Three Ways to Protect Yourself From Problematic Gambling

The gambling industry is one giant industry, and it is growing larger and larger every year. More and more people are entering this world hoping to win some money. And not to our surprise, a lot of people do win. But the gambling world comes with its own risks. People tend to get addicted and sometimes spend more money they can afford. To our relief, the gambling industry is aware of the issue and most of them provide help when needed. Read on further to know about the ways in which you can protect yourself from problematic gambling.

Sign Up with GAMSTOP

This one of the very well known services available to the people residing in the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland). It is a self exclusion service that helps you control your gambling activities. A lot of non GAMSTOP gambling sites are not licensed by the country and offer a good amount of bonuses and promotional offers. GAMSTOP helps you prevent all of this. But a lot of gamblers prefer to play at such sites. Some casinos like Very Well Casino, Kaboom Slots Casino, Prestige Spin Casino, Slots Shine Casino, Euphoria Wins Casino and more are non GAMSTOP sites.

Self Exclude

While GAMSTOP helps you self exclude yourself from some casinos altogether, you may even self exclude yourself without signing up with it. A lot of casinos also provide self exclusion services. It entails that you can exclude yourself from the casino for a period of time wherein exclusion for the initial period is irreversible. You may also set a deposit limit for yourself and can not deposit more than you thought in the beginning. It will help you avoid all the temptations of putting in more money later. They give you a cooling-off period as well. Apart from this you can also set wagering limits for yourself. Once the limits are set, or you have decided to self exclude, the casino won’t allow you to go back on the decision.

Contact the Institutions Who can Help

There exist a few institutions that specialize in helping you in case you need it. If the options above have proven futile in helping you, you can always contact them. Some of them are Be Gamble Aware, Safer Gambling, Gamblers Anonymous, William Hill, Gambling Commission etc. Most of the gambling sites have listed at least a few of these names on their websites. You can simply click on them and will be redirected to their website.

In all, there exist a lot of ways in which you can conquer problematic gambling. Gambling at its very base is a form of game play in which you may win money. The temptation to win more can lead you to get sucked in to it, putting in more money than you could afford. Most of the parties in this industry realize this fact and have provided a set up for its players to get help when ever they require it.

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