Sophie Hermann: 9 Things To Know About The MIC Blonde Bombshell!

Amongst the many beauties in Made In Chelsea, one that stands out for her personality just as much as her lovely blonde hair is Sophie Hermann. Thirty, flirty and thriving, this cast member first appeared on the show years ago in series nine before leaving to take a break back in 2015. Fortunately, the reality star came back and promised to grace our TV screens with a whole host of fabulous outfits and some witty one-liners! Not to mention her new beau Tom Zanetti! 

Sophie Hermann: 9 Facts About The Made In Chelsea Beauty!

Her ‘failed’ fashion label had to be up for sale… she vowed to burn it if it doesn’t sell: 

‘If you have a dream, you try to make it come true,’ Sophie told MailOnline. ‘But my dream was shattered. It all ended very dramatically and terribly with me liquidating the company.

On a quest to contribute to a sustainable and mindful approach in consuming fashion, the Made In Chelsea TV star has now been forced to sell the entire collection – designed for the 2012-2014 seasons – vowing to ‘do a Vivienne Westwood’ and burn it if it doesn’t sell.

Sophie Hermann has opened up about her attempts at launching a fashion label in her early 20s – and how she learned invaluable lessons from its failure.

‘Basically, don’t start a business in your early 20s with your boyfriend – especially if said boyfriend is younger than you. The whole thing made me end a toxic relationship and rethink life.’

‘And I’m going to do a Vivienne Westwood if it doesn’t sell and burn it on Primrose hill!’

As a business optimist, however, Sophie looks forward to trying her hand at launching a label in the future. ‘What you see of me on Instagram is like the light side of the moon. But obviously the moon has two phases.

‘People don’t see how much blood, sweat and tears you put into things behind the scenes. Or how many times you actually fail until something successful comes along…’

She admitted she joined Made In Chelsea to sell her clothes:

The 34-year-old first launched Sophie Hermann London around the time she joined Made In Chelsea – but revealed she got the wrong end of the stick with her expectations.

‘I joined Made In Chelsea because of the collection. I thought coming onto the show would be the perfect platform to advertise my designs. However, I didn’t take into consideration who was watching the show,’ she reflected. ‘I miscalculated the target group and had no idea what I was signing up for on MIC.

‘It was the first time I’d been on TV – pushed into a lion pit. I thought we would sell out in a week. But I ended up with more of a side-role on the show and my designs were just too expensive.

‘MIC helped me create a platform for myself and turn myself into a brand where now other brands pay me to design for them which is a lot of fun as well. And I am very grateful. It’s like one door closes and another opens. That’s the silver lining.’

Here’s what she learnt from her business failure:

‘And if I do get the same opportunity again, I’ll focus on two or three signature pieces to perfection, rather than try to create my entire dream wardrobe with 25 pieces in five different colours……Fashion is one of the most expensive ventures you can do. You touch base with reality quickly. Look at Victoria Beckham. Look at McQueen. By the time he died he was in a lot of debt.

‘With me I have a creative side of my brain but no business side. So I’d need to get a team together of specialists in different fields next time, so that I could be the creative head because all the marketing and taxes is incredibly hard.’

‘Right now I’m enjoying TV work so much that having a fashion house or label would require all of my attention. So it’s something I’ll probably revisit when I’m 40.

Sophie Hermann’s net worth comes from her family:

Sophie is certainly a true fashion student as she studied at renowned fashion school Istituto Marangoni in Milan. But in terms of her net worth, know that her great-grandmother is Luise Hermann, the founder of the famous German jeans brand Mustang.

‘My dream is to have a fashion house so that my late great-grandmother can live vicariously through me,’ she said. ‘I now know what it takes – how much money it takes, the dedication.

Where is Sophie Hermann from?

One thing people always remember is Sophie Hermann’s accent from previous seasons of Made In Chelsea! Her accent is a pretty big giveaway on knowing where she’s from! 

Sophie grew up in Munich, Germany, and Switzerland and is from a very well-off background, Sophie attended the Institut auf dem Rosenberg Boarding School in St.Gallen. 

Presently, she lives in London and has recently decorated her swanky flat. She told one magazine that the walls of her flat are white or cream because she likes to accessorise with my favourite colours, which are light pink, blush and green. 

What is Sophie’s favourite fashion brand?

‘Oufff that’s a toughy! Probably Gucci right now, but I also love Alessandro Michele – he’s just a genius!’ she said. 

Who is Sophie Hermann dating?

Well, if you watched Celebs Go Dating you’ll know that she found love with Tom Zanetti after they each joined Made in Chelsea. 

The German fashion designer 34, and English singer and DJ, 31, have been dating for months now.

TV stars Sophie and Tom met on Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion on E4. They met each other as single people and began dating although they were supposed to match with strangers presented to them by the dating experts.

Initially Tom was very flirty with a couple of women. And Sophie was delighted when her personal trainer entered the house as a potential suitor.

But ultimately they fell for one another and they’ve continued their relationship past the show.

Sophie confirmed that they’ve continued their relationship through an Instagram live with her new friend, Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry, earlier this year. When Chloe said she was enjoying watching Tom and Sophie on CGD, Sophie replied: ‘We’re cute, right?’ She also told Chloe she would be ‘bridesmaid number one’ if they got married.

What’s Sophie Hermann’s job?

Aside from appearing on Made In Chelsea, Sophie is a fashion designer and social media influencer. 

The TV star previously designed a fairytale-like dress collection for Oktoberfest, which she attends every year, by the way. 

Sophie’s Fairytale Collection features such items as a tweed blazer with colour splashes, featured on the cover of Grazia in November 2013 and worn by Cressida Bonas who was, at the time, dating Prince Harry. The products range from jeans and hot pants to feminine pastel dresses with bold shoulder pads in an 80s style, all reflective of Sophie’s personal style. The centerpieces of the collections are mesh bodysuits. 

Sophie Hermann’s also collaborated with high-street brand Never Fully Dressed. Essentially, she’s a fashion wizard! 

Now, Sophie wants to give her fans the chance to purchase pieces of her first collections.

‘I put lots of effort into designing these pieces and it’s a project very close to my heart. I want to share this part of my journey with my fans, and encourage everyone to think sustainably and value high quality and creative craftsmanship,’ she said.

Who’s Sophie Hermann’s favourite Made In Chelsea co-star?

Sophie once told a magazine that she ‘absolutely loves Jamie Laing, but Victoria and Mark Francis are [her] timeless classics.’ No surprise there! Now, she’s pretty close with Fredrik Ferrier.






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