How Do I Secure My TV From Falling?

The more preventable the tragedy, the more tragic it truly is. As such, a TV falling is always going to feel like such a shame and a waste. But it doesn’t need to be that way. If you’re worried about your TV falling and breaking, or even breaking a toe if you’re standing near it, here are a few tips on how you can best secure it.

Securing it to a piece of furniture

If you have your TV on a piece of furniture such as a stand or a table, then providing stability is going to be the key. The truth is that TVs have become less stable due to their size, even if they’re not as heavy as they used to be.

There are TV straps that are specifically designed to make sure that your TV isn’t going to tip forward. These straps can either connect to the furniture by drilling holes into the furniture that they can connect into, or they can be attached to drywall using their studs or a fastener. Many of these straps are made of simple fabrics, but there are strong metal versions to help you feel even more secure.

Get a bracket for it

If you don’t want to rely on straps or are planning on buying new furniture anyway, then you should consider using a wooden TV stand with bracket. The bracket is designed to further support the TV and keep in place, preventing it from wiggling too much. Many of these brackets can be used to clamp lightly on parts of the TV to hold it into place.

You can get TV brackets for sets of all sizes, and many of them can be adjusted to fit your TV, as well. They may not work as well for larger, older fashioned TVs that aren’t in the flat-screen style, but those are becoming a rarer sight nowadays, all the same.

Get it mounted to the wall

A wooden TV stand with bracket acts much like a mount for the TV. However, if you don’t have the space for a full TV stand, then you might have to make use of the vertical space that you have available, instead.

There are many different kinds of wall-mounted brackets and braces you can get. Some of them can allow you to attach a TV with as little as a single wall stud. Many models of wall mounts are relatively cheap, as well. The only downside for some is that you’re going to have to make at least one hole in your wall. If you have a larger or heavier TV, you’re going to need to make more holes.

There are simple and cheap options that can help you secure your TV and prevent it from falling. However, if you’re picky about your decor, there are also options that might cost a little more, but can help your TV look like a more natural fit for your wall, room, and style.

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