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Know How to Stop Feeling Tired and Get Energised

Feeling tired sometimes a day is normal. However, if you are struggling throughout your life looking for a cup of coffee or long for your bed, its high time you must check your routine habits and change the ones which are draining your energy levels. If your sluggishness is new and is accompanied by a few other symptoms, do visit a doctor or a health expert immediately. In another case where you have a clean and healthy life but still fall into the trap of fatigue, you must not accept that tiredness is normal. Changing some of your daily habits can do the miracle and boost your energy level. Do check the below health tips that can help you stop feeling tired and get your body energized.

Check your sleep time

Naturally, sleeping less can make you feel tired all the time. Sleeping less than seven hours at night will not just make you feel tired and exhausted but also risk serious health problems such as lower immunity, weight gain, diabetes, increased risk of accidents and frequent mood swings. Getting less than required sleep is one of the most common reasons behind tiredness and exhaustion. Though, some studies show that sleeping more than nine-hour every night can also cause health risks like headaches, diabetes and obesity. So, sleep for a happy medium per night which means, neither too less or too much.

Drink less amount of alcohol and liquors

When you drink alcohol or liquor, your body is signalled to produce sleep-inducing hormones named melatonin which lulls you into a low-energy state during the day time. Even though you drink at night, it can impact your daytime routine the very next day. While alcohol and liquors help you sleep faster, it might make your sleep more disruptive and restless which ultimately leaves you sluggish in the morning.

Get fuelled with protein more often

If you have doughnuts, muffins, a bowl of wheat cereal or any other similar kind usually in the breakfast it is likely that your morning intake can affect your day’s routine. Filling your stomach with high carb food can increase sugar levels in your blood which can then make you feel desperate to take a nap. 

To ensure that a sufficient amount of protein is included in your breakfast, take a health expert or dietician advice. Meanwhile, you can grab snacks that can sufficiently balance protein with carb intake. If you have enough time, scramble some eggs or smear peanut butter on a whole wheat bread toast followed by a piece of fresh fruit and yogurt. Instead of having chocolates or candy bar in the noon, do take apple slices with cheese. The increased amount of protein will wade off blood sugar fluctuations and make you more alert.

Leave your couch occasionally

It might be distractive but tiredness can be caused if your body does not get the required number of physical activities. Do take regular exercise to increase metabolism. This will stimulate your mood besides helping you in getting better sleep at night. You do not require spending hours in the gym but giving a twenty minutes brisk walk around your locality each day will be sufficient for your body.

Take mini-meals

Having large or heavy meals can be another reason which can make you feel tired. After taking a heavy meal during the day, we often feel exhausted and desire to take a short nap. Big meals not only divert energy level from our body but also affects digestive systems which leave the brain short of fuel. Alternatively, having small meals at regular intervals or taking healthy snacks can enable a smooth supply of necessary nutrients.

Drink More Water

Many people fail to understand the purpose behind drinking a lot of water and often faces dehydration related issues. Drinking less water can lead you towards sluggishness and therefore, make a habit of carrying a water bottle handy. Drink one glass of water before every meal. Another way to remove tiredness from your body is by taking a brief shower whenever you get a chance. If that’s not possible, wash your face and hands with cold water which will help you in remaining awake for a long time.

Participate in a fun activity

Laughing loud proves to be one of the best energizers that costs nothing. Take out some time from a day and watch a funny movie. You can read funny comics or even enjoy your favourite comic strip. Take part in some of the other fun activity each day, even though for a short time. Garden, read or listen to your favourite numbers, whichever makes you feel better. Do not hesitate to try something new. Call your schoolmate or sign up for a class that interests you. You can try a new sport, hobby or a new restaurant. Making a small change can help you a lot such as a new hairstyle or dancing to make you feel energised. Having sex with your partner is another way that will leave you relaxed and stress-free. Having occasional sex boosts the energy level of endorphins and adrenaline which will give you more energy for your next day work.

Boost Your Mood

Depression, negativity and stress are energy suckers. If your thought remains gloomy and overwhelmed, you must take professional help to wade of negativity. For taking care of every day blurs and blues, you can go for any of the following,

  • Learn to forgive people by hanging onto anger. Increase self-pity habits to elevate your mood and energy. Releasing negative thoughts can make your mind free from vague thought and help you in remembering more stimulating topics.
  • Volunteering or helping others is one way to improve your energy and mood.
  • Meditate each day for at least fifteen minutes. This will calm your body and mind, leaving you more alert and aware for the day.
  • Practice having faith in any spiritual power. If you are a regular churchgoer or regard yourself as a spiritual person, appreciate what you are. Communicating with high power is a great way that can release tensions from our mind and leave our thoughts more relaxed.

Log off and take a short walk

The next time you feel stressed and overloaded with work, just simply log off and head towards the nearest park or trail. By spending 20 minutes only amidst natural beauty, your feelings will get boosted with positivity. Research shows that spending more time outdoors gives a person a sense of liveliness and energised.

Turn your screen off

Continuous staring at a phone, tablet or computer screen for a long time can give strain to your eyes. This further leads to headaches and tiredness making it harder to concentrate on work. This is the time you might feel exhausted and want to close the eyes. If this is the case and you spend a long time in front of a device, ensure that you will take your eyes away at a break of twenty minutes for a full 30 seconds. It helps you stop feeling tired and get energised to start your work again.

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