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We Answer the Most-Googled Beauty Questions of 2021

It is reasonable to assume that during Covid-19 the beauty scene has evolved dramatically, evidenced by the trending topic of beauty questions on Google. Including hair and beauty spas closed because of safety concerns about Covid-19, it is not surprising that when we took things into our own, almost all of the top trending beauty searches centred around at-home cosmetic procedures. 

We are notched up following skincare videos for a few hours daily, however, the results indicate that we still have a lot more questions about how to style, shape, colour and care for our hair. A particularly hot subject was curly hair suggestions. 

Glamour was given unprecedented access to the world’s key beauty queries, and we took it upon us to tackle these for you.

How to make eyelashes look longer without applying falsies?

Many hacks on the internet say that, to get fuller and voluminous lashes, apply a coat of mascara, then take a clean spoolie brush and rub it on a cotton pad so that the spoolie is loosely coated with cotton. Apply that on your lashes, and put on another coat of mascara after that. It will give the illusion of longer and voluminous lashes.

Our opinion – We think that even though this hack might give you the look that you want, but it can also make your lashes look clumpy and untidy, if not done properly. Try growing them naturally instead. Use castor oil on your lashes every night, and see the results for yourself!

How to get gel manicures at home? 

Every person adores their gel nails and their manicurists deeply, of course. Except for someone who could not get to their spa during a lockdown or now look at salon trips as an occasional indulgence, at-home gel nail kits may be the solution. Individuals seem to have been keen on figuring out which ones are good. 

Our opinion – We agree with the popular opinion as it is not only convenient during the lockdown but also otherwise. It is rather less expensive to do your nails at home instead of a spa where it might cost you from about 2-3k. However, doing them at home might cost you less than Rs 1000. 

Fortunately, after 90s gems and nail stickers, DIY nails have come a very long way. But, now it is fairly easy to accomplish premium, professional-quality outcomes from your salon.

How to cut your hair at home? 

2020 was about doing it all ‘at home’. The famous at-home activities included cutting your hair at home. With all the salons and spas being shut down throughout the country during the nationwide lockdown, it was almost impossible to get a haircut. But the internet (YouTube, to be precise!) had all the answers to the hair woes. There were a lot of professionals who were more than willing to help the people, for example, Kim Kardashian famed hairstylist Chris Appleton, who made a video of cutting his hair which went viral amongst he-men. 

Our opinion – We think cutting your hair is not a wise option unless you are a professional yourself. YouTube hacks may or may not work in everyone’s favour, so it is best to avoid it unless your split ends are creating havoc in your life and hair.

How to colour your hair at home?

A lot of people tried their hands on getting creative. Whether it was painting, cooking or colouring their hair, they tried it all. It seems like getting bored makes people expert at some of the other fields. Experimenting with the hair was one of the activities that women, especially, tried, simply because they were bored. Colouring one’s hair is easy, and you can get loads of information on this on the internet. Even the hair colour products come with a detailed method on how to colour your hair. One can use various things, ranging from chalk and temporary hair colours to the permanent ones (those used in the salons) to colour their hair. 

Our opinion – It is always safer to prefer professional stylists to colour your hair, as they know better. Also, using the chalk hack for colouring can damage your hair. Just because you are bored in the house does not mean you will damage your hair, now would you? 

What is the correct order of doing skincare?

For basics, one should wash their face twice a day, apply a toner and moisturize, daily, for better skin. Sunscreens are a holy grail product which one must have in their skincare kit. Eye creams and serums are add-ons, one may or may not use them. 

Our opinion – It is best to consider a dermatologist to give you accurate directions on what skincare items to use on your face and body and in what way they should be applied. It is never wise to do exactly what others are doing. Everybody is different, every skin is different, so you should do what suits you better. 

What does Vitamin C do for your skin?

Vitamin C is a crucial ingredient in most skincare products which treat hyperpigmentation. It is also used to achieve brighter and plumper skin and helps with collagen production. Vitamin C plays a major role in protecting your skin from environmental damage. Vitamins C serums are a rage this year, people are investing in good skincare products over makeup. This particular ingredient, full of antioxidants, smoothens fine lines and wrinkles and improves the skin texture. It has anti-inflammatory properties which are great for people with acne. A natural source of Vitamin C is lemon. You can use it mixed with honey and yoghurt for a simple face pack using your kitchen ingredients for a quick glow-up at home.

Our opinion – We agree to the fact that Vitamin C has numerous skin benefits, but you should always test before using it (or any other product for that matter) on your skin because you never know what your skin is allergic to. Also, you should check if your vitamin C serum has expired or has a brownish discoloration. It means that it has oxidized, so refrain from using it as it can be harmful to your skin.

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