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All You Need to Know About Garden Pods

Garden Pods

Garden pods are available in a wide variety of choices. With more and more people working from home due to the pandemic, finding extra space in your home is essential. Garden pods are some of the best extensions to your home without all the hassle and stress involved in building the extension. This guide will help you choose the best garden pod for your home.

Remember a good garden pod is a tastefully decorated and accessorized space to relax in your home – Browse them here and find the ideal one for your space.

Garden pods have become extremely popular in recent years. Instead of experiencing all the expense and hassle of a new extension, why not invest in a garden pod when you want flexible and fast extra space in your home for your family? A new garden structure such as a garden pod is a worthwhile investment for your home. But you should take your time and consider all the options when investing in such a product. Given how much we love our homes, you may wonder if investing in a garden pod adds value to your property. Of course, investing in a garden pod will increase the resale value of your home. The pod is usable all year round, and you don’t want it just for the summer days.

What Is Your Budget?

It is always sensible to get at least three quotations when buying a garden pod. There are different materials and models available on the market today. Your budget and personal needs play an important part when choosing the best product. Wooden summer houses and self-build pods are the cheapest types out there. But these kit-form products are not the best if you are looking for long-term use. In fact, you will always get the quality of what you pay for. High-end materials will cost more. For example, if you plan to invest in a high-end timber structure, you should be prepared to pay more. But they also involve regular maintenance and upkeep. On the other hand, it will raise your investment even more if you are looking for a fully built structure.

There are also composite products at mid-range prices. You won’t feel any loss of features or specifications when you invest in a composite product. It gives you the best in thermal insulation and is faster and easier to install. They are also easy to maintain.

You should look for well-insulated garden pods as a bare minimum. Look at the quality of the glazing of the structure. Are the windows and doors of the garden pod basic or of the same quality that you would want in your home? Our pods are designed with high specification windows and doors. The glass is similar to the glass found in Grand Designs styled extensions or property renovations.

Finally, you need to consider other essential options such as heating, lighting, broadband connection, and not to mention the fixtures and fittings. Home offices, playrooms, studios, or entertainment spaces all have costs involved in garden furnishing for the best experience you require.

How Will You Use The New Room?

Think about how you will use the new garden pod or room. Also, consider the size of your garden and where you get the sun. Choose the best place for installation. Our experts can help you choose the best garden pod for your home. We can talk through all the options and the pros and cons of each option. We can advise on the most suitable configuration and size and what works best for your garden size, shape, personal preferences, and budget.

How Much Space Do You Need?

The size of the product will affect the price you pay. Think about the primary use of the product. Will you use it for work, relaxation, or play? Will your requirements change in the future? Do you want the pod for your kids to enjoy? But they may develop new interests as they grow older.

The smaller pods are ideal for work, play, and study. Larger pods are great for extended use. The larger models come with plumbing work and small kitchenettes. We are here to help you on choosing the best solution for your home.

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