How to buy a football player if you win the lottery?

Most of us have always had certain wishes that we have wanted to fulfil, particular things on our wish list, places on our bucket list but have never really gotten around to actually achieving these goals in real life and bits of these longings and yearnings now remain only in our imaginations and the deepest crevices of our hearts. But imagine, if these wishes were realistic, practical, achievable even? Imagine if one of these wishes was to buy your favourite football player one day? We know, we know, we just labelled this wish realistic, practical and achievable and we stand firmly by our statement. It’s not all that impossible actually.

Want to know how? Well, suppose you win the lottery? And what do you do with all the money that you now have at your disposal? You go on to buy your favourite football player, it isn’t that complicated after all. Especially with this article where we have broken down the entire process of buying a football player if you win the lottery in a few simple and easy to comprehend steps.

So, let’s dive right in or shall I say get the Ball kicking?

1. Scout, hunt, search

Unarguably, the most important step of scoring a football player is choosing the right one. And there is no other way to do that other than actively scout for the best footballer that you feel matches your goals and has the same objectives as you. Among the many things to look out for, you might want to specifically pay attention to your prospective players’ past record, built, playing style and technique. But don’t worry, you don’t necessarily have to do it all yourself, you could always ask for the assistance of a professional who can scout the right candidate for you.

2. The Bidding

Once you have decided which player you want, it is now time to fight for him. Yes, you have to bid for him, you didn’t expect such a treasure to be so easily available now, did you? You can do so by sending your transfer or more generally referred to as the loan offer, to a reliable agent who can then present it to a player of your choice on your behalf.

These agents essentially act as mediators of sorts between the two concerned parties i.e., the buyer (or the bidder) and the player and can at times even set the cogwheels moving for an agreement that might have otherwise not have happened. Your agent submits a formal written offer to your chosen player on your behalf and initiates the process of you buying a player.

Since popular players receive such offers almost regularly and from all corners of the world, you will essentially be bidding against quite a lot of people unless your player is either an upcoming talent or not so popular.

3. Negotiations and Discussions

It might be that the player you wish to buy considers your offer but just because they have considered it doesn’t necessarily mean they will accept it. Negotiations and discussions play a crucial role in the process of buying a football player. They might want to present certain terms and conditions, changes, salary amendments among many other things. And negotiating these terms and reaching a common and fair ground is going to be essential for both parties, therefore never try to skip this step if you plan to have a successful future with your player.

4. Breaking the News

Once both parties have reached a common ground, the next step of buying a player entails breaking this news to the media so that everyone associated with football, the player or you know about the new developments.

Media has always been an integral part of every football player, club and associated individual lives’ part. From keeping a track of how each player is doing to contributing to their popularity and success, if it wasn’t for the media, football wouldn’t even be such a popular sport, to begin with. So, ensure that you are breaking the news to all the right media outlets and channels.

5. The Paperwork

Last but not least, you are now left to finalize all the necessary paperwork for the player to be eligible to play for you without any legal or social obstacles and hurdles. These might include, medical insurances, work permits, visa issuances, contracts, checkups and many more documentary processes.

You wouldn’t want your player to be distracted with unnecessary completely avoidable complications.

Once the paperwork is done, you can now consider the deal to be finalized. You now have a football player that you have bought yourself who will now play for you. And there will be no better feeling in the world than watching this player win matches for you and bring accolades home. There are many lists with lottery winners who have bought football clubs. So, among all the many other things that you can do if you win the lottery, buying a football player doesn’t sound like such a bad option either, now does it?

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