What are the Benefits of Customizing Hang Tags?

Everybody has come across hang tags while shopping for clothes and other items. These small tags hanging off products are used by companies to describe the item. Clothing manufacturers often display vital information on hang tags, including the size of the clothes, where it was made, and the name of the manufacturer. 

But you don’t have to be a well-known clothing label to make and use hang tags. There are lots of people who like to make their own label for clothes at home. There are even companies like the Dutch Label Shop that help their customers create hang tags from scratch. If you like DIY projects, you’re going to love making customized labels. 

But what is the point of making hang tags? 

To Help Keep Your Wardrobe Organized

Keeping your clothes, shoes, and other accessories organized is often an ongoing battle. If you need to go somewhere in a rush, then going through your closet to find appropriate clothes might seem impossible. 

By labeling each item, you will be able to find what you are looking for in a short space of time. Even if you don’t label each item, you could separate them into different sections and place a label so you know what order to store them in. For example, you could name one area of your closet “work clothes”, and another area “summer clothes’ ‘. By introducing a similar system you will be able to keep all of your clothes organized, and you won’t have to worry about stressing out. Being disorganized can take its toll on a person’s mental health, especially if they regularly lose important items. 

Labels Can Make a Small Business Look Professional

If you have invested heavily in a start up business, making it look professional will encourage people to do business with you. You can label each item you have for sale with a hang tag. Almost all products your business sells should have a hang tag to describe the item. 

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune on hang tags. Instead, try to find a company that creates customized hang tags in bulk, and the more you buy, the cheaper you will be charged. If you spend too much money on hang tags, it will cut into your profit. 

Hang Tags are Great for Organizing Boxes

People use boxes to store important items, but if you don’t label the boxes, how are you going to know what’s inside them? Hang tags will be able to describe what is inside each box, so you don’t have to empty them out to see what is inside. Labels will help you save time, and organize your stuff efficiently. 

The label will give each box its own identity, so you and others will know what should be stored in each box, and what shouldn’t. If you are obsessed with organizing, you are going to love making customized labels. 

If you want to go the extra mile, consider investing in clear plastic boxes to store items. You will be able to see inside the box without having to open it. 

Put Hand Tags on Bottles of Alcohol

During the pandemic, lots of beer enthusiasts have decided to brew beer themselves. Beer bottles are a natural fit for these labels, and they can help people who make the beer and people who want to drink it tell the difference between each drink. 

A lot of beer bottles aren’t transparent, so telling the difference between stout, IPA, dark beer, hoppy beer, etc. without tasting it won’t be possible unless each one has been labeled. A hang tag placed around the bottleneck can provide information such as:

  • The name of the beer
  • The alcohol volume
  • The ingredients
  • The name of the brewer
  • Best before date

If you have established a small beer brewing company, hang tags can make your products look great. Even if there aren’t any labels printed on the bottles, the consumer will be able to read the hang tag for more information about the product. Some small brewers print labels themselves and stick them on bottles, however, once a small section of the bottle gets wet, or perhaps it has been stored in the fridge, the labels will start to slide off the bottle. This is one of the reasons why brewers often prefer hang tags. 

If you like making homemade wine, hang tags will easily fit around the top of the bottle. You can keep track of when the bottle was filled by creating customized hang tags. It can display information on when the bottle was filled, what type of grapes were used, etc. If you plan on selling your homemade wine, a hang tag can be used to excite potential customers. 

Organizing Cannabis

The legal cannabis industry is growing fast, and cannabis consumers all around the globe have been purchasing a wide range of marijuana products. If you sell cannabis, or you want to keep track of your current stock, customizing hang tags can prove beneficial. 

Even seasoned cannabis users struggle to tell the difference between the different strains available. If you are new to the world of mairjuana, you must realize that some strains are much stronger than others. For example, Sativa, a popular strain that grows best in hot climates, can make the user feel energized. If a person wants to buy cannabis to help promote a good night sleep, they will want to avoid using marijuana that grows on Sativa plants. A hang tag can provide users with important information such as, the THC content, the CBD content, the strain type, and the effects of the weed. 

Dispensaries can put their company’s logo on the hang tag, and contact information in case the consumer wants to place another order. Users can also benefit from personalized hang tags, because they can use them to organize their stash. 

Vape Juice

Just like beer brewing, a lot of people who vape have decided to make their own juices during the pandemic. Trying to tell the difference between juices can prove challenging, so often people who make juice decide to create labels too. If they plan on selling their homemade vape juice, they can give each bottle an exciting name, add their logo, and provide information about the levels of nicotine on the hang tag. 

If small vape stores produce their own juices, the cost of making bottles will hurt their profits, so they often use small transparent generic juice bottles. Some decide to label each bottle by writing down the description of the juice with a permanent marker, however, this can easily be wiped off. Placing a hang with important information will not only make the product look professional, but it will also help the consumer know what is inside. 

For some reason, a lot of vape juice manufacturers make bottles that encourage children to drink it. If a child was to ingest vape juice, they might need urgent medical assistance. A hang tag can be used to warn kids not to drink the juice. A hang tag can also display information warning pregnant women the dangers of vaping. If you only sell juice to customers above the age of 21, you can use the customized hang tag to display this vital information. 

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