The best golf gloves for cold weather

For those year-round golfers who refuse to let a cold, icy snap spoil their fun, we salute you! Playing in the dark depths of winter can feel like a chore sometimes and given the choice we would surely all prefer to be playing with the sun beating down on our backs.

A crisp winter’s morning can be glorious, however, and those who know the secret to dealing with Jack Frost’s unique set of challenges are able to thrive and continue to play their best golf when the temperature plummets.

Layering up to maintain core body temperature is essential, but how many of us can dive down and pull out a pair of winter golf gloves from our bags? Trying to grip a club when you can’t feel your fingertips is hardly ideal for the precision golf requires.

The best golf gloves 2023 in summer are most definitely not the best golf gloves in winter, and if your bag is short of a pair, these winter warmers below are well worth considering.

Galvin Green Lewis Interface-1 Thermal Golf Gloves – $50 / £40 RRP

Galvin Green’s Lewis gloves featuring Interface-1 technology are completely windproof to keep your hands warm for when the temperature really drops. Cabretta leather palms and super tacky fingertips provide excellent grip during colder months, while excellent breathability ensures the hands remain warm without getting damp or sweaty. Very durable, easy to wash and maintain, and, as you’d expect from Galvin Green, a high-quality product that justifies the price.

MacWet Climatec Golf Gloves – $48 / £30 RRP

British golfer Aaron Rai, a two-time European tour winner, loves MacWet gloves so much he wears a pair every time he plays, no matter what the weather. They helped him to victory at the 2020 Scottish Open, where conditions were described by Ian Poulter as the ‘worst’ he’d ever played in. We love how the Climatec are windproof, water resistant and have a fleece lining over part of the back of the glove. They also have exceptional grip through the palm.

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves – $27 / £24 RRP

FootJoy claim the WinterSof is the world’s number one pair of winter golf gloves, and as always with FootJoy, performance tends to back it up. Foam fleece on the back of the glove adds warmth, which can be a godsend for those who feel the cold or suffer from arthritis in the fingers. An extended cuff tucks up under a jacket or sweater sleeve to keep the cold at bay. The gloves are finished with reflective piping for high visibility on and off the course.

Cobra StormGrip Golf Gloves – $24 / £20 RRP

StormGrip suede in the palm provides maximum grip in wet conditions, while the tailored lightweight mesh cuff provides an optimal fit and feel. We particularly like that Cobra has made the index finger touch screen compatible, making it an ideal choice for those of us who use apps, a GPS device, or watch around the course. The DWR coating, a special moisture membrane, helps keep hands dry.

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Golf Gloves – $30 / £26 RRP

If you love the feel of a leather glove but want added warmth for winter, Under Armour’s cold weather gloves are a great option. An infrared pattern inside absorbs and retains heat to keep your hands warmer without adding any unnecessary bulk, while the knit-fleece fabric finger gussets enable stretch and mobility. The water-repellent finish means these gloves will stand up to the worst of the elements.

TaylorMade RainControl Golf Gloves – $33 / £26 RRP

If you want winter gloves that perform equally well in wet weather, then TaylorMade’s RainControl gloves are one of the best on the market. Their Element Tech microfibre material allows for a 40% stronger hold than most traditional rain gloves on the market. Basically, the wetter they get the more they grip. The gloves have all the performance you need to go and play 18 holes on the worst of days and ensure you’ll remain confident of being in control of your club.

How to choose cold weather golf gloves

Ensuring adequate insulation is a sensible starting point when eyeing up a new pair of cold weather gloves, but what less obvious factors are worth bearing in mind?

Feel – If warmth was the only consideration, then you might as well buy a pair of ski gloves! We suggest gripping a club and having a few swings and chips with your preferred model to make sure you are not sacrificing too much feel. Ensuring your new glove fits correctly will further help in this department.

Rain – With cold weather usually comes wet weather. Models that provide more grip the wetter they get are particularly useful, and if they are quick drying, then even better. Fully waterproof models will also provide superior protection to those that are just water resistant.

Breathability – Breathability is easy to overlook, but super important. If your hands can’t breathe adequately then the buildup of sweat can have a detrimental effect on your grip. Look for a model with good moisture-wicking capabilities and suitable ventilation.






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