Fabrizio Romano: Who Is The Italian Herald Of Football Transfer News?

Fabrizio Romano

All football fans who like to stay abreast with transfer market news, are familiar with the phrase “Here we go”. These words are used by the famous Fabrizio Romano, whenever he breaks the news of any football transfer in Europe. The young and precocious Fabrizio Romano has become one of the most important football journalists today. NBA fans can consider him to be the Adrian Wojnarowski of the Football world. Fabrizio Romano is the man who has his finger on the pulse of the football transfer market. In this post, we will find out more about him. Let’s get started.

Fabrizio Romano: All You Need To Know

Who is Fabrizio Romano?

Here we go. An apparently harmless expression, but which in the world of football has a value – and a name – behind it: Fabrizio Romano. Journalist, reporter, and obviously transfer market expert. Fabrizio Romano is one of the most authoritative, esteemed, and competent voices in the world of transfers, in Italy and beyond. 

How does Fabrizio Romano break news?

Fabrizio Romano has over ten million followers on Twitter, which is where the “Here we go” phrase exploded, and more than ten million on Instagram. Social networks are his favorite playground, even more than the web pages of the newspapers he writes for: he updates in real time. He uses short and precise tweets and messages about the transfer market and its machinations.

Where is Fabrizio Romano from?

Fabrizio Romano is from Naples. He was born in 1993 and he left to then go to Milan. He joined the communication sciences course at the Catholic University. And he has never moved from Milan: it has become his new home. 

When did Fabrizio Romano start his journalism career?

At the age of 19, Romano joined Sky Sport where he worked alongside a team of journalists who worked in the transfer market, in Italy but also abroad. The network of reporters and information shared with the other newsrooms in Europe – is of the highest level. 

Who was Fabrizio Romano’s mentor?

Above all, Romano began to study and grow alongside Gianluca di Marzio, a figurehead in sports journalism and super expert on the transfer market, so his face was increasingly present on the Sky Sports screens. These were the years in which Romano built his audience, mainly by exploiting social networks and creating a pleasant but authoritative tone of voice, communicating both in Italian and in English. This is because Romano also has a very strong presence abroad.

How did Fabrizio Romano develop an international presence?

Given his skills and his network of contacts, the Guardian hired him as a reporter, especially during the transfer market when he updates readers on the best deals in progress. Whether it’s the renewal of Icardi at PSG or the arrival of Kostic at Juve or the transfer to a Championship team (English Serie B), Romano is there. 

His articles are on the Sky Sports website, sent for years and the face of the cameras in front of the Hotel Palazzo Parigior at the Hotel Melià in Milan (where negotiations take place between teams and players’ agents); then it also brought his name to other channels such as Cbs (American TV), Fox Sports,, Odeon TV and 

Among all, his collaboration with stands out, where in addition to the column The tip, he also recorded a series of instant podcasts on the day’s negotiations (short audios in which he updated on the negotiations in progress); again, speaking of podcasting, he has created his own personal podcast, “Here We Go”.

What is “Here We Go”?

The Here we go – as Fabrizio Romano wrote on LinkedIn – has become his personal brand. It is essential to announce the conclusion of a deal and it is musical, strong, and catchy, for which the Here we go has become a must in the world of football. Fabrizio Romano’s wise and shrewd use of social networks – without exaggeration, only official and safe things – has contributed to making “Here we go” the mantra of the transfer market. For his communication, his reliability, and the rapid growth in the world of journalism, Forbes has included Fabrizio Romano in the best 30 under 30 in Europe in the Media & Marketing sector.

How popular is Fabrizio Romano?

As Fabrizio Romano has risen in popularity and relevance, a sense of mystique has been created around him. Dozens of articles have come out about his typical day, about the journalist’s routine following the transfer market: days that start early and finish very late, 50-70 calls a day, stalking outside hotels, headset always connected, tweets on the fly. A life that allowed him a spot in the New York Times. Fabrizio Big media houses like Guardian (UK), Bild (Germany), the Bleacher Report (USA), and El Paìs (Spain) have dedicated an in-depth analysis to him. The football transfer market is an extremely eventful place and Fabrizio Romano is its chief herald. If a pin drops in the transfer market, Romano is usually the first one to hear it. 

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