Tips for Buying English Premier League Tickets

Attending the Premier League is an experience many would want to keep enjoying. However, getting Premier League tickets to watch your favourite team can be daunting, and there are several reasons for this.

You see, football is one of the most popular games enjoyed by millions of fans globally, with England being the epitome of the beautiful game. As such, its popularity in the UK makes the purchase of Premier League tickets hard for most fans.

This write-up will highlight some tips for buying English Premier League tickets in the UK and some of the hurdles to expect.

1.   Buy the Tickets Directly From the Club

Whatever the reason you have to want to buy online tickets from the UK or any other country, a good rule of thumb is to get them from a legitimate site. A lot of people have found themselves buying sports, concerts, lottery, and festival tickets from illegitimate online sellers, which usually ends up in the buyer losing their money or worse.

In that case, it’s advisable to get football tickets from the club you want to watch its game. Premier League clubs usually have portals to facilitate the acquisition of tickets to football matches in the UK.

However, getting these tickets firsthand is not as easy as it sounds. There are several factors that will determine whether you’ll get the tickets directly from the club or not.

For instance, getting a ticket for a Premier League game depends on the club you’re dealing with. Usually, “big” teams charge more for their tickets than “smaller” teams. It will also depend on the game you want to watch. Usually, getting tickets for big matches, such as derbies and finals, is a challenging task.

In that case, you might want to buy tickets from authorised ticket resellers. Most Premier League clubs have dedicated ticket exchange pages to allow season ticket holders to resell their club tickets to club members for whatever reason they may have.

If you decide to acquire a resale ticket, ensure you track its on-sale date. You can get this information from on the ticket status page, where you’ll be directed to the corresponding club’s website.

2.   Purchase Hospitality Bundle

If the ticket competition is high through the club’s portal, you can access the stadium via the hospitality program. Depending on the club size, hospitality packages cost between $100 to $500. The package includes meals, beverages, a stadium tour, and more. All clubs have hospitality bundles through retailer partners. 

Before buying the tickets, it’s advisable to understand the club’s ticket policies and the terms of use. You can get such information through the official platform or directly from the club. Information can also be availed through the club’s official social media accounts. 

3.   Purchase the Away Ticket

Buying your ticket from the visiting team is a trick you can use to secure a seat at your favourite club’s stadium. For instance, if you are a Chelsea fan and there’s an upcoming match between Chelsea and Aston Villa, you can opt to buy your ticket from Aston Villa, which might give you a better chance of securing a seat at Stamford Bridge.

Keep in mind that the rules for attending EPL matches may not allow you to sit on the away team’s side. Not unless you become one of them.

4.   Go for Grade C Matches

Many EPL clubs prioritise matches based on importance. The games are categorised into three groups: A, B, and C, with a C-rated game presenting a higher chance of acquiring the available tickets than A-rated games.

The B-rated match lies within the two extremes. In this case, prioritising C-grade games will be your best ticket-purchasing option to increase your chances of watching the game from the stands.

You can wait for Cup games like the EFL and the FA Cup, which are usually cheaper and less challenging to get tickets for, particularly during the early stages of the competition.

Final Word

Securing a ticket is the only way you will be allowed to enter the stadium. However, ensure you don’t buy your tickets from touts. Also, remember to follow the rules and regulations around the purchase of EPL tickets.

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