The Very Best Things To See And Do In Scotland

Scotland is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It has picturesque mountains, shimmering lakes, and some of the prettiest towns in Europe. Scotland combines modern with traditional very well. There are tall tales of witches and giants all over Scotland. It’s a land of mystic charm. 

Here Are Some Of The Best Things To See And Do In Scotland


Edinburgh is one of the oldest capitals in Europe; It has been the capital since 1437. The structure of the city, which has Gothic architecture, has been standing intact for years. Edinburgh is a fairy-tale city frozen in time. Edinburgh University, which is one of the city’s symbols and was founded in 1582, graduated philosophers, thinkers, and scientists who left their mark on history such as Charles Darwin, Arthur Donan Coyle, David Hume, Alexander Graham Bell, and Adam Smith.

Edinburgh Castle

The most prominent symbol of Edinburgh is undoubtedly Edinburgh Castle. The history of the castle goes back to the Iron Age. At that time, another castle was built on the hill where the castle was located. In the 11th century, it almost attained its present appearance. This castle, which hosted the royal family and the nobility during that period, was turned into a military barracks in the 16th century. Once inside, you will feel like you are traveling in time again; This castle has stood for almost a thousand years. Since it is located on one of Edinburgh’s hills, you will have the opportunity to watch the city from above.

Calton Hill

Although this is a public area, it is a lush green area with many monuments and statues, so you will feel like you are on a movie set while walking here. Classic Edinburgh City view is also observed from here. This area, which was opened to the public in 1775, is where you can see the monuments of various important thinkers and philosophers who have left their mark on the history of Scotland. The National Monument is dedicated to sailors and soldiers who lost their lives in the Napoleonic wars, and many other monuments and stories attributed to events and people. You can also see the North Sea at Calton Hill.

St. Arthur’s Hill

Climb to the top of Arthur, towards the beauties of green and nature! A spot not to be missed in the middle of Edinburgh city for a little trekking, fresh air, seeing Edinburgh from the top, and being surrounded by greenery!

Princess’s Street

When you come to Edinburgh, don’t come back without passing through this street! Victoria Street is one of the most interesting streets of the city, where colorful houses are lined up and there are interesting and mysterious shops. Edinburgh is a two-story city. You will understand this better with the stairs you discover while walking here.

Greyfriars Kirkyard

This is a gothic and spooky cemetery from the 16th century. It is located in the southern part of Old Edinburgh. If you like to visit the cemetery, you should not go back without experiencing the eerie yet relaxing atmosphere where green and gothic tombs come together.

Mary King’s Close

We can say that Mary King’s Close is a historical underground place in Edinburgh’s old town, under the buildings on the Royal Mile. It was named after Mary King, a merchant thief who lived here in the 17th century. This place has had a great reputation for ghosts and paranormal phenomena since at least the 17th century. 

The class differentiation created by the history of the medieval period also divided the city into classes and layers. There was a section of people living in the lower part of the city, and the poorer the person, the worse the situation of the place he was staying. Those in slightly better conditions could have a room of their own and an area similar to a house, while those in worse conditions could even stay 20-30 people in a room. Of course, when the Black Plague hit Edinburgh, the most affected segment was the lower class, but due to the circulation in the city, the upper classes also got their share. You should join these tours in the underground streets where stories about this ghost, black plague, and witches are told.

Rosslyn Chapel

About half an hour away from the city center, the mysterious chapel was built in the 15th century and has been the subject of countless legends, with beautiful carvings that we saw in the movie The Da Vinci Code. It has even been claimed that one of the carvings is a musical work coded on it with geometric shapes. But one of the most well-known legends is that this is one of the temples of the Knights Templar. 

When the Knights Templar were exiled from Jerusalem, they arrived in Britain with some secrets (holy grails) with them. It is thought that they hid the Holy Grail in this chapel. Although some excavations were carried out in the chapel above it, as you can guess, nothing was found. But the interesting thing is that the embroideries in the chapel are focused on the Bible and the Torah, in addition to this, Celts, Vikings, Ancient Egypt to Hermetism,

Parks and pubs

Edinburgh is a city famous for its parks and gardens. It would be more accurate to say that it is in the city park. You can go to a park and relax by buying “meal deals” (sandwiches, chips, and drinks) for 3-4 pounds from TESCO markets located almost everywhere in the city. At the same time, portable barbecues are sold in these markets for 1-2 pounds, there is no reason not to throw a small barbecue party! Some green areas you can stop by while walking around the city are as follows:


When you proceed on this street parallel to the Royal Mile, you will reach the Grassmarket. The best part of this area is that it is full of cheap pubs and dining options. Edinburgh’s smallest pub is a colorful and entertaining area where you can find a variety of pubs.

The Elephant’s House

The reason why this place is famous is the cafe where JK Rowling spent her days when she was broke and wrote the legendary Harry Potter series. The moment you enter, the cafe already tells you this; There are photos of JK Rowling on the walls, lines, and items from Harry Potter around. Sometimes it can be very crowded, so it is necessary to match the hours well.


George Square

George Square is one of Glasgow’s main civic squares. The city has 5 more squares like this; Cathedral Square, St. Andrew Square, St. Enoch Square, Royal Exchange Square, and Blythswood Square.

Glasgow Museum of Modern Art

It is an art museum that both modern art enthusiasts and non-curious people should visit. Located in Royal Exchange Square, this museum may not look like a modern art museum from the outside, as the building itself was built in 1778 and is neoclassical in style. But then in 1996, it started to be used as a modern art museum.

Buchanan Street

As in Edinburgh, you will of course find pubs everywhere in Glasgow. Glaswegians love to turn churches into nightclubs, galleries, or restaurants. Your pub hopping will become an even better experience with the escorts in Glasgow. The city can be a lot of fun with the right company.

Scottish Highlands

The Highlands region is something that you should not miss when you come to Scotland. In Edinburgh and Glasgow, of course, you get to know and experience the Scottish culture and people, but the Highlands are essential to fully mingle with nature and understand Scotland.

This is a virtually untouched natural region of the country that is almost untouched by human hands. There are many islands and islets in the Highland region, including the Isle of Skye. This region is a geographical marvel that has been instrumental in the birth of fairies, giants, fairy tales, and northern mythology. You can’t think otherwise when you go and see it for yourself. Do not forget that geography is the most basic element that has gone beyond influencing people’s thinking, religions, and cultures throughout history.


This is the center of the Isle of Skye and is an ideal accommodation point for this route. Because, as we said, this region is far from human settlement and is a region where nature reigns completely. This town, with its colorful houses, is a tiny fishing town that will warm you up in an atmosphere dominated by a cold climate most of the year.

Fairy Pools

Fairy Pools, as the name suggests! Indeed, it is a natural wonder that creates surreal feelings as if it is a place where fairies come and swim in the water.

Loch Lamond

One of Scotland’s incredible lakes is Loch Lamond. It is one of the most important lakes in Great Britain in terms of freshwater supply. This lake, which has a fjord-like structure, contains around 60 islands.

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