Unheard Stories and Facts about Christian Eriksen

The Danish maestro, aka the heartthrob of Denmark Football is one of the best players in world football. Everyone knows about the tragedy that happened with Christian Eriksen at 2018 World Cup. But there are more things that make this person an amazing footballer. We all know how good he is. But do we know who Christian Eriksen really is? Here are some unheard stories about Christian Eriksen.

Unheard Stories and Facts about Christian Eriksen

1. Most International Caps at 23

Christian Eriksen holds a unique record and had become one of the most constant starters for the Denmark National Team. He made his debut for the national team right at the age of 18 being one of the youngest in the squad. Ever since then, he has becomes one of the most prominent mid fielders in the squad. This is why it took very less time for the Danish International to complete 50 appearances at the age of 23. At this exact age, the midfield duo of Xavi and Xabi Alonso from Spain only could make less than 20 appearances.

2. Youngest Player at World Cup 2010

The World Cup 2010 was a spectacular event where we’ve seen a number of youngsters to be playing for different countries. Even in this World Cup there were greatest players who stood on their foot and made a mark. One of them is Christian Eriksen. To be specific, he is one of the best in the World Cup 2010 event. However, Christian Eriksen was named to be one of the youngest players at this event. The fact that he became one of the best and premiere midfielders is a remarkable opportunity. Moreover, all of this opportunity came up when Christian was only 18.

3. Best Premier League Goal scoring Rate of Any 23-Year-Old

One of the key reasons why Christian Eriksen became a young prospect in the world is because he has become one of the prominent players for his team. He joined Premiere league right back at the age of 18 and since then he has become one of the best players in the Premiere League. The one factor which makes Christian Eriksen to be different than others is because he has an amazing goal-scoring record which makes him stand out amongst the best players. A 23-year old coming with the most remarkable goal-scoring records has to be the best in business.

4. Footballing Family

We say that Football is not only in our emotion but it is also in our veins. The Eriksen family has football in their veins. It is not only the elder brother who plays football, but Christian also has a younger sister. Louise earned her first International Cap right back in March 2017 to face Finland. Ever since then, she has been a regular starter in the National side as well. Much like the elder brother, she is also an amazing footballer with impressive dribbling skills. She currently plays as a defender for Elite division club KoldingQ, for which she serves as captain.

5. The Treble

The Denmark football is filled with talent from all across the country. With advanced development skills and training, footballers from all over the country complete against each other. Being the best footballer and willing the Danish Football Player of the Year award is the biggest achievement once can have. Out of millions of footballers in the country, very few people could manage to win it twice in a row or twice in Lifetime. However, the Christian Eriksen has done it thrice. Infact, he is the only footballer to win Danish Football Player of the Year thrice in a row from 2013, 2014 and 2015.

6. Trials galore

One of the reasons why Christian Eriksen is considered to be one of the best in the world is because of his impressive judgement. During the youth career, Eriksen reviewed trial opportunities from multiple top clubs which makes it to be one of the best. Clubs like Real Madrid, Chelsea, FC Barcelona. AC Milan and Man United offered him contracts. However, the Danish youngster then decided to join Ajax instead which will help him for the youth development. Indeed, this was one of the best decisions that she took.

Final Talk:

Christian Eriksen is not just a footballer. He is an icon of the Denmark football. Life might put a stop to his on-field playing time, but we all know his value on a football pitch. The ability to find accurate passes, the option of having a playmaker that can also score goals makes Christian Eriksen to be a valuable player for any team he plays. The journey from Hotspurs to Inter Milan has been different for Christian, but now it seems that his life might take a different turn.






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