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What Drinks Give You the Worst Hangover?

What Drinks Give You the Worst Hangover

When it comes to what type of alcohol gives you the worst hangover, everyone has a different opinion. Someone will tell you to put the tequila down, and another person will tell you to avoid red wine. 

Instead of listening to the regulars at the bar, stick to science when it comes to this matter. There are actual facts to back up which drinks will give you a worse hangover, and we’ll tell you which ones. Let’s look at the drinks that will give you the worst hangover. 

Well Liquor 

Nobody wants to rack up a massive bar tab, but the severity of your hangover may depend on it. The cheap stuff will typically have more congeners than other liquors, which are responsible for most hangover symptoms. Next time, spring for the good stuff to avoid a headache the next day. 

Dark Liquor

Continuing with the theme of congeners, dark liquors are going to be high in them. If you spend your night drinking dark whiskey, you’ll likely end up with a worse hangover than if you drank vodka. Other dark liquors that can result in a massive hangover are:

  • Whiskey
  • Brandy
  • Rum
  • Cognac 


Everybody loves a glass of bubbly one in a while, but don’t overdo it! Champagne can result in a gnarly hangover due to the carbon dioxide that creates those delicious bubbles. The carbon dioxide will make the alcohol absorb faster into your bloodstream, which can result in a worse hangover. 

Red Wine 

Cogeners are to blame again when it comes to red wine. You’ve surely heard at least a few people complain about red wine hangovers in your life. When you’re craving a glass of wine, go with a white instead to avoid a debilitating hangover. 

Drinks With Sugary Mixers 

The combination of sugar and alcohol always seems great at the time, but it could land you with a bad hangover the next day.  The rum and Coke might seem innocent enough, but the added sugar in the mixer could make for a bad morning. Try to ditch the sugary mixers for club soda to keep your sugar intake low. 

Tropical Cocktails 

Tropical cocktails are fun because they’re pretty and they taste good. The problem is that they usually contain several different types of alcohol on top of sweeteners to mask the taste. This makes them incredibly tasty and you’ll suck down ten of them without even realizing it. So, even if you had a limit you may not stick to it because these are so darn good and end up with a rough hangover the next day. 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that hangovers are usually unavoidable when alcohol is involved. Choosing alcohols low in congeners and sugar can help you feel less bad the next day, but again there is usually no guarantee. 

You can also try adding a hangover pill to your recovery routine. These contain all-natural ingredients that support normal metabolism. 

If you have plans the next day but still want to enjoy happy hour, try to avoid the drinks we’ve listed above and make sure to hydrate! 

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