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Sara Sharif: The 10 Year Old Brutally Murdered By Her Parents

Sara Sharif

Sara Sharif was a 10 year old girl who was brutally murdered by her family members in her own house. The daughter of a Polish woman and a Pakistani-British man, Sara Sharif had suffered physical abuse for a long time before her murder.

Here Are Some Chilling Facts About Sara Sharif’s Murder

Sara Sharif’s murder shocked both the UK and Pakistan

The photos show her like a porcelain doll, with makeup and earrings. The murder of Sara Sharif, a 10-year-old girl, shocks Britain and Pakistan. They found recent and old wounds on her, the sign of having been long mistreated in her own house, where she was left for dead.

Sara Sharif was murdered by her family members

Urfan, her father, Faisal Malik, her dad’s brother, and Beinash Batool, her stepmother, killed her in her Woking home in Britain last month and fled to Pakistan with the rest of her five children. After they landed in Islamabad, the Pakistani capital, her father informed the British police, from his cell phone for 8 minutes, that her daughter was dead in her house, in the county of Surrey. 

He then went on the run, which ended when the three returned to London, on an Emirates plane from Dubai to Gatwick Airport, where they were immediately arrested.

They were accused of killing Sara Sharif and allowing the murder. Her five children were discovered in the house of her Pakistani grandfather and taken under judicial protection in Pakistan.

Sara Sharif’s father, stepmother and uncle

Urfan Sharif, 41, his partner Beinash Batool, 29, and his brother Faisal Malik, 28, all of Hammond Road, Woking, are also charged with causing or permitting the death of a child.

‘They will remain detained until September 9. They will then appear at London’s Central Criminal Court. They will then have the right to make any bail application if they wish. The reason they are keeping him in custody is because this is a murder case.

Sara Sharif’s body was found under a blanket

Following the father’s call, Surrey Police officers arrived and found Sara’s body under a blanket at her home in Woking.

“When they removed the blanket they found Sara lying, fully dressed, in the middle of the bed, with her head up and her hands on her chest,” the hearing was told.

Prosecutor Burrows told the court: “There was a blanket on the bottom bed. When the agents removed the blanket, they discovered the limp body of a girl, fully dressed, in the center of the bed. “The girl was lying on her back with her hands on her chest.”

An old photograph of Sara Sharif

“The agents immediately left and called the ambulance personnel to come to the property,” explained the prosecutor.

Ambulance crews responded to the scene, where they declared that the girl had died shortly after four in the morning.

Sara Sharif was identified with her mother’s DNA

She was identified using the DNA of her mother, Olga Sharif, who lives in Somerset, and another relative, the court was told.

A post-mortem examination later found that the girl had suffered “multiple and extensive injuries” over a “sustained and prolonged” period of time.

Before the cause of death was established, forensic investigators noticed that she had “healed fractures” and wounds that “clearly demonstrate” that the girl was subjected to “multiple events of violence.”

She had been withdrawn from school and was schooled at home by her stepmother.

Sara Sharif’s murderers chose against pleading guilty

Appearing at Guildford Magistrates Court, Sharif was wearing gray prisoner’s joggers. Batool, the stepmother, was dressed in black, and Malik showed up in a red T-shirt and blue jeans.

They did not formally plead guilty. However, they indicated that they would deny the charges and were placed in preventive detention.

The defendants, who spoke only to confirm their names, dates of birth, and addresses, did not submit any statements. They all gave their address as Woking. An Urdu translator translated the proceedings for both men.

They were charged with the murder of Sara Sharif on or around August 8 in Woking. They were charged with “causing or allowing the death of a child between December 16, 2022 and August 9, 2023.”

The charges claim that each of them caused or was aware of a “significant risk of serious physical harm” to Sara and that they “failed to take all measures that could reasonably have been expected to protect her from that risk.”

Deputy Chief Magistrate Tan Ikram remanded the defendants, of Hammond Road in Woking, into custody before they appeared at the Old Bailey High Court in London.

Sara Sharif’s murderers fled the UK for Pakistan

A day before the girl’s body was found, Sharif, Batool, and Malik flew to Pakistan with five children, ranging in age from one to 13. The trio had not been seen for a month. The Pakistani police were looking for them. They had contacts with Pakistani politicians, who negotiated their surrender with the British authorities.

In a video released last week, the girl’s stepmother claimed that the little girl’s death had been an “accident” and explained that the family was “finally willing to cooperate with the British authorities and testify in court.”

Prosecutor Amanda Burrows told the court the three adults flew to Islamabad on August 9 along with five children. She explained that Sara’s father, Urfan Sharif, had called the UK authorities 52 minutes after her flight arrived in the Pakistani capital.

Upon their return to Britain, the defendants sat in Business Class on the upper deck of the Emirates plane, filled with padded, fully reclining seats.

The cabin had an entertainment system, with a touch screen with 6,500 channels on high-definition television. At the rear of the cabin, the trio had access to an “onboard lounge”, which contained a cocktail bar and television screen.

Safeer Malik, a 30-year-old relative, booked the tickets four days before Saturday’s flight, The

Sara Sharif’s mother is Polish

Olga Sharif, Sara’s Polish mother, and Sharif’s first wife, visited the expensive red brick house in Horsell, near Woking, to lay a floral tribute in memory of her daughter.

Sara Sharif’s mother didn’t want to convert to Islam

She described Sara as an “amazing girl.” The 36-year-old said her “life will never be the same” and described her daughter as “happy and always laughing.” One of the reasons for her divorce was her refusal to adopt the Muslim religion or educate her daughter under it.

Olga had obtained joint custody with her ex-husband. But then her stepmother wrote to her saying that her two children did not want to see her anymore. The reasons for the murder are unknown.

Olga Sharif, Sara’s mother, told Polish television in her home country about the pain of losing her child and seeing her daughter’s lifeless body.

“One of her cheeks was swollen, the other had a bruise,” she described, “even now when I close my eyes, I see what my baby looked like.”

But it is not abnormal for girls in Pashtun or Punjabi families in Pakistan to be married off when they are still pubescent in exchange for a large dowry for the family. Sara had one more brother with her mother, who would claim custody of her.

Sara Sharif’s death affected people across England

Sara’s death caused great emotion across England. Superintendent Mark Chapman, of Surrey Police and Sussex Police, said in a statement: “Firstly, on behalf of Surrey Police, I would like to express my deepest sympathies following the tragic death of Sara. Our thoughts are with his mother at this difficult time. We are also fully aware of the impact this devastating incident will have on the local community.”

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