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Who Buys Junk Cars?

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It’s quite real to sell a car in good condition at a reasonable price. But what to do if you need to sell a car after an accident? In this case, the services of companies that are ready to quickly buy a car in any condition will be indispensable. You can even sell your car with a blown engine and get nice cash that same day.

Why is it difficult to sell a junk car on your own? 

Companies we’ve mentioned above, like JunkCarsUs, earn from their activities, therefore they offer a below-market price for a car. This fact causes some owners to desire to get more by selling damaged cars by the usual methods.

If the urgent purchase of cars does not suit you, get ready for a long sale. Put yourself in the place of a potential buyer. Almost no one wants to buy a car that does not work and will immediately require repair; even there is a price somewhat cheaper. 

Those who interested in buying a broken car are usually resellers or people engaged in the restoration of junk cars and the subsequent sale. They try to buy a car as cheaply as possible as their earnings depend on it. Previously, broken cars, standing for years, were not uncommon in courtyards of cities. Today it is difficult to imagine such a picture, because every owner who does not want to invest in the restoration of the car, has an opportunity to sell it quickly. To do this, just contact a company whose main activity is the redemption of emergency junk cars.

This segment of the business is actively developing, and in a tough competition, which plays into the hands of a seller. Leading companies involved in buying cars, offer quality service. You can count on a free visit of a specialist for evaluation. Often provided free of charge a tow truck to take the car out if the car purchase agreement set up a client. The seller receives the entire amount immediately after signing the papers. 

Urgent car purchase: main advantages

By using the services of JunkCarsUs, which has been buying junk cars for several years, you take a lot of problems off your shoulders. Let’s highlight the main advantages of the transaction:

  1. car owners get their cash quickly and on-site; 
  2. there is no need to look for a service to repair your junk car;    
  3. junk car buyer’s lawyer covers all the paperwork and possible legal issues;
  4. no need to look for the rare body and other spare parts for restoration; *
  5. there is no need to store a junk car that you don’t or can’t ride. 

Why does JunkCarsUs buy cars after an accident? 

Of course, the buyout of broken cars is not a charitable activity but a real one. The fate of the purchased vehicle is largely determined by its current technical condition and the nature of the damage. After a car is bought by a junk car buyer, there are three possible options: 

  •  Recovery

If a purchased car does not have critical damage, it can be restored. To do this, each major junk car buyer has their own technical center equipped with professional tools and spare parts. Parts are usually shipped directly from the supplier, which allows you to optimize costs. As a result, for the repair company cars are much cheaper than if you turned to a car service former owner. 

  • Dismantling

If you managed to quickly sell a broken car in poor condition, then it can be subjected to demolition. Some broken cars are not worth restoring, but they still have a lot of demanded original spare parts and units, which are sometimes valued higher than new counterparts.  

  • Disposal

Cars with severe damage that can no longer be on the road can go for scrap. Even in such a case, the ransom of emergency vehicles gives advantages to the seller. The owner gets rid of the need to independently transport the machine for disposal and receives some compensation in cash. 

Regardless of the car’s condition and what will be done with it after the sale, the urgent purchase of cars has a lot of advantages for car owners. Such services are beneficial if you need money asap. 

How does JunkCarsUs manage to identify a junk car?

To do this, there is a special device – a thickness gauge. In addition, specialists in the automotive industry conduct a special external inspection of the machine. There are several visual signs by which you can recognize the car that has been in an accident. When buying a vehicle, the company carefully inspects it to determine the extent of its damage:

  • different shades of color of individual body elements;
  • unequal gaps between parts; the presence of glasses and headlights of different years of manufacture (factory parts always have the same year of production);
  • inaccurately made welds;
  • incorrect wheel alignment (the reason for exceeding the permissible deviation from the norm may be a violation of the geometry of the body, which indicates a serious accident in which the car has been). 

Vehicle requirements 

Buyers are good because they can buy almost any car – everything has its own price. Requirements and conditions: 

  • To sell a car to a buying company, you must be the owner of this vehicle or have a general power of attorney for the car. 
  • The car must be legally clean: not stolen, not listed in the arrest or wanted list, etc.

 In addition to the above requirements, each buying company may impose other rules on car owners, for example, set a limit on the age of the car. Some firms refuse to buy cars that are pledged. 

Required package of documents

To quickly sell a car, you need to have a certain package of documents on hand. Their exact list depends on the seller’s rights to the car being sold.

 Documents required for urgent purchase: 

  • US passport or another document that can equally verify the identity of the seller;
  • general power of attorney if the seller is not the owner of the car to be redeemed; 
  • documents for the car – registration certificate and registration certificate (if the car is not deregistered). The former owner of the vehicle also hands over the keys (all sets) to the buyers. 

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