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Dive Into UK Poppers

Poppers. They’re seemingly everywhere as of late. While yes, they have technically been around for some time now, we’ve certainly entered a renaissance period for our brown bottled friends. Companies are capitalising and innovating all the time, and more and more poppers are stocking our shelfs. It can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but we can help with that. We’ve picked out some of our favourite popper brands to help cut through the noise, and added a bit of UK popper history for good meassure.

A quick runthrough of UK poppers history

Poppers have had an interesting history in the UK. While historically used as a medication to treat angina, it became a dance floor favourite in the mid-to-late 20th century, before becoming a go to staple for sex between gay men.

We have seen an unusual amount of political activity around poppers in recent years however. Back in 2016, the government’s Psychoactive Substances Act sought to ban anything that “affects the person’s mental functioning or emotional state” through “stimulating or depressing the person’s central nervous system”.

This put poppers directly in the firing line. That was, however, until an unexpected intervention from a Tory MP of all places. Crispin Blunt, who previously had a ‘questionable’ at best voting record on gay rights before coming out in 2010, stood up, admitted to personalised use, and demanded an exemption for poppers.

This exemption was granted, but poppers still stayed in a weird grey area for a few years until the then Home Secretary, Priti Patel, sought to clarify and confirm their legal status in 2020.

So, with that in mind, and poppers essentially getting the A-OK from the UK government, let’s take a look at some of the best poppers available to the UK. 

Twisted Beast Originals

When it comes to branding, no one is carrying the weight of an entire industry quite like Twisted Beast. If you’re interested enough in poppers to be reading your article, then I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that most popper bottles look like they were produced in word art around 20 years ago. Yet Twisted Beast has clearly spent a lot of time and effort producing a product that you would be proud to store at eye-height in your fridge.

You can’t go wrong with the originals. The poppers that kickstarted a whole company. The Unholy Trinity are a set of three reliable poppers that are enjoyed by baters of all levels. Wanting a nice drawn out session? This pack of poppers increases in strength as you go along. Starting out relatively easy with Original, an isopropyl nitrite formula, you can then move onto Black; a Pentyl Nitrite creation. Once you’re good, fucked up and wanting more, you can then move onto, Gold; an extra strong pentyl nitrite blend. 

Dumb Bitch Juice

Moving along, we’d be amiss not to recommend something for the increasing number of you who like being told how much of a good girl they are when huffing. Dumb Bitch Juice does just what it says on the tin. Simple. These extra strong pentyl nitrite poppers will fry your brain in no time, leaving you malleable to whichever slightly domineering presence is holding your poppers.

Amyl Poppers

The fabled amyl nitrite. Not to be confused with amyl nitrate, the original poppers formula is often touted as the strongest there is on the market. These poppers are known for having a progressive hit that gradually gains strength and momentum.

Amyl nitrite poppers have historically been quite difficult to find within the UK. Often dedicated popperbators have resorted to looking abroad. This, ofcourse, led not only to longer delivery times and increased shipping fees, but also the occasional import tax for the unlucky among us.

Those days are now behind us however, as UK-based Twisted Beast now stocks Amyl poppers. Regardless of if you’re new to amyl or a returning veteran, Twisted Beast Amyl is a fine pick. For those still wanting some more practice before moving onto Amyl, Twisted Beast Pentyl is a solid choice.


Friday Night. Door closed. Popperbator videos on both screens. For those of you who like nothing more than to sit in front of your computer and lose yourself to spiral circles and ominous yet oddly enticing commands, Hypo is for you. A pentyl nitrite popper, Hypno exists to empty and reset your little brain.

So, that’s a quick overview of the popper UK scene. Despite various attempts at interventions, poppers have always managed to stick around and a number of different formulas have arisen as a result. And that’s no surprise. As they say, life, or gay sex in this case, will always find a way.

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