4 Main Reason Why Watching Football at Home Is Better Than Going to the Stadium


Nothing beats the thrill of seeing your favourite team sweat it out on the field with bone-crunching blocks, gravity-defying receptions, and, at times, the exquisite beauty of an end-zone dance. Some fans consider watching it unfold in person to be a must for appreciating the game, but the stadium experience isn’t for everyone.

Indeed, some may argue that today’s home theatre provides the ultimate way to watch a football game – away from the noise and bustle of the stadium and with the most excellent seat in the house: yours.

There are several reasons why watching football at home is preferable to attend in person. Here are a few examples:

Audio and video quality

Unless you have a lot of money to spend on field-level tickets or corporate boxes, your perspective of the action inside the stadium will appear more like a flea circus than a football game, even with binoculars – presuming you’re permitted to carry them in past security. With high-definition footage, you can see every play, even a quarterback’s wince as the ball misses his target. High-quality speakers enable you to hear plays being called on and off the field, play-by-play commentary, and the grunt of gridiron fighters as they battle it out in authentic surround sound. At the stadium, you have no possibility of hearing or seeing that degree of detail.

Multiple angles

To capture the action on-screen in a way that takes advantage of technology like 4K Ultra video, NFL broadcasters have upped their game with a variety of video cameras: sideline still cams, above-the-field drone cams, sky cams, and end zone cams — yet another way that the in-home experience exceeds what you can get at the game with just one angle from your stadium seat.


With the cost of petrol, the stress of driving to the stadium, and the cost of parking (not to mention the possibility of inclement weather), leaving your car at home is a no-brainer – and a comfy armchair or couch beats a hard plastic saucer with limited leg area hands-down! Furthermore, at home, you don’t have to deal with angry seat-holders who groan when you beg permission to squeeze through during a much-needed potty break. You also don’t need to dress for the weather, whether that’s with sunscreen, a parka, or a snowsuit.

Spending time with friends and family is essential.

Football is a terrific way to bring people together, and there’s no doubt that hearing oneself talk to an aunt or uncle you haven’t seen in years is a lot easier at home than it is at a decibel-shattering stadium. Plus, you can invite anybody you want over to watch the game without having to buy a bunch of tickets at $100+ a piece to sit together. And, with your remote in hand, you may adjust the volume based on how much you want to hear individuals around you about the game.


So, the next time you consider putting in the time and effort to attend a pro football game or online slots such as NetBet Casino in person, keep in mind that your living room is only a few steps away and may provide you with more thrill and a better experience at a lesser cost, both physically and financially.

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