What Ever Happened To Alex Sibley From Big Brother 3?

Big Brother 2002, also known as Big Brother 3, was the third series of the British reality television series Big Brother, but did you know it began as a TV experiment? Luckily it worked out well for Alex Sibley! Alex Sibley came third on Big Brother in 2002. Following that, he went on to appear on a few more TV shows and went into modelling. He appeared on Blind Date and Shooting Stars. However, he was involved in a car accident two years later. More recently he was on Big Brother’s Little Brother, Ultimate Big Brother and Reality Bites. Alex Sibley  appeared on Channel 4’s Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain and spoke of his experience in the Big Brother house with her.

Where Is Alex Sibley From Big Brother Now?

What happened to Alex Sibley?

Big Brother premiered on Channel 4 on 24 May 2002 and lasted nine weeks (64 days) until the live finale on 26 July 2002. The third edition saw a ratings increase for the series, with over 8.6 million votes cast to determine the winner of the series. 

Alex Sibley finished in third place in the series, winning 27 per cent of the vote.

After leaving the show, he was offered a number of telly deals – including his own Nickelodeon show. 

Since he left the house, Alex Sibley has also been in an advert for Domestos and modelled at London Fashion Week. After the show ended Sibley went on to get a number of jobs as a presenter but he was abruptly ditched in 2004 after a car accident in which a 63-year-old father of three died

Recently opening up about the incident to The Sun, he said: “A major thing happened in my life. A guy ran into the side of my car and died from his injuries. 

“I lost my kids TV programme. I had a live show on Nickelodeon, and I was about to do panto.”

“Because that all lost I then started f***ing hating Big Brother because it was my stepping stone into doing something else. I was making a lot of money. The first year I made nearly £250,000 which is insane. Every year after that I used to be a little bit excited watching it, but then it would bring back some bad memories.

Alex Sibley has always denied dangerous driving, and the case against him was dropped in 2006. 

He added: “If you Google me it will say I was involved in an accident where someone died. 

“It wasn’t my fault though, but it’s stuck.

“All I did was go to pick up my friend from the airport, and the police completely destroyed my career.”

Since the crash, Alex, who is married to a French ballerina and has four children under the age of six, has worked in affordable housing.

His attempts to secure a celebrity agent to revive his media career fell on deaf ears. He has expressed his wish to join the line-up of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, revealing that he has messaged the producers for the last ‘four or five years’.

Alex Sibley has also largely disappeared from the public eye. However, it is known that Alex Sibley, now 40-years-old, has a wife and four children.

Is Alex Sibley married?

Yes. Alex Sibley has a wife and four children, however, it looks as though he likes to keep himself and his family away from the limelight nowadays. Born in Hornchurch, Essex on March 21st, 1979. Forty-year-old Alex Sibley has a YouTube channel where he has featured videos of his family from 2019.

Is Alex Sibley on social media?

Although Alex Sibley doesn’t look to be on Instagram, he is on Twitter as @zlistsiBBley.

Alex Sibley has around 3,500 followers and writes in his Twitter bio: “It was in 2002 which is why I only have 3485 followers. I’m 93.7% less per hour to book now. Grab a bargain while I’m still warm”.

The reality TV star Tweets very often, usually on the subject of politics and is followed by Rylan Clark-Neal, Matt Lucas and more.


  • As Big Brother 3 was the first series to feature a live Launch show and housemates entered the House alphabetically by gender, Alex Sibley was the first ever male housemate to enter the House during a live Launch show.
  • Alex Sibley received more nominations against him then any other housemate in Big Brother 3.
  • Alex Sibley is tied with Jonny Regan for having survived the highest number of evictions in Big Brother 3, with 4 each.
  • Alex Sibley survived an eviction, in Big Brother 3, by possibly the closest vote in Big Brother history; just over 1000 votes separated him from Alison Hammond.
  • Alex Sibley was one of the fifteen former housemates chosen to feature in the official Ultimate Big Brotherpromotion poster.
  • Alex Sibley, along with fellow Big Brother 3 housemate Adele Roberts, made an appearance in Big Brother 8to participate in a task.
  • In 2009, Alex Sibley returned for Big Brother 10, along with Lee Davey and Sophie Pritchard, to participate in a task celebrating ten years of Big Brother.
  • Aside from Week 4, in Big Brother 3, Alex Sibley nominated Jonny Regan every week when nominations took place. Coincidentally, every week that nominations took place in Big Brother 3, aside from Week 6, Alex Sibley was nominated by Jonny.

What is Alex Sibley up to now in 2020?

He said: “For the last four of five years I’ve been messaging the producers of I’m A Celebrity.

“I’m someone who was very famous that no one gives a f**k about anymore. That’s what people used to be on that programme, but they’re not anymore.

“Last year was the first year they never got back to me.

“That’s the only thing I’d like to do for my bucket list.”

And he joked: “I rather fancy a bit of crocodile penis.”

Alex also believes it would help him lose weight after bulking to over 15 stone in lockdown.

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