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Five Reasons Why You Should Buy a Seiko Watch

Usually, when people talk about watch brands to look at as enthusiasts or interested buyers, they focus on the flashy or luxurious ones alone. Because of this, brands like Seiko rarely make it into the conversation. However, it will interest you to know that Seiko watches actually rank among the best timepiece options on the market.

This article looks at the Seiko brand and what makes it so special, highlighting reasons you should consider getting one. Let’s dive right in.

The Seiko Brand: A History of Watchmaking Excellence

There are quite a number of wristwatch brands currently on the marketplace. However, it’s a fact that very few can boast of the same depth of history and tradition surrounding Seiko watches.

Seiko’s origin dates back to 1881 when the founder and owner, Kintaro Hattori, opened his shop for the first time. Then, the focus was on fixing broken watches and selling new ones.

It didn’t take much time before Kintaro Hattori gained a lot of experience in how watches operate.

Armed with this in-depth understanding of what makes watches tick, Seiko began to produce timepiece offerings of their own. Now, there are tons of different Seiko watches in the marketplace, each featuring the brand’s unique charm.

Why Choose a Seiko Watch?

If you have some familiarity with the watch industry in general, you’ll have come across some Seiko watches before. However, chances are, because of their somewhat unassuming appearance, you didn’t pay them any mind. Here’s a secret for you, though: Seiko watches are actually quite special, and here are five reasons why:

#1 Quality Craftsmanship

Seiko watches are the pinnacle of ingenuity and quality in timepiece craftsmanship. Don’t believe it? Pioneering technologies such as the Spring Drive and the Seiko Quartz movement are a testament to this fact.

Every Seiko wristwatch is carefully designed for superior quality. The in-house movements are optimized for maximum accuracy and precision. Similarly, watch build materials are selected with great care to ensure end users are able to enjoy that premium action.

This attention to detail ensures that each Seiko watch is a masterpiece of mechanical precision, aesthetic design, and durable performance. Want a watch that doesn’t skimp on quality in any way? A Seiko watch might just be what you’re looking for.

#2 Wide Range of Styles

Some wristwatch brands focus on producing only a particular style or type of watch. As such, their offerings tend to be quite monotonous, leaving you little room for variety. Seiko is different. This Japanese brand offers timepieces in an incredibly wide range of styles to suit any personality, occasion, or need.

The brand ensures every collection has a unique appeal, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. For example, the Seiko Prospex line is popular with adventurers and sports enthusiasts thanks to its ruggedness and durability. However, for people with a more classic preference for things, Seiko offers the Seiko Presage.

It’s also worth mentioning that Seiko also has several options for divers looking for the perfect diving watch. Seiko’s range of styles guarantees that you can find the ideal watch that meets your functional needs and complements your personal style.

#3 Perfect Value for Money

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to hear people talk about how watches tend to be overpriced. As such, there’s usually a lot of disgruntlement by users surrounding whether they are actually getting value for their money. However, this sort of thing rarely occurs where Seiko watches are concerned.

A major reason for this is the fact that these watches are constructed with the very best materials on the market. However, beyond their build, Seiko timepieces tend to retain their value very well. As such, they typically have pretty good resale values, just like luxury brands like Rolex and Patek.

So, if you’re a watch enthusiast looking to collect for the long term, Seiko’s vast offerings are a great place to start looking.

#4. Durability

Watches are widely believed to be quite fragile, and because of this, owners treat them with so much care. Unlike most other options on the market, however, Seiko watches are literally built for toughness.

Seiko watches are built with premium materials like stainless steel, Hardlex or Sapphire crystal, and innovative protective coatings. Thanks to this, the brand can ensure that each watch can withstand daily wear and tear.

Seiko watches also meet (and exceed) international standards for shock resistance, water resistance, and overall toughness. Now, you would think that this focus on durability means Seiko watches are bulky or heavy. However, this isn’t the case at all. Timepieces from this brand offer high sturdiness without sacrificing elegance and becoming a wrist burden.

#5. Beauty and Details

Seiko’s beauty and attention to detail are evident in every timepiece they craft. Their watches are a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese aesthetics and modern design. This ensures that each watch is a tool and a piece of art. Seiko watches feature intricate dial patterns, polished cases, and uniquely attractive contours.

Amazingly, Seiko can offer all of these and still keep prices at entry level, making products affordable. Affordability is often taken to mean passable quality and appearance.

However, Seiko’s catalog is a testament to the fact that this is definitely not always the case.

Want a wristwatch that can perfectly give you that feeling of luxury without breaking the bank? Then, a Seiko timepiece may just be what you need.


Seiko might not be a very common wristwatch brand yet, the type that you see every day on the road to work. However, there’s no doubt that it’s only a matter of time before this already historic brand gains an even larger following. Seiko is set to make more waves with features like superior build quality, durability, and a wide range of styles. So, Seiko is the way to go if you’re looking for a watch that offers a premium experience at affordable prices.

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