Four Crazy Stories about Casino

Four Crazy Stories about Casino

Money and fame, thrill and excitement, wins and loses — these are usual companions of gamblers. The world of betting is an experience that is impossible to forget. Each year more and more players become familiar with betting and playing, which allows casinos to progress. Today, a wide range of online casinos like Stakers is available to enthusiasts. Playing there doesn’t even require going outside of your cosy house and getting up from the warm bed.

Gambling brings so much fun that extraordinary stories pop up there every day. Here we have gathered the 4 most interesting ones that will definitely grab your attention.

1. Rise and Fall

What can ruin your day after you have won a jackpot in a casino? Nothing. Oh, no, wait. Actually, immediate deportation can. Yes, there was a woman in Arizona who had a day like that. She won a $1,200 jackpot and went to the cashing desk where she was asked to show her ID. Surprisingly, she declined to do that. After a short investigation, she was identified as a refugee from Mexico and deported back home, saving trouble for the casino to pay her winnings.

2. Double or Nothing

Millions of dollars are staked in gambling venues every day. But rarely do people stake their entire fortune. However, in 2004 a player named Ashley Revell wagered all of his possessions on one roulette spin. He sold his house, his cars and raised money in auctions to finally bet everything he had gathered on Red. The fortune didn’t turn away from Ashley, and he effectively doubled his £135,000.

3. Last Chance

Setting up a business is a very costly process. For Fred Smith, a young CEO of FedEx, it was too. At one point he had only $5,000 in his pocket with bills quickly piling up. When brought to the wall there isn’t much an ordinary man can do. Fred Smith wasn’t an ordinary man, though. He decided to put everything on luck and staked all his money while playing blackjack. Fate favoured him and during the night $5,000 turned to $27,000. Today, FedEx is one of the largest delivery companies with more than 300,000 employees. And without blackjack, it would not exist.

4. Luckiest of Them All

Why don’t we end up with a story with a big number? In 2003 a player of Excalibur Casino in Las Vegas won a jackpot. A $39.7 million jackpot. From a $100 dollar start. It is considered the highest slot win in the history of the world. This record was not beat nor before, nor after this game.

As you can see, gambling is the domain that allows even the most unbelievable stories to happen. Each person’s journey is unique, though. That is why only by experiencing it by yourself you can say that you know what playing is like.

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