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What are Haypp Group’s Nicotine Pouches and Why Should You Consider Using Them?

Nowadays, there are many smokers out in the world, around 1.1 billion to be exact. You pick up this nasty habit and you can’t let go. Nicotine is, after all, quite addictive. However, most smokers can agree that cigarette smoke is quite horrible to both those who are used to it and otherwise. 

For that purpose alone, many smokers are on the lookout for an alternative. A good example is nicotine pouches developed by the Haypp Group, that are just as addictive but with no smoke involved. That would mean no more smelly clothes, smelly homes and so on.  

You still get your nicotine intake though, the only difference is that no one will notice unless you tell them. With that in mind, let’s have a look at what nicotine pouches really are and why you should consider using them.  

Nicotine pouches explained

Before we get any further let’s clear out any confusion. No, nicotine pouches are not fancy bags you can store tobacco in. In fact, they are tiny pillow-like containers that release nicotine when consumed. You consume them by placing them in your mouth, just like you would a bubble gum. 

However, you don’t actually chew them unless you get the chewable ones, In fact, you place them near your teeth gums so that gums can absorb the nicotine over time. Pretty simple and effective. You’re basically smoking without smoking so you can pretty much use them wherever you want. 

The main reason nicotine pouches are a great smoking alternative is that you can consume them any time you need and they are easy to carry around. People who don’t want to or can’t quit smoking for some reason, find this solution to be a more non-smoker-friendly alternative.

A no smoke solution

Haypp Group is based in Stockholm, Sweden but the company operates around the world. They develop tobacco-free nicotine products that serve as an alternative to cigarettes. These products are mainly available for online purchase in the UK and can be found on the company’s website. 

Therefore, nicotine pouches are pretty much the same as any other tobacco product. They are not good for you and they are addictive. However, since there’s no smoke involved there’s no bad smell involved either. 

Haypp’s ultimate goal is to provide smokers with a more suitable alternative that smells and tastes good. We all know how bad cigarettes can smell and taste but smokers endure those mainly due to nicotine addiction. In addition, the company wants to provide smokers with a tobacco-free product without provoking nicotine withdrawal in the process. 

As a matter of fact, nicotine withdrawal has nasty side effects that can last for weeks. If you have to work or socialize during that time, nicotine withdrawal won’t help you make any good impressions. At least, you can consume nicotine without anyone having to know what you’re doing. Effective and discreet. 

Why should you consider using nicotine pouches?

First of all, nicotine pouches can release nicotine up to an hour. This is quite an advantage because you don’t have to get up and go out to have a smoke every time the urge arises. 

Instead, you can focus on your tasks while the pouch does its thing. 

Haypp Group sells these products to adult smokers who wish to continue enjoying nicotine without any smoke involved. Moreover, the company tests the products thoroughly and tests are performed by the accredited and independent laboratory Eurofins in Sweden before products are added to the assortment..

As mentioned before, there’s no smoke involved, which means no bad smell and no bad taste in your mouth. Nicotine pouches come in various flavors so it’s like bubble gum. You can actually enjoy them. 

Last but not least, you can have them wherever and whenever you feel like it. If you’re on a plane, bus, in a car, in a crowd and so on, just take one and you’re good to go. There are no restrictions to using nicotine pouches in public places or transportation. 

Closing Words

Truth be told, very few smokers smoke because they want to. Most smokers have picked up a habit sometime in their lives and they’re unable or unwilling to get rid of it. However, Haypp Group provides alternatives that don’t smell or taste as bad as cigarettes do, which is where nicotine pouches come into play. 

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