A Guide on How to Remove MSM from Ice with Water

Ice (also known as pure crystal meth) being cut with substances is becoming more and more common. A lot of the substances that are added to methamphetamines dissolves in water. In order to learn how to remove MSM from ice with water, let’s read more about MSM.

How to Remove MSM from Ice with Water

MSM is a water soluble white, odorless, crystalline compound that contains 34% elemental sulfur.MSM is highly soluble in hot water, but poorly soluble near the freezing point of water. For example, it is possible to dissolve over 1000 g. of MSM in 100 g. of water at 88° C., while only about 33.9 g. of MSM will dissolve in 100 g. of water at 26° C. MSM is soluble in a wide range of organic solvents and itself solvates many organic and inorganic compounds.

The theory is, MSM doesn’t dissolve in freezing water so with a filter and freezing cold distilled water you can filter out the MSM that doesn’t dissolve. Then evaporating the water leaving a cleaner product. But even if MSM was the cut, you would have both MSM and gear in a puddle of water inside a bubble. Once you start hearing it, that MSM is gonna dissolve in the water too. Other answers to have indicated the solubility of meth in water makes this impractical.

A better method is to dissolve your ice in acetone, using about 2 liters of acetone per kilogram, then (after ensuring you have a well-ventilated space) light the acetone and let it burn off. Stand upwind while it burns. You shouldn’t have any problem with the contaminated meth after this.

Why does acetone work?

Any non-water-soluble impurity will not dissolve then you could shoot or let it evaporate again. But water-soluble impurities will dissolve too. A nonpolar solvent like acetone or either-or Napa petroleum would probably work better because a lot of things will break down and that but math will not.

Method 1:

Get 99% acetone/ straight acetone/or a denatured alcohol from a store and some coffee filters from the supermarket. One individual crushed 1g of (suspected MSM) cut meth to complete powder and then put it into the coffee filter. They put the filter in a small shot glass and then slowly poured the acetone over the meth. Take the filter out, put the meth somewhere it can dry and you’re finished, it’s that easy.

The individual was left with about 0.6g from 1g.

Method 2:

First, you would crush your meth into smaller crystals. You wouldn’t need to grind it into a powder, but smaller particle size is better. This is because the acetone wash only removes the MSM on the surface of the crystals.

Put all of it into a glass jar or container with an airtight lid. Plastic of any kind will dissolve in the acetone and end up contaminating the meth. Ground glass fittings on a boiling flask work best. Add acetone to the meth until the liquid is just above the meth. Seal the container and give it a good shake and then swirl it around for a minute or two.

The MSM will dissolve into the acetone while the meth will remain in the bottom of the jar. Let the jar settle for a couple of minutes and then carefully pour the liquid into another jar leaving the solids in the original jar.

Leave the solids in a well-ventilated area without a lid until all of the residual acetone evaporates off. You will know it has evaporated off by smelling it. If it still smells like acetone it hasn’t evaporated off completely.

Do not add heat or flames of any kind to speed up the evaporation. It will ignite easily. Be patient and wait until it’s evaporated. If you want to see what happens if you are impatient with this, look up images for krokadil.

You can repeat this process a few times to get all the contaminants out, but you will lose some meth each time. The acetone you poured off can be evaporated and it will have some meth in with a lot of MSM.

The answer you don’t want to hear is this. Googling “how to remove MSM from ice with water’ is a sign that it’s time to stop and get help. Get into treatment or even start with a doctor in the hospital. Doing meth is affecting your brain, your body, and also extending to your friends and family. If you’re suffering you need to surrender your demons and get help.

Worried about crashing? Lots and lots of sleep will help and slowly you do get up and feel like you aren’t 80 years old trying to walk, says one real life recovery testimonial. Some people will get admitted to the hospital or even spend time at a home of a friend who can actually help them get clean. Delete all your contacts and get a new sim card to stop yourself from making ANY Calls and leaving. After a couple of weeks, you will still be alive and many people are able to recover with the afterthought that there is more to life than smoking crystal meth. Remember one positive thing about childhood happiness and try to cling onto that feeling so that you pass it on to another young person one day and they too can leave this lifestyle behind.

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