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Heart’s Triple Play: How To Participate and Win Big

Heart’s Triple Play

Heart’s Triple Play is here and now is the best time to play it. There are no better ways to win  £30,000 and what’s more, exciting things can happen if you hear superstar Bruno Mars sing. Britain’s favourite big money game is back with a bang, and this time, Heart’s Triple Play has got Bruno Mars along. You can play the game on weekdays from 8 AM to 4 PM (essentially starting from Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston and Amanda Holden and running till the end of Matt Wilkinson’s show at 4pm. This is the perfect game to play while you are working from home during the current situation. In case you are lucky enough to hear Bruno Mars three times between 8 AM and 4 PM, you will see a £30,000 deposit in your bank account on the same day. Excited? Let’s find out more about Heart’s Triple Play.

Heart’s Triple Play: All You Need to Know

How does Heart’s Triple Play work?

Here’s how it works:

  • When Bruno Mars plays once, you can win £300.
  • When Bruno Mars plays twice in a row, you can win £3,000.
  • When Bruno Mars plays three times in a row, you can win an incredible £30,000!

Heart’s Triple Play: FAQs

How to Play?

When you hear Bruno Mars on Heart between 8am-4pm weekdays, text the word PLAY to 82122.

How do I enter?

You can enter the competition by texting PLAY to 82122. It costs £2 plus your standard network rate.

When do I enter?

Make sure you text while the competition is open. It runs between 8 AM and 4PM on weekdays. When you hear a song by the specified artist, as revealed on air, you’ve got until the end of the song or sequence of songs to send your text. If you text at the wrong time you may still be charged, but you won’t be able to win.

Can I enter by phone or online?

No, text is the only way to enter.

I have sent a text to enter but haven’t received a confirmation message

There are many different reasons for this. It could be due to insufficient funds, a Premium Rate block, a monthly cap that’s been exceeded, or a problem with your mobile phone network. You’ll need to contact your network about this.

Why are my messages not sending in the first place?

If messages are not leaving your phone, then they haven’t reached us and won’t be included in the draw to win. This isn’t something we’re able to affect, so you’ll need to contact your mobile phone network (using one of the numbers above), and they’ll be able to advise you further.

I received my confirmation message quite a long time after the song played

Sometimes, when we experience a higher-than-normal volume of traffic, it can take longer than usual to process and send out our response messages, so even if you receive a confirmation message after the text lines closed, that entry was still included in the correct draw.

I’ve already entered one competition round. Can I enter another round?

Yes, you can enter different rounds of the competition. However, once you’ve won £3,000 or more you can’t win again.

I was a winner on another Heart competition recently. Can I enter?

In the last six months, if you’ve won a competition on any of Global’s radio stations – winning either a prize valued at a thousand pounds or more, or winning more than one prize of any value – your entries won’t be eligible until any exclusion period has ended.

What are the eligibility criteria for Heart’s Triple Play?

  • Entrants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • An Entrant can enter up to 15 times each day (excluding free entries). We strongly advise against excessive use.
  • Contestants who have already won £3,000 or more in the competition are not allowed to participate again.
  • Entrants must have a bank account as the cash prize will be paid by cheque or by BACS transfer.
  • If an Entrant is announced as a winner on air but is later found to be ineligible, another winner may be selected in their place.
  • For rounds in which the presenter(s) state on air that prize money will be paid to winners the same day, winners must be able to provide us all the bank details and other vital information, via the online form sent to them by SMS, before 4pm. Otherwise, there may be a delay in the payment.

What is the prize and how can it be collected?

  • The prizes available for each round are: £300, £3,000 or £30,000.
  • Cash prizes will be paid by cheque or by BACS transfer to the winner’s bank account.
  • For rounds in which the presenter(s) state on-air that prize money will be paid to winners that same day, winners must be able to promptly provide us with all the bank details and other vital information via email. Failure to do so will result in delays in payments.
  • Prizes are non-transferable, and no alternative is available.
  • The prize can be substituted at any given time.

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