. The local nature and amazing architecture make for an unforgettable vacation. In addition, medieval streets are perfectly combined with modern architecture. Visit at least a few of the locations described above to enjoy the moment and see how the local population lives. Many locations are located close to each other so that you do not have to spend several days traveling.

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