4 must have features of modern betting sites

4 must have features of modern betting sites

As betting evolves and becomes more popular, innovations to the way we bet appear. Once they appear on one site, customers come to expect them on all sites and the companies need to implement them in order to maintain their customer base and attract new gamblers.

In this article, we will explore four of these features that are indispensable for established and new betting sites like to have.

must have features of modern betting sites

Correct licensing

The first on our list is not a feature that makes gambling more exciting however some would argue that it is the most crucial of all. Gambling is a market that unfortunately attracts scammers as they target people that they think are likely to deposit money into an online site without too much thought, and punters are likely to do this.

Correct licensing is the way to combat this because it eliminates scammers from the market, at least to a certain extent. You can still never be too careful but if you come across a betting site with no licensing or licensing that is not recognised in the United Kingdom, then you can be fairly confident that the site is attempting to scam you.

There are a few licenses that betting sites now need, such as an operating license or a personal management license. For more information on licensing, visit the UK gambling commission’s official website, and remember to always double check terms and conditions, especially for sites that seem too good to be true.

Request a bet

Request a bet is a feature where customers can ask for a specific bet that is not already offered on the betting site. It is a feature that can make betting a lot of fun as these requested bets can be almost anything, although the site is not guaranteed to price every bet.

Skybet and Paddy Power offer two of the best versions of this on the market. For example, Skybet declined to offer odds on Lionel Messi’s father signing for Manchester United but it can also be very profitable.

One gambler requested Paddy Power for odds on Jesse Lingard not scoring or assisting for the entire 2019/2020 season. He placed a £3.30 at odds of 41/1 and Lingard scored in stoppage time of the final day of the season. Paddy Power still paid out the bet though, and the lucky winner donated it all to charity.

Fast pay out

A feature that is now expected of all modern betting sites is a fast pay out. Up until recently, betting companies could take ridiculous amounts of time to transfer withdrawals into winners’ accounts.

Nowadays, the maximum delay that gamblers have come to expect is three or four working days. Some companies have now implemented systems that pay out in the same day and this attracts a lot of gamblers.

With so many new systems to deposit and withdraw, and payment methods developing, it is thoroughly unsurprising that gamblers are now expecting faster pay outs. Considering that there are now crypto currencies to make payments and that deposits are instantaneous; gamblers are now demanding that betting sites make their payments almost as fast as they take players’ deposits.

Bet builder

The last feature on this list is quite similar to request a bet and also makes gambling more exciting. Bet builder is combining different bets, often on the same game, into one to make bets with odds that are more appealing.

It is basically an accumulator but instead of betting on the match result, you are betting on whatever you like, and it can all be on the same match. For example, you can bet on over a certain number of corners and then combine this with over a certain number of cards, or a particular player to get carded, or a particular player to score.

These can quickly build up to impressive odds, and if you are someone who pays close attention to statistics and think that you can predict which player will get a certain number of tackles or shots on target, then you can make lots of money with this technique.

Remember to still be cautious and that sometimes the odds are so attractive because the bet is very unlikely to happen. However, also remember that anything can happen and that bet builder is a great way to make money if you know your stuff.

request a bet, bet builder, fast payout & correct licensing

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