My Move From Toronto to Calgary

My Move From Toronto to Calgary

The previous article talked about my move from Toronto to Calgary after no regrets, I did not expect this video has caused a very big reaction, uh, I sorted out everyone’s views, but also a deep thinking, this issue I want to talk about moving to Calgary after the happiness index in the end how, from clothing, food, housing and transport my personal feelings, I from this aspect, uh, talk about, first of all, or that, between the two cities I personally feel that each city has its own merits, but from some macro data than, Toronto and Calgary are not in a weight class, which we do not have to argue, Toronto is Toronto, that is number-one Canada’s first big city, we do not mention him, we only mention the individual people. For me, food, clothing, housing and transportation, one is to have a good stable job, where are the same, this job is a job anywhere. The second is that I need to have a house. For me, living in Toronto is a little different from living in Calgary, the difference in climate, and the difference in the price of the house, and the third is the food, uh, the food in Toronto, Calgary should be slightly inferior. But for a 50-year-old person, I don’t often go out to order takeout, to eat some, uh, Chinese food, I don’t think I have much influence, because in Calgary, uh, a variety of Chinese restaurants together there are dozens of, although the taste, not as authentic as Toronto, not so many choices, but for me, I think it is enough. In fact, when I was in Toronto, there were only a few Chinese restaurants that I often went to, including Ramen, Szechuan, and some Northeastern dishes in Calgary, and although the taste was not as authentic as in Toronto, I felt that I could meet all my needs. The other thing that is relevant to my life is the traffic in the city, uh, the congestion in Toronto is very vivid to me, uh, I moved from no to home, from Saja to Er, in fact, in a sense, I just don’t want that kind of, uh, often traffic jam, everywhere is, uh, grabbing parking space kind of life, very annoying. But after I moved to Calgary, I was very satisfied with the traffic because the infrastructure of the city is, uh, very good, the roads are very wide, and the population is, uh, not so concentrated in this large city, so the traffic jams are, uh, basically, uh, not very frequent in Calgary, that is to say, there are very few traffic jams, so I think the happiness index is greatly improved. I think the happiness index is also greatly improved. Uh, and then the shopping, uh, Calgary shopping, uh, first of all, his tax is low, he has five points of tax, but household goods, he sells, for example, uh, food, uh, barrels of things, it is slightly more expensive than Toronto, but his tax is low, I think it can relatively offset each other, equal to those other things, like COSCO ah, and outlet ah, and some uh I think Calgary has no problem shopping for these things. One of the most obvious advantages of Calgary is that it is backed by Bansui National Park, uh, for me, I like to do some sports outdoors. In the local area, Ontario, the places to play are really, uh, both ordinary and uninteresting and uninteresting, but here, there are too many places to play, into the Rocky Mountains that Bamford National Park, S. National Park, U.S. National Park, and then to the direction of the Bishops province also a lot, after entering the United States. Glacier National Park is the United States, and then it is further down the Yellowstone, and then down the ah, Grand Canyon, and that Arch Park over there, Monument Park fold back, uh, the West Coast of the United States also has a lot of places to play, the coastal ones, uh, Yosemite, and that Seattle, a lot of places to play especially, so in this regard, for me, in Calgary I feel a little But in Toronto, every time I go out to play, I have to walk a few hundred kilometers, that is small, or even to drive thousands of kilometers, I can reach a more concentrated place to play. For my personal food, clothing, housing and transportation, Calgary completely meets all my requirements, so I personally think the happiness index is higher than my former Toronto to be better. The above views are only my personal views, benevolent, wise, for reference only.

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