Cam Girl Jobs: 8 Things To Know

The advent of advanced technology has launched a variety of new careers. Now, you can see people making a living with unconventional jobs like being a professional vlogger or e-sports gamer. One other virtual trade silently making rounds is cam modelling.

Cam modelling is pretty much what it says on the tin. Many people have lost jobs or missed physical intimacy because of the health restrictions during the global pandemic. Some have jumped into the cam modelling craze; many of those are women utilising their beauty to earn a liveable wage.

According to Lush Models, despite the number of cam girls you may encounter, becoming one is no easy feat. Here are some things for you to know before you set up your gear and try out cam girl jobs:

1. Choosing A Website

Even before beginning your journey, it’s best to look around for a reputable cam modelling website to join. Agencies offer support for your growing career and training for first-timers. Joining a trusted agency allows you to work as a cam girl safely while receiving other incentives, too.

A well-known cam modelling site should generate more traffic, so all models can cater to as many clients as they want and earn as much as they can. Cam girl jobs supported by a legitimate agency ensure that your privacy is protected and your earnings go straight to you. They can even allow you to do other income streams aside from cam modelling. So, if you want to try earning by chatting or sending private photos and videos to clients, they can help you with that.

2. What Cam Girls Do

Despite the connotations of the job, most cam models don’t associate with the ‘pornstar’ label. Cam modelling is still included in the adult industry. But what makes it different from other jobs is that it’s both intimate and virtual since you’re doing your job in front of the camera.

Among the services of a cam girl include stripping, dancing, and sexual activities that cater to various fetishes. Viewers who paid for the service can watch your performance broadcast live. You can also interact with your viewers via a chatroom included in the camming site you’re a member of.

3. Picking A Model Name

This part is one of the most fun to do at the beginning of your career. To protect your life outside of being a cam girl, you’ll need a model name. There’s nothing wrong with using your real name, but no one’s stopping you either if you choose a stage name.

Here are a few of the sexiest female names that may attract an audience:

  • Brooke
  • Crystal
  • Gigi
  • Monica
  • Ruby

Of course, these are just examples since these are trendy names among women in the adult industry. Instead of choosing just one name like those above, try using two in one. For example, ‘Elena Lynn’ or ‘Cherry Lou.’ Or, if you’re inventive, you can come up with a whole new name akin to those in fantasy novels. Just make sure it’s pronounceable.

A tip for you is that if you’ve heard the name before, don’t use it. What matters is that the name fits your cam girl persona, and you like how it sounds.

4. Types Of Cam Girls

Since the adult industry caters to their clientele’s fetishes, people in this line of work take on specific fields. As such, cam girls can come in different types. It’s all up to the viewer to look for those that fit their tastes.

If you’re unsure of the type of cam girl you want to be, here are three examples:

  • Cosplay Cam Girl

This type may be the most expensive one of the three. You’ll need to invest in many costumes of famous characters to impress your viewers. Your performances also need to match the character you’re dressed up as. So, if you’re cosplaying a fictional singer, you might want to sing a bit. And you may need to decorate your set to fit the character you’re cosplaying.

  • Headless Cam Girl

This type teases viewers by only revealing the body from the neck down. If you’re equal parts bold and bashful, you can take on this cam girl persona. The headless type works best, too, if you have a sexy and fit body that will catch attention. This persona is also perfect for those who prefer to work in the adult industry yet remain anonymous.

  • ‘I’m Not Looking At You’ Cam Girl

This model will only look at her phone, or sometimes a book, as part of her performance. Surprisingly, there’s an audience for this cam girl type. It sounds easy, but it’s pretty challenging to do, especially if you know you’ve got a camera pointed at you. To succeed with this type of persona, you need to be confident enough to look away and avoid interacting with viewers as much as possible.

If you enjoy playing your chosen persona on cam, then chances are your audience will enjoy watching you, too. You can make several people feel a lot better, especially those affected by breakups and divorces caused by the global pandemic.

5. Tools You Need

The primary tools cam girl jobs need are a working webcam and a laptop. But if you want to be paid well for high-quality content, you’ll need to invest in better equipment. 

Here’s a brief list to help you out:

  • HD Webcam

You’ll most likely be producing low-definition videos and grainy photos with an old, beat-up camera. Most laptops have decent enough built-in webcams. But more often than not, you’ll be taking blurry videos with it. Your audience won’t enjoy that one bit. 

Fortunately, you can find many HD webcams available at an affordable price. Logitech is an excellent and trusted brand that offers webcams you can purchase on a budget, especially as a newbie.

  • Video Camera

Like most cam girls, you can continue your modelling career with a decent webcam. But if you can afford to switch to a video camera, then why not? You’ll get more quality outputs with one, including extra features like remote control zooming.

  • Lighting Equipment

Don’t always rely on natural lighting and the lights you have in your room. Invest in a ring light to serve as your main light source behind your camera. You can include a fill light to remove possible glares or shadows that can happen anytime. Then you can add a backlight in any colour you want to make your video’s backdrop more attractive to viewers.

  • Microphone

Webcams have built-in mics, but don’t expect the sound to be top-tier. Get a standalone microphone as part of your cam girl setup if you want your sweet voice and sensual moans to come across clearly.

  • High-Speed Internet

When it comes to internet speed, the minimum you should have is 10 Mbps. This speed is enough to avoid slow and buffering videos that’ll leave your viewers dissatisfied. Use an ethernet cord and connect it to your laptop or PC for a stable internet connection every single time.

  • Wireless Keyboard

A wireless keyboard isn’t required, but it helps if you prefer to move around a lot. You’re free to do suggestive poses and type at the same time without worrying about cords entangling your body.

6. Preparing Your Stage

Newbies and veteran cam models can do so much with only their beds. A sofa works fine, too, if that’s what you prefer. Depending on your cam girl character, you can set up other pieces of furniture that match your persona and the performances you do. 

You’re more than welcome to use props, too. So, if you’re using sex toys, you can invest on a wall shelf or a small table to display these in full view. Your audience may also choose which ones they want to see you use.

7. How Much You Can Earn

On average, a cam girl can earn around GBP£783.50 per week in a regular 18-hour workweek. The money you’ll make from cam modelling also relies on how long you work in a day. Depending on the studio or agency you join, you could work anytime for as long as you want. 

Your salary will also depend on your cam girl experience. So, as a newbie, you might be earning less than your more experienced peers. Despite that, you could still be paid around GBP£603.96 per week. You can also earn more from viewers’ tips and by doing extra services sanctioned by your agency.

8. Staying Safe While Modelling

The neat thing about this specific job in the adult industry is you don’t have to sleep with anyone. Intimate activities as a cam girl are limited to videos, photos, and chat messages. You’re at less risk of being physically abused or getting sexually transmitted diseases in this line of work.

Since you work online, your private life away from the camera is anonymous. With over 100,000 active cam models working, you can pick up groceries without worrying about getting recognised most of the time.

However, like any occupation, cam modelling has its cons. Your job as a cam girl is to provide sexual favours to strangers through the internet, which could take a toll on your mental health. It’s not easy to pleasure yourself for an online audience every day, after all. If at any point you start feeling odd mentally, you can get an online psychiatry service to help you.


Doing cam girl jobs isn’t for everyone. But if you want to try a work-from-home stint that’s fun and pays good money, then this might be the one for you. Like any service-oriented job, though, cam modelling takes a lot of mental and physical preparation and fortitude. Ensure that you’re ready for this type of occupation to guarantee a good time for yourself and your audience.

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