Popular Betting Markets for Asian Football Bookies

Popular Betting Markets for Asian Football Bookies

Sports betting is popular around the world. However, in recent years, Asian bookies are becoming very popular as gambling becomes more accessible in that part of the world. Depending on which Asian bookmaker you have signed up with, there are a range of different sports available to bet on. However, the top, and most exciting sport to bet on is football.

Football betting markets in Asia

Asian sports betting sites offer an array of football betting markets. Understanding what these are, and how they work is key to success online. Utilising skill rather than luck in betting strategies is essential.

1X2 Betting

One of the most basic forms of betting on football, or other sports, this betting market simply sees players placing a bet on a home win (1), an away win (2) or a draw (X). For instance, if a player bets 1 and the team at home wins, then the bet pays out. If the away team wins or there is a draw, the bet is lost.

Asian Handicap

This is a prevalent betting market offered by Asian bookmakers and is not commonly found on European or UK sites. Essentially, the Asian Handicap removes the possibility of a draw from occurring. It gives the favourite team a disadvantage, or handicap, in the form of a goal deficit, but only does so virtually. Depending on the difference in form between the two teams, the handicap can be expressed in quarter, half or full goals. 

For instance, if the favourites have a -1 goal handicap, that team must win by two or more goals for the bet to win. Winning by 1 goal means the bet is returned and labelled a ‘push’ bet.


In this type of bet, commonly found at top Asian betting sites, the idea is for players to predict the total number of goals scored in the match as a whole. This means across both teams. The bookie will choose a specific goal total and players simply bet on whether the final total will be greater or lower than the figure. Typically, markets like this are expressed in half goals as well.

So, players could bet on over 3.5 goals, which means four or more goals must be scored throughout the game for this bet to win.

Correct score

One of the hardest bets to place due to the challenge of an exact score, this betting market can also be incredibly lucrative. Odds are usually very high, but worth it if they pay out. However, if you bet on one team to score 2 goals and the other to score 1, then this must be the exact final score for the payout to occur.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

In this bet, players have to determine whether both teams will score a goal in the game. This bet has no bearing on the final outcome of the game. So, if players bet ‘yes’ to this bet, then both teams need to score a goal at some point in the game for this bet to come through.

Double Chance

This betting market gives players the option of betting on different outcomes in a game. These are a home win or draw (1X), a draw or an away win (2X), or a home win or an away win. As such, it does increase the chances of a win. But, with the increase in the probability of this coming true, the odds are much lower.

For instance, if the player chooses to make a 1X bet, then the bet only comes through if the team does manage a home win or if there is a draw.

Draw No Bet (DNB)

Another betting market that reduces the possibility of a draw occurring is the Draw No Bet option. If the game ends in a draw, then the player’s stake is returned in full. So, if a player has bet on Team B to win, and they do win, then the bet is paid out. If they draw, the bet is returned.

First/last Goalscorer

For this betting market, punters must predict which player, on either team, will score first or will score last, depending on the bet that has been taken. It’s a simple betting market but can be tricky to get right, which is why these bets often have high odds in place. If the player chosen as the first goal scorer does score the first goal, then the bet wins.

Asian Total Corners

This bet refers to the total number of corners taken in a match. The bookie will choose the number and players simply bet whether it will be over or under that amount. Like other over/under bets, Total Corners are always in halves with bookies offering bets like 10.5 Corners.

Half-time/Full-time result

This bet requires players to predict the result at half and full-time. As this is a combination bet it can be quite lucrative. It doesn’t require punters to predict the actual scores, rather they can bet on a home team half-time draw but a full-time away team win or other combinations.

All these markets and more can be found at sites on this top Asian bookmakers list, so look at where to play carefully before placing a bet.

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