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Top Driving Jobs to Consider

Top driving jobs to consider

There’s no better feeling than you and the open road. You drive along singing to your tunes with the road outstretched before you. You’re not stuck behind a desk or making small talk with office colleagues.

There are plenty of driving jobs available – from lorry drivers to pet taxi drivers. Some roles require you to drive alone for long distances – while others require you to drive passengers from A to B. Your big career change might be on the open road. Just make sure to insure your vehicle and fully research the various options available.

Here are a few driving jobs you could try out.

Driving instructor

If you have a passion for cars, you could teach others to drive. Set up your own driving school and help train the next generation of drivers. You will coach people of all ages and help them pass their driving test. You need to be calm and patient with each student. Most driving instructors earn between £20 and £30 an hour, depending on the location. You can drive around your local area with students and help them to become more confident behind the wheel.

Pet taxi driver

Even pets need a lift from time to time. Sometimes pets fall ill or get into accidents and need urgent veterinary care. Not all pet owners can drive, and they may need help getting to the veterinary clinic. A pet taxi driver can help transport the pet safely to the vets so they can access the necessary care.

 Taxi driver

If you’re not a big animal lover, you could become a regular taxi driver instead. You can drive customers around town and earn a decent way. You need to learn the different routes in your local area and the roads to avoid at rush hour. Many passengers won’t know how to get to their destination, so you will need to lead the way. You will have plenty of one to one experiences with your passengers. Some prefer a quiet taxi while others prefer to chat with you.

Lorry driver

Lorry drivers cover huge stretches of road day and night. There are countless vacancies available for lorry drivers in the UK – from temporary to permanent roles. You can take pride in being a key worker and enjoy the flexibility. It’s just you and the open road. Loneliness and boredom can be a problem for lorry drivers. You will spend a lot of time away from your family, and you need to be self-motivated. Driving over long distances can be exhausting at times.

Ambulance driver

You can help people and drive all day as an ambulance driver. You will need to learn how to drive in an emergency and how to remain calm. Ambulance drivers often work under immense pressure.

Find the perfect career as a driver in the new year.

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