Who Runs Videoslots Casinos?

Who Runs Videoslots Casinos

When you choose to gamble online, making sure you play safe and secure is the most important step. Casino licenses make it easier for us to figure out, which online gambling services to trust, while reviews will show us where we will find the most enjoyable experience. Videoslots has high grades on many rating websites, which leaves us to believe they offer a good and secure service. But who is behind a good service like this, and what are their intentions? Let’s take a look behind the curtain of the Videoslots Casino.


A Google search with the keyword Videoslots Casino will give you a quick overview over the online casinos’ reputation. Most star ratings you will find will list at least 4 of 5 Stars. If you prefer your information more detailed: in this Casinomeister review the online gambling community offers an in depth description of the casino, its features and other important information.

Casino Information

Casino Runner

Videoslots Casino’s CEO is Swedish-born Alexander Stevendahl. Inspired by a friend’s poker winnings, he started to read up on poker and play himself at age 18. He used some of the early online poker services and quickly decided to create an affiliate webservice himself. His first website, Rakebacklovers, provided rakes for Scandinavian poker players, till online poker hit a downward slope.

After Rakebacklovers went out of business, he bought the domain videoslots.com and decided to start his own online casino with his partners Mattias Sesemann and Magnus Hyltingö in 2011. By 2013 he was appointed the CEO of Videoslots.


Videoslots.com is part of Videoslots Ltd. Even though the company’s founders are Swedish, the casino itself is registered in Malta. Malta has been the first EU member state to regulate online gambling in 2004. Since then, it has become a kind of global gambling hub.

The biggest benefits of registering a gambling company in Malta is that the costs for operating a casino in Malta are much lower than they are in other European nations. The industry’s taxes are reasonable and the gambling legislation in Malta offers advantages to those, who chose the island as their headquarters.


Naturally, the casino has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. Additionally, they have acquired licenses from:

  • The UKGC
  • The Swedish Gambling Authority,
  • The Danish Gambling Authority and
  • other less prominent licenses for online gambling, such as an Italian license.

The Malta license by itself is considered one of the strictest online gambling licenses in the world. As such, it is highly regarded and a good indicator for a top-quality casino with high safety standards.

The application process for the Malta Gaming Authority license includes a thorough background check on the casino founders. They look at the expertise of the founders and their financial background. All in all, they make sure the casino owner is a respectable person with no criminal background and enough capital to finance the business.

It also includes making sure the players’ deposit money is stored separately from the company funds. This way, the players’ money is secured in case of bankruptcy.

Videoslots has passed all examinations and has proved itself to be a safe, high quality gambling website.

Videoslots Characteristics

Mission, Vision, Philosophy

On the About Us page of the casino website, the team lists the company’s philosophy:

  • Security
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Clarity
  • Passion
  • Individuality
  • Style
  • Entertainment

They aim at providing their players with a unique entertainment destination with technical brilliance, exceptional customer support and gameplay innovation. Their goal is to establish themselves as a well known and respected brand in the industry. Many of the high review suggest that they have already reached this goal.

Unique Selling Points

  • Videoslots Casino has been the first online gambling service to offer slot games where players can play against other players.
  • Stevendahl claims that their exceptional customer service is what really sets them apart from other online casinos. He explains that their goal is to fix any errors as quick as possible.
  • What helped them build their early reputation is their fast pay-out time.
  • Many of their games have the highest RTP (Return To Player) in the industry, giving players a good reason to play on these machines and statistically win more money.

Player Focus

Videoslots Casino has several tools that help prevent gambling addiction. Their promotions are actively built to encourage low bets. There are no special rewards for high bets. Problematic gambling behavior is flagged by an analysis program. The casino considers itself an entertainment service. As such, they consider it their obligation to notify players once they register signs of a gambling problem.

Review Opinions

The team at Casinomeister has examined the Videoslots casino for a long period to determine their worth. The site is even part of their Accreditation Program. Casinos who apply for the gambling community’s accreditation seal are offering themselves up to a more extensive examination.

The accreditation review process focuses more heavily on the player focus of a casino. Next to the casino’s safety and overall quality, they are taking a look at the marketing standards, player and industry assurance, responsible gambling tools and operational standards.

A casino that treats players unfairly and hides information in misleading promotions will fail at acquiring the seal. Instead, the casino must do its best to offer an enjoyable, fair and transparent experience that focuses on the enjoyment and health of the player.  After 60 to 120 days of testing, the website decides whether the casino is worthy of the accreditation seal or not.

The aforementioned Casinomeister Videoslots review verifies the casino’s claims. They agree that the website is much more concerned with what they can offer the player than with making the most money. Their customer service offers 24/7 support over several channels and in different languages. According to Casinomeister the service is helpful, responsive and does all it can to take care of problems quickly.


Videoslots casino was founded by three Swedish gambling enthusiasts in 2011. They chose Malta to be the headquarters of their company, because the Island offers many benefits to gambling companies. With the Malta license, they are adhering to some of the strictest rules in global gambling regulation. Combined with their positive user and industry reviews, Videoslots has established itself as a reputable player focused online casino. Players are treated fairly and are handed tools to play responsibly. Stevendahl and his team have built a great online casino you can use without worry.

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