What Types of Bonuses are the Most Attractive for New Casino Players?

What Types of Bonuses are the Most Attractive for New Casino Players

There are many reasons why online casinos entice a countless number of players. Some enjoy playing fast-paced games. Others are more interested in the possibility of walking away with a hefty jackpot. However, every avid fan will agree that casino bonuses are incredibly attractive options.

There are actually a number of different types of bonuses and rewards to appreciate. While the exact stipulations will vary between providers, the underlying principles are nonetheless the same. Let’s therefore take a brief look at some popular categories as well as what types of advantages players can enjoy.

First-Time Registration Rewards

As the subtitle already suggests, this type of bonus is solely awarded to players who choose to register with an online casino for the first time. First-time rewards can come in a number of different forms. They may involve free spins or a lump sum of virtual “cash” that can be used when accessing specific platforms. Often referred to as welcome bonuses, the majority of reputable casinos will always make it a point to appeal to those who are unfamiliar with what they have to offer.

Matched Deposit Bonuses

Another type of welcome bonus comes in the form of a matched deposit. For instance, let’s imagine for a moment that a player deposits €100 euros in an account once the initial registration has been verified. In this case, the casino will literally match this sum. Thus, the player now has access to a total of €200 euros. Keep in mind that matched deposit bonuses are associated with a certain cap (the maximum amount that the casino will offer). This is why it is important to read the terms and conditions carefully.

Free Spins and/or Credits

There will also be instances when free spins or credits will be awarded to existing players. For example, one type of Bet365 bonus code might provide credits to players who regularly interact with an online slots game or who are avid blackjack fans. Note that these are not the same promotions offered to first-time registrants. They are instead timely rewards that tend to be provided once players reach specific milestones.

Referral Rewards

Why not instead enjoy a bonus when referring a friend to join your current casino? This is yet another very common strategy, as providers are always looking to increase their client base. Thus, they will offer existing players specific “perks” in the event that a friend or relative decides to sign up. These bonuses may include the previous categories outlined above or they might come in the form of a VIP package. Examples include:

  • Access to top-tier games.
  • The ability to win larger jackpots.
  • A dedicated customer support specialist.
  • Multipliers (algorithms that increase the maximum amount that a player can potentially win).

As this article represents nothing more than a general overview, it is a good idea to perform additional research and to consult with any reputable casino if you wish to learn more about the unique possibilities.

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