5 Creative Video Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

We read it somewhere and found it to be a legitimate truth. If the content is the King, video content is the entire empire. People and brands have understood the importance of video in their marketing strategies. They are playing smart by capitalizing and monetizing their online presence with video content. And if you still haven’t found your ways to use video content for promoting your small business, NOW IS THE TIME. 

There are tons of video editors available online that help you set the right foot in video content creation. 

Delay no further and start with whatever little you know, and however less you understand. There is a plethora of knowledge easily accessible on the Internet. It will help you get started with video marketing. Don’t worry about the budget and lack of professional skills. You can manage everything with video editors. 

This blog will guide you with important video marketing tips for small businesses. Let’s begin.

1. Keep it short 

Whether it’s FaceBook, YouTube, website, or any other social media platform where the video is supposed to land, keep the contents of the video short. Facebook allows you to post videos for as long as 45 minutes. But when do you remember yourself watching a 45-minute long video of some company in your free time? Never, right. This is because your attention spans are short, and you live in an overly informative world. No one, not even your biggest fans, has the time or mental capacity to hold for long enough. 

Keep your message short. Reflect on the video intentions. Keep your video engaging, especially the first 10 seconds. And continue to make the videos. 

2. Keep the tone personal

Whatever your purpose of the video is, keep the tone in the video personal as if you are speaking to the viewer personally. Make the tone of your video conversational. Give them a sense that the message you are delivering is personally designed for them. This is very important to keep the viewers engaged. 

Now, for your video content to be more effective, ensure to put a closed caption with them. Users are more likely to view videos without a sound if they are in a public setting. You don’t want to lose your audience. Hence, ensure keeping the captions precise and tuned with audio. 

3. Know the intent

Before you begin to make a video, take some time to understand the purpose you wish to realize. Let’s give you a brief glance at what all a video could be used for and what you could achieve with it. 

  • The video should be used to display your product 

More than any image or description, video works as an effective tool. Since we live in an E-Commerce era, your product needs to stand out. The easiest way to give proper visuals and understanding of your product is through product videos. 

  • The video should be used to display customer reviews 

76% of the users refer through reviews before making a purchasing decision. Video testimonials are a hundred times more effective. Users can understand and view first-hand our product or service results and facilitate them to make better purchasing decisions. 

  • The video should be used to give a tutorial

If you are dealing in some complex product or services or your business model revolves around offering knowledge and information, go ahead and prepare some testimonial videos. Educate your users and do it with a video. 

  • The video should be used to give personal insights into your brand

Use the video content to give insights into your brand. Be it in the form of the day at your office, welcoming someone to your website, or helping users navigate through it. Videos can be used in many ways to ease things that are already simple enough. 

  • The video should be used to show that your brand belongs 

There isn’t a monopoly market for anything these days. Still, some brands go on to grab 95% of the orders for their products while others don’t. Why? Simple reason. They have created a brand image that resonates. And how do you make such a brand image? With tonnes and tonnes of personalized engagement with your audience. And you do so with videos. 

Regular, consistent video content is the elixir for your brand image. 

Knowing where the video would be used would allow you to adapt and be more effective. For instance, a social media video should be crafted differently from what you post on your website or YouTube. Maintain a uniform brand image across all platforms but adapt your content according to the platform. 

4. Be genuine

You don’t need to splurge a huge amount on video professionals to capture and edit a video for you. You just have to start with all that you have. You need a good clarity video camera, easy-to-use editing software, and an understanding of basic SEO semantics to help that video reach. Users love genuineness that reflects through the video. That makes it more acceptable to see the brand through tinted glass. Further, editing and creating basic professional-looking videos can be done by anyone willing to experiment, try and put in the effort. 

5. Optimize the Video with SEO

Once you are done creating a video, publish it right. Use tags, descriptions, and transcripts with your videos to make them reach better. When used optimally, videos can be a powerful tool to gain users to the website and, ultimately, your business. 

In a nutshell, video marketing is a profitable opportunity for your small business to reach the target audience and even wider unknown market. It helps you make your brand values reach the customer, get desired sales, high returns on investment, and craft a compelling brand image. The conversion rate of video content is higher than that of infographics or any image, and it has proven to be best for SERP rankings. The benefits of video marketing are eons. You just have to continue making the videos religiously, and you will see the desired traction.

Start now. Create a content bank and start sharing. All the efforts you have been putting into marketing through texts and graphics diverge all that in creating video content. You will start seeing results and the benefits, and trust us, the growth you see would be quantifiable. 






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