3 Best Box Trucks for Recreation and Travel

Before you start choosing a car for travel, you should specifically determine what requirements a box truck for sale must meet.

Here we will look at the 3 best box truck models in our opinion, but choosing the perfect vehicle is an individual process for each person.

If you decide to travel alone, then most likely you will need a compact box truck model for your needs. If you are not traveling on your own, and even more so if a large number of people are involved in the journey, then you should think about buying a large box truck. Also, you should be guided by the amount of time that you usually spend on the road while traveling. Perhaps you are planning to go on a picnic once a month, or maybe you are planning a long trip for a whole season? For these purposes, different models of box trucks with a different set of technical parameters are needed. For short trips, box trucks with a simpler configuration, with fewer amenities and additional features, are suitable. While on longer trips, you may need a more reliable and functional vehicle.

What are the best box trucks?

Based on our preferences, we have compiled a list of the best box truck on the market:

 1. Winnebago Revel Van

Topping our list of the best box trucks is the Winnebago Revel Camper Van, built for adventure.

Once you’re in a remote location, this camper helps you create the perfect outdoor setting with a power party canopy that provides shade and lighting so you can chill out in comfort after the sun goes down.

The outside of the box truck also features a fold-out table, perfect for al fresco dining.

Inside this camper box truck for sale you will find everything you need for a fantastic adventure, including a kitchen, dining/living area, shower/toilet and of course a comfortable double bed.

Electricity is generated using solar panels, and the heating system will provide a cozy atmosphere inside the car even in severe frosts outside, which allows you to travel at any time of the year. There is also a continuous hot water supply system, which for some may be a decisive argument for some people.

One of the best features of this camper is the power lift bed. This feature allows the bed to be raised to the ceiling of the box truck at the touch of a button, greatly expanding the living space.

If that ample storage space isn’t enough, there’s a roof rack (and movable ladder) on which you can secure larger items. The base price of a box truck is quite high, due to its high technical characteristics and many amenities.

2. Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600

Next on our list of the best box trucks is the Sunlight Cliff 600. Sunlight box trucks are relatively new, having first been shown in 2018.

With a reliable company behind us, we can be sure that we expect good things from the Sunlight Cliff 600, which is built on a Fiat Ducato chassis.

Inside, the Sunlight Cliff 600 doesn’t disappoint, the clean, well thought out layout with stylish wood accents is sure to grab attention. This box truck for sale has all the comforts of home inside, including a large lavatory with shower, toilet, sink and plenty of storage space. Even the bathroom is finished with wood, which gives it a feeling of warmth and comfort.

Behind the bathroom is a kitchen, perfect for cooking. The dining area with swivel seats accommodates four people, while the large double bed in the back will be welcoming after a long day of exploring.

3.  Volkswagen Caddy.

A small box truck has many advantages, such as affordability to buy and operate, ease of driving, it can be used as an everyday vehicle, it can squeeze into tight parking spaces and it is easy to move on rougher, windier or narrower roads. If you’re looking for something to take with you on a weekend or short break that fits that bill, then the VW Caddy might be for you.

This box truck also has a fully equipped kitchenette with a sink, two-burner stove, refrigerator, storage and cooking space. Swivel seats and a detachable table create a dining area, while there is more storage space along the wall to store clothes and other essentials.






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