How Is 2021 Looking For Ladbrokes Online Casino?

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When Covid-19 erupted in China in December 2019, nobody thought how a virus could devastate huge economic stimuli and other sectors. Months following the outbreak, several brick and mortar casinos closed doors.  Only a smaller number of those casinos resumed with half capacity while others closed indefinitely.

With the partial or full closure of brick and mortar casinos, there was need for gamers to look for viable and legal ways to quench their gambling thirsty. The only way was to turn to online casinos. Ladbrokes is one of the best options gamers turned to.

The beauty with online gambling sites is one can gamble while respecting the terms and conditions set by the World Health Organization (WHO) thus gambling from the comfort of the couch.

However, you may ask, how is the situation on European online casinos? How has Covid-19 affected these casinos, and what is the way forward for UK online casinos including Ladbrokes, which so far is one of the biggest online casinos in the UK and Europe at large?

 A Bright Year for Ladbrokes Casino

With lessons already learnt, Ladbrokes has put measures in place to ensure 2021 turns out to be the best year this decade. You can read more here, including a review of the well-known casino. That said, here are some of the measures the company is putting into place to ensure 2021 starts and ends well:

Welcome Bonuses

Just imagine what you can do with a welcome Sign Up offer from one of Europe’s best online casino. That is exactly what Ladbrokes is giving its clients. Every time a new client signs up this holiday season, the casino gives the gamer a sign up offer of up to £20 of free bets.

As long as the gamer has attained a legal gambling age of 18+ years, which is set by the United Kingdom and Ireland, one is legible to gamble.

As such, when new customers will be signing up this December, they will enjoy the super offer. Looking at this strategy, it is evident that Ladbrokes Casino will be able to retain most if not all of the clients that the casino would have garnered in December thus carrying them to the New Year.

Although the 2020 Sign up Offer ends on December 31, 2020, there is reason to believe the casino will do all it can to lure its client base through to 2021.

A Variety of Promo Codes

Another ingenious way Ladbrokes Casino is utilizing to reap big this coming year is by using various Promo Codes. One such a promo code is JOHNNYBET. Thanks to this promo code, players will enjoy a variety of things.

For instance, players with the promo code will enjoy extra bonuses upon making their first verified deposit. The casino section gives a majority of the bonuses while other sections of the online platform offer a smaller number of offers and bonuses.

Some of the bonuses the promo code gives players include:

  • Ladbrokes free bets that go up to £20.
  • Exchange bonuses & free bets that go up to £10.
  • Welcome bonuses that stretch up to £0.
  • Bingo bonuses that give you up to £50 after playing with £10.
  • Poker bonuses that give you between £200 and £2000.

Better Football Betting Odds

Betting on sports like football is a great money maker for Ladbrokes. Many gamers take advantage of putting money on the teams they support and in the end; they make good money if they are lucky. Ladbrokes Casino is keen on giving gamers what they want – better odds.

For instance, when a gamer opens a new account, he/she is given a welcoming bonus of up to £20 worthy of free bets. Each gamer is at liberty to use the free bonus bets to bet on any game including a football game.

Mobile-Friendly Gambling

Although Ladbrokes Casino used this method in 2020 to get most of its clients, the years was marred with a serious of health issues, making it difficult for gamers to enjoy the sport. Nonetheless, as the world struggles to get the Covid-19 vaccine into many people, the gambling sector is slowly rejuvenating.

Availability of a variety of mobile-friendly games is will make Ladbrokes Casino register many gamers in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia among other countries. Thankfully, a majority of gamers are now shifting from the traditional desktop gaming to mobile gaming. This means gamers can place their bets at any time from wherever they are.

In addition, most of the Ladbrokes Casino games are on 3D, which means gamers can have clear pictures thus be able to place their bets on what they enjoy.

More Legalization

Unlike in the past where only a handful of nations legalized online gambling, today, more and more countries, states, and regions are accepting the fact that people can enjoy various gambling and sporting events.

The United Kingdom for instance, has set 18 years as the legal age of gambling. Although there could be subtle regulations, things are changing for the better. Now than any other time in the history of Europe, the youth, who incidentally are a majority are at liberty to place their odds thus enjoy various sports.

More Games

Yes, 2021 will come with a host of many games for players to bet on. With a variety, Ladbrokes Casino will definitely get massive registration. EPL, International football, FIFA World Cup, horseracing, bingo, different types of casino games, blackjack, online slots, poker, and bingo are some of the games that are lined up for 2021.

Ladbrokes Insurance

Many gamers may not beware of this features but it’s one of the best arrangements ahead of 2021. Ladbrokes Casino Insurance is for accumulator bets. The feature helps gamers who prefer betting on multiple games.

As long as one chooses more than five selections at the same time, the gamer is entitled to ACCA Bets Insurance. However, players need to read and understand Ladbrokes Casino ACCA Bets Insurance terms and conditions.

Final Thoughts

Ladbrokes Casino will definitely dominate the UK and European online gambling market by doing all the aforementioned strategies. In addition, the casino can also ensure faster payouts, better paying games, safe and secure transactions including customer sign up and submission of essential personal information.

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