Sebastian Korda: 18 Never Before Known Facts About The Young Tennis Champ!

Families of champions exist in all sports with children who have followed in the footsteps of their parents, brothers, and sisters performing at a high level. When one bathes from a very young age in an environment, one marries it more easily. Growing up Sebastian Korda was surrounded by Steffi Graf and Andre Agassi, so clearly the Korda family set the bar very high. Currently, the 22-year-old tennis player now fully installed in the top 50 is chaining the big performances and progressing at breakneck speed. In the shadow of young prodigies – Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner, or even Félix Auger-Aliassime – Sebastian Korda is making his way in silence and could well be one of the future stars of world tennis. And naturally, the tennis player is already showing disconcerting maturity for his young age. No wonder with his beautiful smile, silky blonde hair, and impeccable fair play, it’s no surprise that Sebastian Korda has a large fan base.

Sebastian Korda: 18 Facts, From Naming His Cat Rafa to Him Playing Ice Hockey! 

1. Sebastian Korda’s family often doesn’t come to the box:

During major tournaments, tennis stars are often supported by the presence in the boxes of their entire family, whose devout members seem to have no existence of their own. That’s not how it goes for Sebastian Korda, an American player who qualified for the quarter-finals of the Australian Open in Jan 2023 by beating Poland’s Hubert Hurkacz 10-7 in a super tie-break of the fifth set (3-6 6-3 6-2 1-6 7-6). It’s not that his loved ones don’t like sports, it’s just that they have other things to do.

This is all except for his dad as no one can deny the importance of Petr Korda in the destiny of his son. Without necessarily having pushed his child to play tennis, through his career and his coaching profession, he undeniably influenced Sebastian’s choice of life. It was he who introduced him behind the scenes to this sport, especially during the US Open in 2011.

2. Like father or like mother?

An expression characterizing the Korda family well.

Back to the Korda Family and the hatching of the youngest, Sebastian is now a professional tennis player. As were his father and his mother twenty years earlier. At 56, Petr Korda is still a Czech tennis legend. Former world number 2 and winner of the 1998 Australian Open, he now takes full care of his son’s career. Regina, meanwhile, was also a former professional player. A little further back in the media, she also played a major role in the hatching of her son.

3. Was he born to play tennis?

Son of Petr Korda and Regina Kordová, former player and very high level player, Sebastian Korda has had a special relationship with the yellow ball since he was little. In the footsteps of his parents, the youngest of the family advances with precocity. 

As crazy as it sounds, tennis hasn’t always been a no-brainer for the Bradenton native. Undoubtedly influenced by his Czech origins, at 5-6 years old, Sebastian decided to sign up for ice hockey. Skating on his feet, the young boy impresses despite his young age. His team quickly established itself as one of the best young teams in Florida. It was at this time that the American developed his first physical abilities and forged his winning mentality. 

4. From ice-hockey to karate, Sebastian has done it all:

The current 46th in the world still has very good memories of this time when he was able to fully flourish. According to him, having been able to practice other sports than tennis during his youth is a real asset compared to the other players on the circuit. “My parents kind of built us up from when we were kids, letting us play a lot of different sports and letting us learn a lot of different things and learn different skills, ” he explained.

“I grew up playing hockey, tennis and golf. And I also did karate, so I was a very active kid. And that helped me become the tennis player I am today. Even with my sisters, who all practiced different sports. And that was probably one of the most important things for us”.

5. Sebastian Korda’s father inspired his final choice:

Whether with Novak Djokovic or Grigor Dimitrov, the American legend has repeatedly proven his qualities as a coach. 

In 2011, Petr Korda coached Radek Štěpánek, another glory of Czech tennis. At the end of August, the two men then went to New York to play in the legendary US Open tournament. For the occasion, Petr decides to take his son with him, to introduce him to the atmosphere of a Grand Slam tournament. The young boy, then eleven years old, takes great pleasure in following the adventures of Štěpánek and his father. A unique experience for the young man who developed during those days a real passion for tennis and… Radek Štěpánek. “ I love Radek Štěpánek, he was my role model when my father coached him. I was eleven years old, ”he said at a press conference in early 2018.

Throughout the fortnight, the young child was amazed by the atmosphere of the courts so much so that at the end of the tournament, he had only one idea in mind: to play the US Open one day. 

Back home, Sebastian announces to his mother that he wants to sign up for tennis. His mother, delighted by the news, immediately enrolls him. He doesn’t know it yet, but Sebastian has just made a decision that will change his life. At eleven, he quit ice hockey and his tennis career could now begin.

6. No wonder Petr Korda became Seb’s coach:

Even now, Petr has a strong influence on his son. For Sebastian, Petr is more than a father, he is a role model. It is also at the same time his trainer, his “secret weapon” as he likes to say. The young man can count on his dad’s wise advice and on his high-level experience, an advantage that the American’s opponents do not necessarily have. Working together since almost the beginning of Korda junior, father and son work hard to reach the top and nothing else.

Thanks to the experience of Seb’s father on the circuit for a very long time, Sebastian stated: “He got to the top, won a Grand Slam and coached someone who reached the Top 10, so he knows what to do. The tough decisions he makes sometimes seem easy, so I’m so grateful to have him by my side”.

7. Add Sebastian’s mother to the mix, and his parents make a great team:

If Petr Korda had a strong influence in the success at the top level of his son, Regina Kordová, a little less famous, had an equally crucial place, if not more. 

Since the American started playing tennis at the age of 11, his mother has always supported him and believed in him. She was responsible for his education. While Petr was caddying with Jessica, one of Sebastian’s two sisters for his debut as a professional golfer, it was Regina who babysat Sebastian and Nelly – the other sister, two years older. 

“Life was just my mother, Nelly and me”, Sebastian once described. “So we grew up together and we all played board games and did puzzles”. 

8. His mother developed his game until it became what it is today:

Regina’s influence on her son doesn’t end there, however. She is also the one who built her son’s game when he was younger. Mother and son multiply the training sessions together, accentuating the efforts on the vision of the game and the management of emotions, which are today the strengths of the American prodigy. Days of sharing that the young player has not forgotten. “ I trained with my mother, ” he said.

She built my technique and my strokes based on how she saw my game. I think she had a big influence on my tennis, more than anyone”. 

9. The memories of his games with his sisters, further developed his edge:

The young player said that it was during these, moreover, that Sebastian developed his competitive spirit. Losing against one of his two sisters, his big sister, is then the worst thing that can happen to the youngest of the family at this time. 

For her part, Regina takes advantage of her free time to instill in her two children the values ​​of respect, modesty and good humor, dear to the eyes of the Korda family. And this is reflected today in the exemplary attitude that Sebastian has both on and off the pitch: the case in point, he is always polite and smiling in interviews.

10. Career wise, Sebastian started during the 2010-11 season:

Sebastian Korda started playing tennis and the tournaments at the same time and was quickly noticed. The young boy impresses with his aggressiveness and above-average technique. A few years and training later, sometimes with his father, sometimes with his mother, the American began to make himself known on the youth circuit after several remarkable performances. 

In 2017, the 17-year-old reached the final of the famous Easter Bowl tournament where he lost against his compatriot Alafia Ayeni. The same year, it is in doubles that the teenager shines with five titles to his credit.

11. 2018 was the year he earned his first Jr. Grand Slam:

Sebastian Korda struck his first big blow in 2018, twenty years after his father’s victory at the Australian Open.

After very good performances the previous year, he confirmed the hopes placed in him by seizing his first Junior Grand Slam title in Melbourne. After just over an hour of play, he defeated Taiwanese Tseng Chun-hsin (7-6, 6-4) in the final. A title that places him in the very closed circle of Junior Grand Slam winners alongside players like John McEnroe, Roger Federer and even more recently Alexander Zverev. From now on, Sebastian Korda is already well known to experts. 

12. In 2020, his fame shot to another level:

In 2020 the young player moves to Paris to play Roland Garros there. On clay, the young American seems at ease. The proof of which is that he easily manages to reach the final table by extricating himself from Aslan Karatsev and Brayden Schnur. Still without a win on the ATP circuit, the American inherits the experienced Andrea Seppi in the first round. In four sets, he managed to get the upper hand over the Italian (6-2, 4-6, 6-3, 6-3), signing at the same time his first victory on the professional circuit. What could be better than starting with a Grand Slam victory?

Confident after this first victory, Korda surfs on his good momentum and manages to eliminate the giant John Isner (6-4, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4). A real feat for the young man of twenty to eliminate an opponent as tough as “Big John”. With this favorable result, he asserted himself on the front of the stage and even made a name for himself on the circuit. 

13. Sebastian Korda is finally NOT “the son of…”:

When the American finally managed to climb into the round of 16 of the Grand Slam, leaving Pedro Martínez no chance (6-4, 6-3, 6-1) in the third round. In the eighth, Korda faced a tough opponent: Rafael Nadal. 

Unsurprisingly, the miracle did not take place and the Spaniard – the American’s childhood idol – put an end to the young athlete’s fine career. 

At the end of the match, questioned about the potential of Korda, Rafa will however not stop praising the Floridian crack. “Sebastian has a good physique, good service and reliable shots from the baseline, will analyze the Mallorcan after the duel. I think he’s a great guy and a complete player. Sebastian has a lot to accomplish in the coming years in our sport. Ever since I saw him play, I always thought he had a chance to become one of the best players in the world. It has everything it takes to be definitely on top. Of course, things are not easy, and we have to keep improving. But I am convinced that Sebastian will be a great player”.

And with this glowing review, Korda is away from nepotism’s hold in tennis.

14. At the end of 2020, Korda claims Eckental:

After winning the Eckental challenger, the first of his career, he said: “ I’m super happy. It was just an awesome week. It’s been a journey to get here. I’m pretty happy with the way I played all week and it’s great to get my first pro title”.

Unsurprisingly, in 2021, Sebastian Korda continued his meteoric rise. After once again eliminating John Isner, the young tennis player reached the final of the Delray Beach tournament. In the final, he was defeated by the Polish giant Hurkacz. A few weeks later, the American will finally take his revenge by winning his second challenger, in Quimper. But for the boy with blond hair, nothing to ignite! Even in victory, you have to know how to remain humble. ” My goal after this victory is to continue to practice quality tennis, to strengthen myself physically and then keep smiling every day,” he said. 

Lastly, on Italian clay, the young prodigy wins his first ATP title against the local – Marco Cecchinato. 

15. Thanks to this success, Sebastian entered the top 50:

At the same time he became the first American to win a title on ocher in Europe since 2010. “It’s something I dreamed of. I really thought I was going to do it in Delray Beach, and I was a little heartbroken”, he confided to reporters.

More recently, at the Australian Open, the young American again showed all his qualities – mental and physical. First by sharply eliminating the British Evans, then by leaving Corentin Moutet after an epic match.

16. Did you know that Andre Agassi once trained Sebastian:

Having a former tennis player father can sometimes help. In 2020, Petr Korda had an idea to accelerate his son’s progress – to call on one of his old adversaries. His father Petr Korda thus knows that Agassi could allow his son to reach a new level. 

After he decides to contact him following several telephone exchanges between Sebastian and Andre, “The Human Machine” offers the young player to come and do a training course at his home in Las Vegas. Obviously, he immediately accepts this proposal. 

In Vegas, Korda then finds Marcos Giron and Alexander Cozbinov, also invited to the internship. During these two weeks, Sebastian thought it was a real dream for him to be able to exchange balls with Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf -an experience he will never forget. 

17. It is safe to say that Andre Agassi and Sebastian are very close:

During this short stay, Korda forged a close relationship with the former world number 1. In a way, he becomes his protege. Even today, the two men contact each other regularly and the American coach supports the young boy, who for his part listens to all the advice of his peers. 

“My dad sort of set up this meeting, ” he reflected in a press conference after qualifying for the knockout stages of Wimbledon 2021. Agassi was brilliant. We spent fourteen days together in Las Vegas. He welcomed me into his family”. 

“We are in contact almost every day. He is a great person to have by my side and I am very grateful to him”, he said in 2021. There is no doubt that this internship and the support offered by Andre Agassi helped Sebastian Korda to evolve. 

18. Growing up, Sebastian Korda was obsessed with Rafael Nadal:

A passion so immense that Sebastian even came to call his cat ‘Rafa’ when he was younger.

So when the young American had the opportunity to face the Spaniard at Roland Garros, it was as if the dream had come true. 

Despite a heavy defeat, Sebastian has a unique memory of this match against the king of clay. 

“I always said, since I was little, that my idol was Rafael Nadal, more than any other player. And I’ve always said that my dream was to play against him at Roland on the Philippe-Chatrier court. It was an amazing moment and I didn’t want to miss this unique opportunity to ask him for a signed t-shirt thanking him for inspiring me and so many other kids around the world. I have the t-shirt hanging in my bedroom. It’s a moment I will never forget. I spoke with Nadal after the meeting for ten, fifteen minutes. And he’s a super nice and supportive guy. And he told me that I had the game to become a very great player. And I learned a lot from every match I played and lost”, he stated. 

Other FAQs about Sebastian Korda:

When was Sebastian Korda born?

Sebastian Korda was born in Bradenton, Florida on July 5, 2000. He is 22 years old as of May 2023. The young hope is American of Czech origin. 

How long has he been playing tennis?

Sebastian Korda grew up playing ice hockey from the age of 3 but decided to switch to tennis at the age of 9 after accompanying his father to the 2009 US Open.

Which tournament has he already won?

The American played his first ATP Finals in Delray Beach in 2021 against Hubert Hurkacz, where he lost 6-3 6-3. He then won his only ATP tournament on the clay courts of Parma, in 2021 without losing a single set and dominating Marco Cecchinato in the final (6-2,6-4).

What is his ATP ranking?

As of May 2022, the American is 30th in the world, the best ranking of his career.

Who is his trainer?

The 22-year-old is coached by his father Petr but claimed in 2021 that he has partnered with Andre Agassi since December 2020.

What is his best grand slam result?

In 2020, at Roland-Garros, Sebastian Korda reached the round of 16 of Roland-Garros. He had logically lost 6-1 6-1 6-2 against his idol Rafael Nadal. He replicated that same performance in 2021 at Wimbledon, where he fell to Karen Khachanov.

Who is Sebastian Korda’s favorite player?

Sebastian had the chance to follow the evolution of the three monsters – Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. And everyone has their preference. 

For the American, the choice is clear, it’s Rafael Nadal. In an interview, the young tennis player never hid and always affirmed his great love for the Spanish player. ” He is one of the reasons why I play tennis,” he said at a press conference at Roland-Garros in 2020, before his duel gift against his model. He’s my absolute idol. He’s an incredible competitor. He never gives up on the court. It is to him that I owe my attitude, the fact of never letting go. When I’m on the court, I try to be like him”, he said. 

Who are Sebastian Korda’s sisters?

If Sebastian excels in the sports world, so do his two sisters – Jessica and Nelly. Both professional golfers, the two Korda sisters are recognized players on the American circuit. Jessica, now 29, has five victories to her name on the professional circuit, including the 2012 Australian Open discipline. 

Like her brother, with whom she shared her childhood, and to whom she is very close, Nelly is also a precocious talent. At 23, the young woman won her first Grand Slam tournament in June 2021 with the LPGA Championship, thus allowing her to obtain the first of the world ranking.

Parents and sisters at the top of their discipline, Sebastian Korda since 2017 and his final at the Easter Bowl tournament, have been moving fast, very fast. From match to match, he progressed at lightning speed and established himself as a danger on the circuit. 

At only 22 years old and already anchored in the top 50, the talented boy embodies this new American generation which should undoubtedly be talked about in the coming years. In short, Korda is going to be a big name!






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