Who Was The Australian Comedian Barry Humphries? Here’s A Quick Look!

Who Was The Australian Comedian Barry Humphries? Here’s A Quick Look! 

Comedian Barry Humphries, best known for his character Dame Edna, known for his purple or wisteria colored hair, flashy Cat-Eye glasses and his loud greeting: “Hello, Possums!” was as distinguished by her extravagant glasses as her statement showy dresses! 

Besides his alter ego Dame Edna Everage, Barry Humphries also starred as the lustful Sir Les Patterson and Sandy Stone, an elderly, childless man living in the suburbs. Let’s remember the life of this formidable comedian, absolutely unique satirist, and television personality who hit the stage in the early 60s (in a dress)! 

Barry Humphries: Here’s Why His Death Affects Millions 

How he created Dame Edna after his mother: 

Barry Humphries hit his glory with a transvestite character beginning as a modest suburban housewife turned bourgeois. The funny thing was it was inspired by his own mother. Thus we can say that akin to Charlie Chaplin with Charlot or, more recently, Rowan Atkinson with Mister Bean, Barry Humphries had created, with Dame Edna Everage, a world-famous character: in the guise of mauve hair! 

Dame Edna Everage represented a self-ennobled satirist: 

The character Dame Edna, who saw the light of day in 1956, is a widow and has three children, among them the son, the designer, and also the “homeopathic” Kenny. 

In addition to devoting herself to her shows on stage, TV, and film, she mingles among all the world’s leaders and the jet set where she moves and behaves in a worldly manner. 

Dame Edna would always present her view of herself in relation to her surroundings! Typically she believed herself to be super-talented, and multi-faceted, and comedically let her viewers believe she was incredibly popular and rich. She believes that she is a role model for women all over the world and not infrequently drives people crazy with her anything-but-humble manner. 

As an interviewer in her shows, like no one else, she can ask the most inappropriate questions in a very disarming way. In several of her programs, she is accompanied by Emily Perry (1907–2008) as Madge Allsop.

At the time of his death, he was 89 years old:

Returning to his native country for the end of the year celebrations, Barry Humphries had suffered a bad fall in February requiring the replacement of a hip. 

Prior to his death, just last month Barry told one newspaper that his physiotherapy had been in “agony” following his fall and hip replacement. “It was the most ridiculous thing, as all domestic incidents are….I was grabbing a book, my foot got caught in a rug or something, and I fell,” Humphries stated of his fall. 

The 89-year-old satirical artist was being treated at St Vincent’s Hospital. 

Local media reported that Humphries went into a “state of unconsciousness” multiple times in addition to saying that the nurses and doctors gave him morphine. But a news agency later found out from a hospital spokesperson that the reports were not accurate!

Amongst the thousand who paid tribute to this actor was the Prime Minister from Australia ( Humphries’s own country) who stated that Barry was both gifted and generous. 

“He remained himself until the end, never losing his brilliant mind, his unique humor, or his generosity of spirit”, his agent said.

UK connection with the Royals:  

In 2002, at Buckingham Palace Dame Edna presented the show in honor of Queen Elizabeth II who was celebrating her Golden Jubilee. In addition, Queen Elizabeth II for his contribution to the art, ordained him Commander of the Order of the British Empire!






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