Is It Possible To Play Online Slots While On GamStop?

Gambling is extremely popular in the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, there are over 10.6 million gamblers who like to play slot games. Most of them play only slots or mostly this casino game. Slots are the most popular casino game in the world due to their simplicity, great graphics, features, and massive jackpots. 

Sadly, players who are on GamStop are unable to access most of the slot sites and play. Also, in the near future UK slot fans can get even more restrictions. Luckily, there is an alternative. 

Is it possible to play while on GamStop?

The short answer we can give you is yes, you can play slots despite your GamStop self-exclusion. This exclusion is designed to keep you away from casinos for a specific period of time, you have chosen. All UK sites that come with a UKGC license must be members of GamStop. As such, they will be unavailable for you, until the self-exclusion period ends. Only then you will be free to visit and play slots at those sites. The solution is to use UK slot sites without GamStop available at It is free, still appealing, and actually very easy to do.

So, what are these sites? In the lack of a better word, these are ordinary casinos that don’t have a UKGC license. They have one from Curacao or rarely from Gibraltar. They are full-size casinos. What this means is that they still offer slots, other casino games such as poker roulette etc. Yes, they still offer live dealer games. At first sight, you won’t be able to tell a difference compared to UKGC or UK casinos. They offer all the perks such as great promotions, bonuses, plenty of games, many software developers and so much more. 

It is important to find and play slots at reputable casinos. This means that a player will get a full set of rights, like in any UK casino, encryption of personal information, the ability to use different payment methods, and also to contact customer support when needed. It is all possible and available at reputable sites. Their games are tested on a regular basis and approved by organizations such as eCORGA and etc. In other words, you get a safe and fair gambling place to test your luck. 

There are some differences between UK sites and the ones that we are discussing right now. First of all, according to the latest UKGC regulations, casinos with their license cannot accept credit cards for deposits and withdrawals. This is a huge issue for most players due to the fact many like this method. It is the most convenient, simplest and all people already have a credit card. At casinos that are not members of UKGC, credit cards are still available. You can use these for deposits and withdrawals like you used to at UK sites.

These sites also offer better and higher promotions. They don’t have to pay expensive taxes to the UK and meet complicated requirements set by the UKGC so they are able to increase the match bonus and other promotions. This is definitely one of the most important benefits and one that can help you play longer, win more, and have a better time. 

In a nutshell, sites that are not on GamStop are still safe, appealing, and offer all the perks you can imagine. When it comes to slots, we can see another advantage. Here you can play rare slot games, well-known titles and also browse selection or software developers that are unavailable at UK casinos. Of course, you can play all the games you used to play, before your self-exclusion period. 

There are no other differences or additional things to keep in mind. As we have mentioned earlier, these are ordinary online casinos that come with all the main features, additional options, and all the perks as you would expect from any UK casino. The main differences are the lack of UKGC and GamStop support. 


GamStop is only appealing if you have a gambling addiction. One problem here is the inability to remove the self-exclusion before it ends. As such, the only option to use sites for playing slots that are not on GamStop. They are still safe, offer all kinds of games and bonuses you can use. Always play responsibly and you will enjoy gambling to the maximum. 

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