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3 Qualities to Look for in A Hair Transplant Surgeon – Dr. Resul Yaman


For the past five or so years, the hair transplant specialty has made tremendous progress, mainly for the better. As with everything else, when something becomes more prevalent or mainstream, it also attracts a few negative aspects along the way. One of the main reasons behind an expansion in the hair transplant specialty is that more people on social media share their experiences undergoing this procedure. Television, radio, and other forms of traditional print media have also popularized hair transplants. Medical experts are often being called on panels to give their opinion on the same.

Dr. Resul Yaman

Dr. Resul Yaman was born in 1982 in Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Yaman  graduated  from  Istanbul University,  Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine in 2005.

While he was studying at the university he started to search about the subject because of his hair loss problem.After gratuation, he started to work as an assistant at a hair transplantation clinic.He had his hair transplantation surgery in 2007.

Dr. Resul Yaman has performed  exclusive hair transplant, facial hair transplant and eyebrow transplant  surgery at his own clinic in Istanbul since 2009.He has more than 10 years of experience in the field of hair restoration surgery.

He is committed to staying active in this field through ongoing education and incorporating the latest advances into his practice.

Dr. Resul Yaman, has developed a new and exciting surgical instrument for Follicular Unit Excision (formerly known as follicular unit extraction) called the “Modified FUE-Yaman Implanter”. The “Modified FUE-Yaman Implanter” is different than other follicular unit implanters, because the grafts have minimal contact with the patients skin and the surgeons forceps. The “Modified FUE-Yaman Implanter” is an instrument used to transplant follicular units in to the patient’s recipient zone (scalp). This device was designed to reduce physical contact to the patients grafts. By reducing the amount of physical contact, the grafts and the scalp experience less trauma, which lead to a greater graft survival and faster healing

He uses  Modified Micromotor FUE technique.


By Transplanting  many hair follicles, It is possible to get dense and natural results.The serial incision capability of micromotor allows to get more hair follicles.

Taking so many hair follicles  requires a long time to be tranplanted. Thus, hair follicles stay  out for a long time and get damaged. Micromotor  is a devise can reach high speed  so it may damage hair follicles.

Our modification has two main objective:Firstly,by using micromotor at low speed prevents  hair follicles damages arising from  heating  and breaks.Secondly, It aims to reduce the duration of hair follicles staying out.

However, the operation is being performed  by taking 1000 unit hair follicles incrementally. In this modification  after taking and transplanting  1000 hair follicles the operation moves on the other 1000 ones. When the  procedure is repeated  four times a day,4000 hair follicles are transplanted healthily.

By this means, hair follicles staying out duration is from 15 to 45 minutes which  is also the  ideal time  for majör organ transplantations.

 This surgical procedure offers consumers dealing with hair loss issues a safer solution than some more invasive surgical procedures. As this specialty has grown, so has there been an increase in dubious and under-qualified surgeons. If you wish for the results of your hair transplant to be satisfactory, you must be keen on finding a good hair transplant Turkey surgeon. Here are the top qualities to look for.

1. Educational qualifications

One of the first things that you need to look for in your surgeon is their educational qualifications. This will inform you of the possible outcome of your procedure. Ideally, your hair transplant surgeon should have a specialization in cosmetic surgery. Additionally, they should be certified by authorized national or international forums to perform hair transplants on clients.

In-depth knowledge of what the procedure entails and its practicality will help your surgeon tailor solutions to suit your unique needs specifically. This is especially seeing how delicate the process is.

2. Attention to detail

Another quality to look for in your surgeon is expert hands. This kind of surgeon has an eye for detail and, with their expertise, will give you unique distinct results using their hands. This distinction is one of the best ways to set apart an expert from the rest. You can assess a surgeon’s expertise by looking at and analyzing pictures of their past clients.

Testimonials and reviews from past clients are also essential. Ideally, be keener on clients that had hair loss patterns similar to yours. If the results are impressive, you will be very confident to work with the hair transplant surgeon from Sapphire Hair Transplant.

3. Extensive experience

Experience is perhaps the most vital qualification in the medical field, and you cannot just ignore it. This is even more so in the surgical field, specifically cosmetic surgery. Your doctor will be dealing with delicate areas of your body. Therefore, there isn’t room for trial and error. Negligence and unacceptable mistakes in such a procedure will have severe or even fatal consequences.

When checking for experience, you need to look at the length of time they have been practicing. Apart from this, it would be best to look at the number of successful procedures they have carried out in their years of practice.

As much as educational qualifications and experience are important things to look for in a surgeon, it’s vital to be comfortable letting them perform procedures on you. Therefore, ensure that your surgeon is compassionate. Once you are assured of comfort, you will feel more confident going in. The same goes for the staff at the clinic.

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