8 Valuable Fixes You Probably Didn’t Know Super Glue Can Do

Superglue is the most powerful adhesive you can find as it works well in binding almost any surface. You can use it to attach two parts, make repairs, fix broken stuff, etc. It is valued for its resistance to moisture and temperature; hence it can be used on all types of material, including wood, glass, metal, ceramic, leather, vinyl, and even some plastics. The sheer versatility of the superglue makes it come in handy in so many uses, especially DIY repair. Here are ten fixes you probably didn’t know super glue can do.

Shoe and boot repairs

If you are a Loctite consumer, you are well aware that the Loctite super glue comes in handy for fixing your torn-out shoes and boots regardless of the material. Irrespective of how much a pair of shoes or boots cost you, they eventually start showing signs of wear depending on the use. If the sole is tearing away from the shoe, you can quickly fix it by applying glue. That means you don’t have to visit the cobbler every time you have a tear in your shoes or boots.

Woodwork fixes

Superglue makes woodwork easier. If you are working on two pieces of wood and want to nail or screw them together, doing that on your own sometimes can be a challenge. You can use super glue to hold the wood pieces together, so you have your hands free to work with the hammer or drill. It may not stick permanently, so you can do modifications later if need be.

Stop pulls or runs in clothes.

A single pull or snag can cause the whole garment to unravel in some fabrics, especially nylon and threaded sweaters. To stop the run, you only have to dab a small drop of superglue at the start of the snag to maintain your garment.

Fix porcelain and china

Everyone has suffered the frustration of a broken cup that was their favorite. When your china dishes break and you don’t have the money to go out and buy others, worry not. You only need a superglue adhesive. With patience, you can put back the pieces together using superglue. The dish or cup might not end up looking as it did before, but it will be functional. Many people use this hack to transform broken cups and pots into functional flower pots.

Auto fixes

It is a nice idea to always keep a tiny bottle of superglue in your glove box as it comes in handy to fix the minor issues in your car. You can use superglue to facilitate minor auto repairs like fixing a broken side mirror, parching up cracked lights, or sealing ripped upholstery. It may not enable permanent fixes but arming yourself with superglue prevents any unwanted stops whenever you encounter an issue on the road.

Stop fraying in ropes and cords.

When a rope starts to fray, that means its lifespan is limited, and you can either fix it or dispose of it. Thankfully you can use superglue to make that fix. If the rope or cord is fraying on one end, dab a small amount of superglue on that end to cap it. That stops the fraying and extends the lifespan of the rope. This is a valuable hack because it prevents you from replacing an otherwise strong cord even if it is fraying in the middle.

Prepare an adhesive filler.

Superglue may not be your ultimate solution in fixing large cracks or gaps, but you can use it to prepare an adhesive filler that works well in extensive crack fixes. First, pour some baking soda in the area you want to fill, then pour super glue into the baking soda. The combination reacts and hardens to make a good adhesive filler.

Protect the guitarist’s fingers

Guitarists have been using superglue for years to protect their fingers from the wear and tear that comes with picking strings. Dabbing a thin layer of superglue on the fingers forms a hard shell on the fingers, minimizing the impact and pain when playing the guitar. You can use acetone nail remover to remove the glue by soaking the glue-covered fingers but avoid this hack if your skin is sensitive.

The takeaway

Use the right brand of superglue for quality fixes and repairs.

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