The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Gambling on the Web

The last 18 months have been a terrible time for people and businesses across the globe. The arrival and then extensive spread of the Covid-19 pandemic seemed to put a stop to most of the fun activities around the world. Due to excessive lockdowns or tight restrictions put in place, nights out at restaurants, bars or casinos quickly became a thing of the past. While people were possibly bored drinking at home, missing the company of others, another pastime surged dramatically.

You don’t need the company of people to gamble online, indeed most prefer to do it alone. The pandemic saw people spending more time on their phones in general, and with the opportunity to be entertained and also win some cash in these tough times, it’s no wonder some began to gamble. Yet, some had never really been involved in the betting world before. There are plenty of mistakes to be made by rookies and you have to be careful as it’s a completely new world to some.

Take Advantage of Special Offers

Actually joining any online betting site, like nettikasinot, could quite possibly turn out to be one of the most exciting times for any aspiring gambler. There are just so many companies out there trying to get you to join as a customer, amazing offers and deals can be had to make you join their site. Free bets are the usual option on offer, with some companies even willing to match your opening deposit figure to try and get as much money as possible from you.

Big football matches or horse racing events for example can also see the offer of free bets as they try to get you to bet more. Some companies offer a free bet if you bet a certain amount per week. Price boosts can often be available as they try to pique your interest in a certain game or sport. Accumulators are a very popular form of a bet with football fans and they can take advantage of Acca Insurance which refunds your stake if you are let down by one selection. The bookies appear to have everything covered to get you hooked.

What are You Looking For?

While most online bookies seem to provide everything possibly available these days, it can be a wise move to check out as many as possible. Different people like different things and there is no point in having a bookmaker offering endless markets on sports when all you want to do is play casino games. Some bookmakers’ emphasis can lean towards one or the other so it pays to browse through and see what kind of casinó games they have available to play if that’s what you wish to do.

Most online bookies have a wide range of sports, but make sure the one you are looking at in particular is well covered. There’s no point in having areas in which you would like to bet on in your chosen sport in which your bookmakers don’t offer those particular markets. For example, handicap betting in football is quite popular these days but not all bookmakers have these options. You can find yourself quite frustrated if you join a site without researching first, only to be disappointed when you try to play what you like the most and discover there’s an issue. 

Don’t Spend too much Time Online 

These days it’s so hard to keep track of the amount of time that is being spent online.  People have found that because of the pandemic, they may have a lot of more free time on their hands than they are used to.. While it’s not so dangerous to watch Netflix all the time, it can become a problem if you suddenly find yourself on these betting websites a lot. An addiction can be formed quite easily and a lot of people find themselves betting on things they may not normally bet on.

While there are normally football games all over the world, once these events are over however that’s it. But the lure of casino games can be relentless and never-ending. It’s possible to play these games repetitively all the time. Thankfully in recent times, most online casinos have set up a feature called reality check so you are comfortable about what goes on while you are gambling online. If you feel like you are developing a problem, there are also options available like excluding yourself from the site for a set period of time.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Remember, as a beginner, you may be unsure how the odds work or how much exactly you should be placing on your bets. While you may dream of all the money you can hopefully make, it’s important to be realistic too. Many have found themselves staking far too much money when they start, which can lead to stress or unhappiness. It’s a good idea to bet small amounts at the start, as you get comfortable with the games or sports on offer. You may develop a favourite, or one you are good at and in time begin to raise your stakes.

The ease with which deposits are made at online bookmakers can make people lose track of the amount of money they are spending. Because you are not handing over physical cash, sometimes the bets you make don’t feel real. But if you are losing, it can build up to quite significant figures if you are not careful. It’s highly recommended to set a deposit limit in which you can’t exceed that particular figure in a specified time. People who fail to use this feature often regret it as they can constantly deposit without a second thought or hesitation.


The world of online gambling can be very intimidating. However, it can be a fun pastime to enjoy throughout the years, and possibly financially rewarding.  A careful start could turn out to be the beginning of a very thrilling hobby. The tension of placing a bet and awaiting the outcome is hard to be matched in the excitement stakes. But you must be aware, it can be a slippery slope and if you or anyone close to you are suffering problems caused by gambling, please don’t hesitate to contact Gamcare.

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