4 Business Tech Trends for 2021

Each year, there are various tech trends that shape the business world for 12 months and often longer and, as a business owner, you will want to know what the trends are for the year ahead. Staying current when it comes to technology is vital for business because modern tech can be used in so many different ways, whether this is streamlining the operation, reducing costs or improving the quality of the product/service that you provide. There are a few trends that look set to dominate in 2021, particularly with the pandemic continuing to change so much of life and business.

1. Remote Work

The most obvious tech trend for the year ahead will be the continuation of remote work. Many businesses are finding that this is bringing a range of benefits, including improved morale, reduced costs and an increase in productivity in some cases. Obviously, there are perks for employees too, so remote work could be here to stay even after the pandemic has ended. In order for remote work to be successful, it is important that people have the best equipment, tools and technologies which will help them to overcome the main obstacles of remote work (communication and collaboration).

2. Chatbots

AI continues to find many uses in the business world with chatbots being one of the most common right now. Chatbots previously were a hindrance as the tech was limited and could frustrate consumers, but the tech has improved so much in recent times that they are now an excellent addition which will enable businesses to provide instant and round the clock customer service. In a time when consumers are likely to have questions (such as how they can use your business safely during COVID-19), a chatbot could be of great use and boost your businesses in 2021 and beyond.

3. Cybersecurity Training

Cybercrime has been a major issue for a number of years affecting businesses of all sizes, but unfortunately it has only become more prevalent during the pandemic. Phishing attacks have become more advanced and look to capitalise on the current situation, which is why cybersecurity training from places like Proofpoint will be a major trend this year and help people to avoid a phishing attack – to find out more, click here. This will help businesses to educate their staff on how they can stay safe and protect important data, particularly when so many people are now working remotely.

4. Augmented and Virtual Reality

AR and VR will also play a huge role in business in 2021 and beyond, particularly when they can be used in a remote work model by allowing people to collaborate and “share” experiences without being in the same place. These immersive technologies have improved rapidly in recent years and are now finding usages in a wide range of different industries, so you can be sure that these technologies will be popular in the coming months and years.

These are a few of the main tech trends that you can expect in the business world in 2021. Being aware of what these trends and finding ways to implement them could help business owners to modernise and improve their business, especially in a time where there are unique challenges that business owners need to manage.

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