Make Mum Happy This Christmas

Make mum happy this Christmas

One of the presents we put the biggest pressure on ourselves to get right, is for our mum or a mother-figure. This is the person who likely gave birth and/or raised you throughout your life. Therefore, at Christmas, it is natural to want to buy them the perfect gift to show your appreciation for their love dedication and devotion. Mums often work tirelessly throughout the year and may feel as if their hard work isn’t being rewarded as it can be considered something they “just do”. That’s why mums deserve to be spoiled this year, and if you’re unsure what to get her, check out our handy guide.


Perfume is a classic present choice for Christmas, as it gives you the chance to pick a new scent for your mum to reign in the New Year with. By December, it’s likely that your mum’s perfume supply is running a little low and seeing as scent isn’t something we usually buy ourselves, this gift is guaranteed not to disappoint. If you want to add that personal touch, consider customising a scent to your mum’s taste or book an experience where they can design their own perfume.


Gifting make-up is more personal than you think and buying it for another person requires a lot of thought and consideration. If you know your mum would never go for a neon eyeshadow look, but you think a pop of colour would suit her, you may opt for a neutral eyeshadow palette which features the odd bold or shimmering shade. When she tries it out for herself, she will appreciate you considering her tastes in your gift search.   


Like makeup, jewellery is another great way to show your mum how much you know her style. Aim for a reaction like “Oh I would have picked these out myself!”. Receiving jewellery for Christmas feels particularly luxurious and can speak a thousand words. One of the most timeless pieces of jewellery is Cartier’s love bracelet – excellent if you’re really looking to indulge your mum. However, if you’d prefer not to spend so much, look around on Instagram or Etsy for high-quality jewellery but at a lower price.


Often, we don’t factor in a clothing allowance in our monthly budget, meaning that we often end up outfit repeating multiple times throughout the year. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with that, receiving a brand-new outfit for Christmas will make your mum feel one million dollars. Trawl the internet for stylish women’s tops, bottoms, and matching accessories and use your styling skills to put together a show-stopping outfit. Your mum deserves to feel particularly glamorous this festive season.


If your mum is a bookworm, start looking around to see what some of the best reviewed books of the season are. If you reckon your mum would enjoy reading it, buy it in hardback and write a little message on the first page so she will always tie together Christmas 2021 and a potential favourite new read. If your mum finds reading difficult, consider investing in an e-book to facilitate and encourage your mum’s reading habit’s – it’s great for the brain!

A trip

Is your mum someone who owns everything and anything? If that resonates, why not book a small getaway for either you and her, or herself and a significant other. This is a great opportunity to connect and makes for an alternative gift that simply cannot be replicated. Start digging and try to work out where she might like to visit!


For the older ones among us, our mother’s may not always be best acquainted with the newest technology. This Christmas, you may want to make your mum’s life easier and gift a device which will help her in some way. For example, if your mum is into her fitness, a smart watch would be an excellent choice. However, if you find that she is struggling with tasks that would be easier with the internet, perhaps purchase a computer or tablet and guide her through how to use it – a fun Christmas day activity!

Whatever you choose to treat your mum with this Christmas, if you put your love and thought into the decision, you are guaranteed to make her smile, no matter the price.

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