Myths About Gambling

Myths About Gambling

There are many myths that have been associated with gambling for decades. The amount of misinformation and misconceptions are formally and informally staggering due to them being baseless. Myths and superstitions are built on irrational concepts like luck. 

This leads to the belief in a lot of false claims that have zero meaning whatsoever. These myths stem out of nowhere and have been in the market for years due to the passing of words from one person to another. Ruling them out is important to increase awareness and knowledge in this matter. 

Top Myths Related To Gambling

Casinos are one of the most popular gaming platforms and slot machines are in trend among land-based and online casinos. For some reason, these platforms have too many myths associated with them that make no logic whatsoever. It might also get circulated from one person to another and no one really knows the starting point. People believe in a lot of myths when it comes to gambling. The most common myths are as follows: 

Online Gambling Is Not Legal

This myth is absolutely false because online gambling operators operate under licenses given by certain jurisdictions. You can even observe plenty of legal credit card betting sites at CasinoGap available in the United Kingdom. 

Offshore licensing authorities like Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, and Kahnawake are legal and they provide licenses to online casinos that operate under their jurisdiction which makes it absolutely legal. Certain casinos might be frauds but one must choose a casino after doing proper research and going through reviews in order to play in an authentic site. 

Gambling Is Not Addictive

Gambling addiction is a form of behavioural addiction that eventually leads to financial difficulties, work problems, complicated family relations. For an obsessive gambler, buying lottery tickets, sports betting, online casino games and gambling, all are harmful due to the delusional thinking pattern. In 2015, the Gambling Commission gathered data where around 2 million people were addicted to gambling in the UK and have major issues dealing with them. 

Recent research in 2019  found out that gambling participation in the UK has remained relatively stable compared to the previous year with 47% gamblers being above 16 years of age and the highest age group that had gambling issues were between 45-54 i.e, 53%. The highest participation level among UK gamblers was in the 25-34 age group i.e, 41%. 

One Can Start Winning Slots If There’s A Change In Luck

No two slot machines are the same and the symbols, gameplay vary a great deal. One must choose online slots upon comparing the Return To Player or RTP percentages. Slot machines offer a wide range of payment methods and it is possible to wager money per spin. However, one should avoid running out of cash at any point in time. 

Online gambling in the UK accounts for most revenue generation at £5.6bn i.e, about 38.8% of the total amount spent. This includes bingo, casino betting, slot games, poker, sports betting. The National Lottery and scratch cards are the most popular gambling activities in the UK. These gambling activities involve skills and strategies and are not based on sheer luck. 

One Knows When He Is About To Be Lucky

Gambling outcomes are determined at random and nobody has the ability to improve his chances of winning at casinos. It is purely coincidental. Many people still believe that outcomes are biased and people can already know the results beforehand. It is technically not possible and is an illogical myth. 

One Has To Gamble Every day To Become A Problem Gambler

A problem gambler might or might not gamble frequently. In fact, the frequency does not determine whether one is a problem gambler. If a person is being affected psychologically, financially, emotionally, and facing challenges in personal life related to that, then a gambling problem occurs. 

Problem Gambling Is Easily Recognisable

Problem Gambling cannot be recognized at a glance. It gets camouflaged among other traits of a person. Hiding it is easy as it does not have physical symptoms like drugs or alcohol. At times problem gamblers are unaware of their own issues and engage in self-denial. 

In a survey by the GambleAware charity, about 2.7% of adults in the UK or 1.4 million people have gambling problems among which half of them are not aware of their own conditions significantly. 


Ruling out these myths is important in order to have a clear understanding of how casinos work. Gambling is a choice. It should always be treated as a casual activity and must not be dwelled upon for too long. Punters who gamble are well aware of these existing myths but they rule out all of them after they try out gambling platforms themselves. Myths are nothing but a lack of adequate information and verification on matters that people are not very well aware of. 

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